To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

I thought that you would be interested in this:

Cell phone can listen even when turned off. You Tube Fox News

It's actually old news, but now even Fox is reporting it. I haven't pinpointed yet why this is, but perhaps too many of us believed this too uncomprehensible to fathom at first - like many of the stories that appear to be mere farfetched conspiracy theories and then turn out to be the raw truth.

-Jim Banholzer

Greetings Jim,

I had heard that rumour, years ago, about cell phones being listening devices when turned off and ever since have been a bit leery of talking around them (and on them).

It kind of makes a person wonder if the little screen on camera-phones is also a mini Orwellian "telescreen" that "can SEE as well as hear".

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Jackie Jura

Smile, Big Brother's watching (new technology tracks every move). GlobeMail, Mar 25, 2008. See 3.Surveillance and 20.Thought Police

Jackie Jura
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