Book Orwell


Conceived and Compiled by Stephen Wadhams,
Introduction by George Woodcock for CBC Radio Documentary,
Remembering Orwell, 1984.
Recollections of more than sixty people who knew Orwell
are woven with biographical detail to produce a very human portrait
of one of the greatest writers of our time.

To Orwell Today,

Dear Ms Jura,

A colleague of mine in one of our more inaccessible diplomatic posts in the world is interested in getting hold of a copy of 'Remembering Orwell' by Stephen Wadhams, written in 1984. He has asked me since he understands it is only available in Canada. Trouble is none of the usual book sites, including Penguin (and Penguin Canada) who apparently published it, seem to carry it.

In your website you refer to having acquired it. Can I ask you kindly to e-mail me details of where you bought it? Even better, do you know how this can be ordered on-line?

Thanks very much,
Julian Evans

Greetings Julian,

On the top right-hand corner of my Penguin paperback copy of "Remembering Orwell" by Stephen Wadhams I notice the tell-tale pencil mark with price and initial which indicates to me that I bought this book at a second-hand bookstore in my town.

A few minutes ago I did an internet search through Alibris and Abe Books and there were no available copies so I empathize with you in your difficulties in finding it on-line.

When next I go to second-hand bookstores I'll be on the look-out for it and if I come across a copy, I'll buy it for you.

Good luck in your own endeavours finding it for your colleague.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - If an Orwell Today reader comes across a copy perhaps they'll let me know and I'll put them in contact with you.

PPS - Your request reminded me of my need to update my RECOMMENDED BOOKS ON ORWELL list to include the seven books I recently acquired.

To Orwell Today,

Many thanks for being so helpful. Much appreciated.


...Reader Mark asks if Julian is still looking for "Remembering Orwell"

...Reader Kevin sends notification of his successful search for the book "Remembering Orwell"

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~