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To whom it may concern,

It is in regards to my brother, Shane Anthony Hayes. His life was taken by two Sheriff's Deputies Sunday, September 17, 2006. Although the case is still under investigation, our family does know that some of the statements in this initial release are known not to be accurate according to eyewitness testimony given to authorities. We now know that there was NO assault on a female and that a call or two had been made to police regarding a intoxicated individual threatening suicide. My brother Shane has had a history of alcohol abuse, depression, and a few "threatening suicide" instances that always resulted in him still being alive the following day. He would have been very intimidated by police. This time things are very much different unfortunately because of the haste and incompetence of the deputies involved. We are being told that the investigation of my brother's "murder by cop" will take up to twelve days to be completed. We know that whatever their report concludes, Shane's death will never be justified.

The following is an initial police press release from the San Diego County Sheriff's Office. You will find this release at

   SUBJECT: Officer Involved Shooting Investigation
   LOCATION: * *
   DATE/TIME: 09/17/2006 9:18 PM
   VICTIM: Two Deputy Sheriffs
   SUSPECT: Adult male (40 years-old)

   The following information is fragmentary and has not been completely verified.
   It is based, in part, on hearsay and is intended for early information use
   rather than being a formal investigative report.

   At about 9:10 P.M. (09-17-06), the Sheriff's Communications Center received a
   call of an intoxicated male physically assaulting a female. Based on directions
   provided by the reporting party, deputies contacted a female at * *.
   She told deputies that she had been involved in an argument
   with a male who was inside the residence. She additionally stated that the male
   had attempted to commit suicide.

   Deputies entered the residence in order to check on the welfare of that male.
   Once the two deputies were inside the house they saw an adult male standing in
   the kitchen area. He raised his right hand, which held a butcher knife, above
   his shoulder, shouted something and advanced toward the deputies. When he was
   within a few feet of the deputies they both fired their handguns at the subject.
   He immediately fell to the floor. Paramedics transported the subject to a local
   hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 10:42 P.M.

   The suspect's name is being withheld pending notification of his next of kin.

   Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Homicide
   Detail at ***-****/after hours at ***-**** or Crime Stoppers at ***-8477 (TIPS).

   Prepared by: * *, Lieutenant, Homicide Detail

Something has to be done regarding Police who act in such a way. There had to be incompetence and mishandling of this situation. Initial reports are that the witness who spoke to the deputies informed them that my brother was threatening to harm himself. The two San Diego County Sheriffs deputies chose to end Shane's life with deadly force and left the taser guns in the patrol cars only after a short time in the residence. Shane's sober mind wanted to live, not die. He wanted to continue to be a father to his daughter, a son, uncle, and my brother. He needed help and the police were called for that reason, not to take is life. They didn't give him a chance. We know he was not threatening anyone else but himself and never had threatened anyone else prior. He didn't deserve to be shot at 5 times for being an alcoholic and being depressed. Shane needed help. Please help us. Our family is destroyed by the loss of Shane and is at a loss of what to do now. This should not be over and needs attention.

I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart,
Kristopher R. Hayes

Greetings Kristopher,

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