To Orwell Today,

I read ur atricle published in I am very much impressed by it.

I want to know more about how these CYBORGS are made, so, please mail me more information about it.

I hope that u will respond to me positively.

Thanking u,
Sateesh Kadiyala

Greetings Sateesh,

By doing a Google search you could probably come up with the latest developments on Cyborgs as no doubt they've come a long way since the 60s, when the above-quoted article was written.

Artificial human beings are a recurrent theme in many futuristic books and movies and much is revealed between the lines to discerning readers and viewers.

In reality the powers-that-be will never be able to create a human being because the body and the brain are nothing without a soul, and that is something only God can create.

The scientists and genetic engineers who are torturing human beings to copy how they're made are doing the opposite of God's work on earth. They are evil incarnate.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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