To Orwell Today,

Sure, the Chinese tourism market is potentially huge. And there are lots of Chinese who want to visit. But how do they get visas? For a Chinese, getting a visa is a draconian process.

Last year, when my girlfriend applied for a visa to visit Canada she was refused twice with no reasons given. That application was made in Japan where she lives and works.The Visa people were unhelpful, rude, and clearly prejudiced against Chinese. Your are not going to get Chinese tourists to come if you treat each one as a potential illegal!

By contrast, my girlfriend had no trouble getting a visa to go to New Zealand.

- Julico

Greetings Julico,

I'm not surprised that getting a visa in China is a draconian process. Afterall, it IS a Communist country and citizens are controlled in every aspect of their lives, including where, when and IF they travel. There are probably thousands of people who are refused for whatever reason. But the reality is that there are thousands upon thousands who AREN'T refused, and as the article points out, there will be millions arriving soon.

So when do you pack your bags for New Zealand?

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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