Dear Ms. Jura,

Orwell Today has been a bookmark on my favorites list for quite sometime. Just this morning, I am an early riser, I decided to have another look, being tired of the incessant psychobabble of many of the others.

A couple of things strike me. A not so underlying character at your site seems to me to be, JFK. Why, other than the fact that his death initiated one of the greatest government cover ups ever undertaken, with the possible exception of WWII and the "War on Terror?"

Somehow I have missed the tab that would have provided me with a bio of Jackie Jura. Could you or would you help? Here is a short version of mine: Caucasian male, age 62, retired, high school grad, relatively well read, a constitutionist.

Assuming you are citizen of Canada, our constitution is probably not a document on which you are fixated. But I am. If it fails the constitution test, I am not for it, period.

Your web-site is wonderful. Sadly, the vast majority have not a clue about what is really going on.

Earlier this morning I came across a most interesting article, at a progressive web-site and no I am not a progressive. My arrival at was facilitated by hyperlink from another web-site. The article, "Happy New Year It's 1984" is attached.

Would enjoy hearing from you though I am sure you have more to do than answer e-mail from old cronies, such as I.

Darryl Forester

Dear Darryl,

Thanks for your email and your comments about my site. I put that essay Happy New Year: It's 1984 on my website last year in the Essays, Commentary & Poems section.

I'm surprised that a constitutionist like yourself isn't more sympathetic to the assassination of your 35th president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. It is more than the manner of his death that causes him to be remembered and admired all over the world. He, more than any other president, understood your constitution and defended it against enemies within and without. That's why he is featured so prominently on my site and there are many examples there for you to read regarding his positive contributions to your nation and mankind. I have also provided a JFK reading list so that people can learn about the man for themselves. If all you know about him is what you read in the newspapers then you are sorely misinformed as the people that arranged his murder are the same people who own the mainstream media. Orwell called it the Ministry of Truth because it was the Ministry of Lies. They've been lying about JFK for forty years non-stop in their attempts to brainwash the next generation who don't know any better. But you, at 62, were in your early twenties when he died and should remember where you were that day and how you felt. Don't deny the reality of your own senses.

Regarding a "bio" about myself I'll add one to the site in the near future as you are not the first person to ask for one.

I hope you continue to read and enjoy my site and by all means, write again if you have any questions or comments.

~ Jackie Jura