To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Couldn't help noticing your constant references to CHINA on ORWELL TODAY. Initially I tended to skip these references as I have a strong socialist leaning politically and thought you were just having a dig at communists in general and China in particular. However after the recent earthquake and flooding FEAR in China I can see where you're coming from.

China's role in world politics and production of consumer goods etc is profound. Just returned from USA where everything seems to be produced in CHINA. I am aware that a few years ago BUSH and BLAIR visited that country and signed some deal with them over production manufacture of goods and trade between our respective nations. China's role in the world has now become prominent coinciding with the rise in the price of fuel and the loss of bank revenue on the world market, the increased FEAR of terrorism and the increased surveillance at airports and cities etc. And China's the venue for the forthcoming Olympic games.

All of this and now we have the disasters on a huge scale. It's like it's their 9/11, though contrived as a natural disaster. It may well have been planned by use of modern technology by BIG BROTHER. To me this all seems not just mere coincidences. One has to look deeper to see what the motives are behind these events and circumstances and it looks like the work of BIG BROTHER once again. What do you think?

Ray Wills

Greetings Ray,

Sorry I've taken so long to answer your email but I'm on "R & R" (research & renovate break).

I'm a bit surprised you equate "communism" with "socialism" (using them as interchangeable political words) because the two have nothing in common as Orwell tried to explain in all his books, most notably in ROAD TO WIGAN PIER and ANIMAL FARM, and about which I've written many essays. See also CORPORATE COMMUNISM.

But that aside, I'm glad you're finally waking up to the danger of Communist China which, as you say, I've been "constantly referencing on ORWELL TODAY". See CHINESE TAKE-OVER etc.

It's not only here in America that everything is "Made in China". It's also over there in England, as I noticed the last time I was there.

Your point that the recent earthquake in China could be some sort of 9/11 event is probably right on. It distracted everyone from the cyclone in Burma where the China-backed military dictatorship is stealing the humanitarian aid sent there for that disaster.

The excuse of an earthquake in China (either real or staged) gives their Corporate Communist government over there an excuse for not being able to feed all their people and gives our Corporate Communist government over here an excuse to supply them with humanitarian aid (like food and water etc) and money (being solicited by the Red Cross etc) and probably even offer them refugee status in America too, now that millions of Chinese have allegedly just become homeless.

China earthquake could fuel inflation problem. Financial Post, May 13, 2008 (The powerful earthquake that has devastated China’s south-western Sichuan province, killing at least 12,000 people, could drive Chinese inflation even higher, Will Hess, China regional analyst for Global Insight says. The pace of inflation now sits just below the 12-year high of 8.7% set in February. Food prices rose by 22.1% in the month, with pork prices up 68.3% from a year earlier. Meanwhile, cooking oil was up 46.6% over the year, while vegetables rose 13.6%. With Sichuan accounting for more than 11% of China's hog livestock, Mr. Hess says it is possible pork prices may rise even higher - further fueling inflation - if the earthquake is found to have damaged the province's hog supply. "China's recent inflationary flare-up has been driven by surging food price inflation, particularly by soaring pork prices,” he says. “The material and human toll from this quake in northern areas of Sichuan is significant and tragic,” Mr. Hess says. However, he says despite a population of 81-million, Sichuan only accounts for 4% of China’s GDP and less than 1% of national trade.)

And the wood they require to supposedly rebuild will probably come from Canada where all our mills are being shut down (with raw logs and manufacturing going to China). We're awaiting announcements any day now of new buyers coming to the rescue of our closed Canadian mills. And who do you think those buyers will be? My fortune-cookie says it will be Corporate Communist Chinese companies.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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Jackie Jura
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