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Recent news in the UK is that numerous police authorities are cutting back on their numbers of police officers as a result of the increased cost of fuel and their limited budgets. This seems Orwellian as they are using vast amounts of fuel for their wasp helicopters and police cars which speed and whizz around the local communities here day and night disturbing our daily life and sleep. In fact our area has little crime compared to inner cities. No doubt they have to use up their budgets on fuel to cover their usefullness, rarely do we see the bobbys on the beat, apart from weekends in town centres dealing with all night revelers from pubs and clubs.

When you need them in an emergency they take far too long to attend or your calls get ignored by their switchboard operator. You hear so many cases in the UK of guys having to deal with youths outside their homes because the police do not attend and consequently they get assaulted or stabbed. These instances are becoming common place. We are told that it's the increased paperwork and government targets which are to blame.

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To add insult to injury, did you see this in the news the other day?:

Speeders to pay for police chases. BBC, Jul 1, 2008 (Soaring fuel prices have forced one police force in the USA to increase fines for offending motorists. From 1 July, motorists caught in Holly Springs, Georgia, will have to pay an extra $12 (6) to cover the costs of police chasing them down...

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