To Orwell Today,
re: 21.Crimestop

To Whom It May Concern:

I work at KB Books, a textbook store located near San Diego State University. I am writing concerning copyright permission for the passage on your website called “Crimestop” in George Orwell’s book 1984. A professor at SDSU would like to use this passage in her course reader for her students for the upcoming fall semester. I am just curious on who I would need to contact in order to get copyright permission so the professor will be able to use this particular passage.

Thank you for your time and am anticipating your response.

-Jennifer Whitmoyer
Textbook/Course Reader Assistant

Greetings Jennifer,

"Orwell Today" is a "minority of one" (to quote "1984") operation and so I am the person you need to contact with your copyright question.

I'm pleased that the professor wants her students to read my "Crimestop" theme and ask only that she treat my website as she would any other resource and credit it in the way she usually credits resources, in this case with the name, address and author of the website:

"Crimestop" theme 21; "Orwell Today" website, by Jackie Jura at

The hope would be, aside from giving credit where credit is due, that once the students were directed to the source of the "Crimestop" article they would then perhaps read the rest of the 45 themes and other writings on the website and thus greatly expand their understanding of Orwell's writings and message.

All the best and thank you for your concern,
Jackie Jura

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