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To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

It looks like the powers in control are once more up to their tricks.

In the UK we have a new coalition government of Tory/Liberals who are making radical changes to all our life on the premise that we have to make financial adjustments to cut back on government expenditure in some cases by up to 40%. The British people are going along with this on the grounds that we are overspending and have to make allowances like all the countries involved in world recession.

One of the major concerns in the election was the number of immigrants who came here during the past 10 years when Tony Blair's Labour government was running the country. The new radical coalition announced a halt to the number of new immigrants; however this was really just to offer some solace, as this only affected those from non European nations, a small minority of those actually emigrating here.

This week the new government announced that they were not going to go ahead with a Census which has operated for some 200 years in the UK, on the grounds that it wasn't economically viable. So we assume that we have a population of some 70 million people living here, when the true figure could in fact be nearer 90 plus million after there was a flood of legal and illegal immigrants into the UK from the former states of Soviet Russia and Europe during the past 10 years.

UK National Census to be axed after 200 years (population won't be counted by Government). Telegraph, Jul 9, 2010

Maybe I'm naive but it looks like another way of avoiding trouble for the powers in charge as the figures will not now be collected and published. I'm sure ORWELL knew such double talk and ruse was always possible if the Proles had concerns and that BIG BROTHER knew all the tricks.

All the best,
Ray Wills

Greetings Ray,

I agree with you that the cancellation of the UK census - which they're also doing away with here in Canada - is a ploy by the powers-that-be to cover-up the continued immigrant invasion from Eastasia, Eurasia and the Disputed Territories that they have planned for the nations of Oceania.

It's a form of Orwellian falsification: "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. The past is whatever the Party chooses to make it. If the facts say otherwise then the facts must be altered."

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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