To Orwell Today:

The Test of "Coming Up For Air"

1. What are the three 'Georges' in the novel?

1a. What--if any--is the relationship between two of them? [a 'toughie' question]

2. The very end of the novel presents *three* choices for the main character, George.
What *application* to life do those three choices represent?

3. What could be called the 'climax' to the novel?

4. What signficance does the oft-repeated 'false teeth' have?

5. What is the general 'answer' behind nearly every question/decision presented in the novel?
[hint: not 'yes' and not 'no']

6. Of the three choices at the end of the novel, our 'George' obviously chooses to take the easy way out and lie (say he's been with another woman). What does that suggest about life AND why wouldn't he opt for the memory-loss answer for his wife?

7. Is the main character more a cynic or a sentimentalist [hint: same answer as in question no. 5.

8. In what part--actually one crucial page--of the novel is the idea of 'success' looked at and taken apart, 'pro' and 'con'?

9. Hilda--George's wife's name--is found in what other context? [hint: not a person's name]

10.In understanding any event of life, Orwell tries to teach what aspect of an event? [based on the novel]
    a) preparation for the event?     b) proper reaction during the event?    c) the after-effect from the event?

*Bonus Questions*

A. What is THE theme to the novel? [hint: non-historical and non-political, and not really sociological either (!)]

B. What sub-cultures are seriously looked at? [hint: socio-economic in nature]

Good Luck!! If you get half correct, you've 'won' my admiration. Though your attitude stinks.



Sorry but I don't do homework for people. Those questions are easy and factual and can be found in the novel. If you want to fill in the blanks yourself go ahead and I'll put your answers on the website to share with other students receiving similar assignments.

~ Jackie Jura

GENESIS OF COMING UP FOR AIR (with excerpt from Gordon Bowker's biography "Inside George Orwell")

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