To Orwell Today,
Re: Chinese and Russian looming control of Canada's energy sector*

hey guys,

glad to see that someone else even noticed this. there is an apocraphyl story that goes like this between Lenin and Trotsky. one of them said that soon they would be able to hang the whole capitalist system once and for all and sweep it forever into the "dustbin of antiquity". the other said "but comrade, where will we ever get enough rope to hang the entire capitalist system?" "easy, comrade, the capitalists will sell it to us".

wait 'till they bring chinese labour "braceros" along to really get the job done at the mines and smelters.

- gregorvitch (greg jones)

Greetings Greg,

I don't know who wrote it but I've got a rhyme on my wall:

"The enemy within, by silent step,
stole your freedom while you slept."

~ Jackie Jura

Keep Beijing out of Sudbury (security of USA & Canada at stake). National Post, Oct 1, 2004. Go to A NICKEL FOR YOUR KINGDOM

*Petrocan CEO meets USSR oil exec (investing in USSR Liquified Natural Gas) & China feeds on Canada's resources (very hungry dragon demands copper-nickel-oil-gas-wood etc). Globe & Mail, Sep 26, 2004. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & 6.Super-States & CHINADA'S SOVIETIZATION

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