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Following up on our conversation when I called into the program on OPEN PHONE FRIDAY yesterday, I've posted the link to your excellent interview with Viv Forbes, the carbon-sense expert from Down Under. Here is how it looks on the Home Page of Orwell Today:

(no global warming; temp hasn't risen for 19-yrs)
One Radio Network, Sep 4, 2015
listen Defending Carbon & Exposing Green Elite
GlobeBransonGore Tree/Corn/Cow BootPlant
watch CO2 as Pollutant is Orwellian Propaganda
& Keeping Masses Down & Big Brother & Doublethink

I also put a link to our conversation about the Viv Forbes interview:

listen Open Phone Friday with Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network, Sep 4, 2015 ... Jackie Jura, from Orwell Today, calls in to talk about how thrilled she was to hear our interview with Viv Forbes and the carbon dioxide hoax. Have you read George Orwell's 1984? Jackie Jura shares many reasons why you should. "...Saying carbon is bad when in fact it's good is 100% Orwellian where everything is opposite...war is peace, love is hate... The powers-that-be, what Orwell called BIG BROTHER, are trying to villify our air and charge us for every gulp of air we breathe...It's called a carbon tax and it's all over the world... They plan to tax every bit of carbon dioxide that is put into the atmosphere...Every time we breathe out we are actually putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and so breathing is bad... The attack on carbon is led by the UNITED NATIONS and the UNITED NATIONS is what Orwell called BIG BROTHER in 1984..." clip begins at 35-minute-mark

Once again, thanks so much for the opportunity to post such valuable information from your website to mine.

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Jackie adds further quotes from Viv Forbes' interview with Patrick Timpone explaining the role of carbon on Earth

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