To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Are you familiar with the novel by Robert Trussell entitled "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropist"? This was a book that ORWELL read and may well have had a major influence on his thinking.

It was the first of its kind, radical and reforming. Its theme centred on the day to day life of a group of house painters and decorators (PROLES) in an english town called "MUGS"BOROUGH. It was in a time when there was no unions. The common working man (WINSTON SMITH) worked long hours on meagre wages. A period when the common man knew his place and doffed his cap to his master. The main character in the book - a democratic socialist - spent his free time trying to "educate" his workmates into what was really happening or to "think". But they accepted their lot, grateful for small mercies and the same old premise of "there's nothing we can do about it anyway".

Trussell was in many ways similiar to ORWELL. He loved England, led an adventurous life similiar to GEORGE. He also suffered with poor health and died young.

- Raymond Wills

Greetings Raymond,

Actually, I've never heard of that book or that author but I will put it on my pile of books "to be" read and one day I'll track it down and read it.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

ORWELL & TRESSELL ASPIDISTRAS (the socialist writers had similarities)

Jackie Jura
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