Reader Chemtrails Damaging

To Orwell Today,

Someone brought 'chemtrails' to my attention today when the planes were travelling overhead while I was heading across the park to listen to the music.

Didn't find anything on your site, but did find interesting info when I googled 'chemtrails' when I got home to my computer. Thought you would be interested - they aren't just damaging/killing us with our GM Food!

This is the air we breathe,

Greetings Cathie,

Chemtrails  are composed of chemicals  sprayed from airplanes leaving a distinctive trail (different from contrails  which are mere condensation  trails).

Chemtrails are a component of Orwellian WEATHER-FOOD-WATER-AIR CONTROL but I haven't written much about them so thanks for sending along your observations and conclusions -- I agree, chemtrails are just another way to damage and or kill us.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - A reader wrote in a few years ago about his observation of chemtrails:

Reader Andy saw jets leaving large contrails which grew by-the-hour rather than dissipate like normal contrails

Jackie Jura
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