Hi Orwell Today,

I am a journalist of china. I met your website haphazard, but I like it. Because I like George Orwell too. I have used the name of yqyq1984 as my nickname for 7 years.

Thank you for all the content on your website. It is a great job.

I hope we could be friends.

John Yee

Greetings John,

Thanks for letting me know you've discovered "Orwell Today" and also have an affinity for "1984" and George Orwell.

A big part of the horror of "1984" is taken from Orwell's understanding of life in China under Mao - no different than Russia under Stalin or someday - if Big Brother gets his way - ours here in North America. See 7.Systems of Thought and 4.Old World Destruction.

Orwell's "1984" crosses all boundaries and that is why he is a universal figure speaking for those oppressed by totalitarianism everywhere. See FINDING ORWELL IN BURMA

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Thank you for your response. You are right. "1984" was written to lash totalitarianism. Not only in China and Soviet Union, but actually, almost all of the regimes, to some extent, have the nature of totalitarianism, or have the tendency of totalitarianism.

For example, in USA, so called 'the model of democracy', the President tried to pass a special law so private information can be monitored legally by the government.

I think George Orwell did not believe any government, no matter if it is democratic or not. I can read the sadness in his great novel. Maybe it is pessimistic, but it is realistic. That's why I am glad to find some websites to uncover the filthy side of the world. Internet has the ability to tell us what is the real side of the world we live in.

-John Yee

Jackie Jura
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