Steve and Jackie discuss jurisdiction of Big Brother:

To Orwell Today,

I read the comments on IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM WE'RE ENSLAVED with interest. However, it should be pointed out that the United Nations (gradually usurping the power of individual nations) is only the BB of Oceania.

Eurasia has its own - it is called the European Union, complete with its inquisitorial (dictatorial) system of "justice" (Eurojust) and its own secret police (Europol).

"Eastasia" is busy building huge land armies - nowhere is this more evident than in North Korea.

In the United Kingdom, we are acutely aware that our loyalties are really with the Ingsoc mentality of the UN rather than the Neo-Bolshevistic EU and that, while today the perpetual war is with the so-called "Axis of Evil" (disputed territories that either other superpower may seek to occupy in the future) we know that we shall one day again find ourselves at war with Eurasia (as in 1939-45) as the EU expands remorselessly Eastwards.

It is interesting that, in recent months, when polls have been conducted in the UK as to whether we should engage in war with Iraq, the majority response has always been "only if the UN sanctions it" without the EU (of which we are supposedly members) ever being mentioned. By this, we see doublethink really in action by our own ruling cabal. It is a very clever tactic: Pretend that Eurasia (EU) is our ally while subtly directing the masses to believe that war with Iraq is only acceptable if the BB of Oceania (the UN) directs that it should happen.

As for Oceania declaring war against territories in or bordering Eurasia, the real reason most recent one (in Serbia) was waged was to deliver to our "allies" in the EU a hate figure - their version of Emmanual Goldstein in the guise of Milosevic, currently undergoing a show trial in The Hague. This has bought EU silence over the matter of Oceania attacking Afghanistan, Iraq and other disputed territories - for the time being.

Am I a million miles away with this thinking!?!?


Greetings Steve,

I enjoyed your feedback on my commentary discussing how in the name of freedom we're being enslaved. Here's some clarification on the jurisdiction of Big Brother:

In 1984 Orwell said that the United Kingdom will be part of Oceania (the Americas, Australia, SAfrica etc) and NOT part of Eurasia (Soviet/European Union) or Eastasia (China, Korea, Taiwan etc). Culture and language weigh more heavily than geography in that scheme of things. And we're seeing it play out that way with the alliances in recent, current and imminent wars. The UK joined with America (Oceania) in the war against Yugoslavia (in Eurasia). And UK/America joined again in the war against Afghanistan (part of Eurasia) and now again in the war against Iraq (also part of Eurasia). But notice how even though North Korea (extension of China) is sabre rattling against America we are consulting them as allies in the war in Eurasia? That's just as Orwell said it would be, ie "In one combination or another, these three super-states are permanently at war... when Oceania is at war with Eurasia it is in alliance with Eastasia..."

At the present, in 2003, the three super-states aren't completely set up yet. We are witnessing that process. It's evolving through separate trading blocs like Free-Trade-of-the-Americas and the European-Union etc. But don't overlook the fact that on top of these super-trading blocs is the mother of all trading blocs - the World Trade Organization.

Well, the same is true with the three super-states. On top of them all is the mother of all super-states - The Nations United or, as Orwell described it, BIG BROTHER

It is not just over Oceania that Big Brother is in control. Big Brother is the organization in charge of the Whole World, which as we've previously established, has been organized into a New Order, ie three manageable super-states. These super-states take ORDERS from Big Brother which uses the Communist Party (the PARTY) as the philosophy & government of each. As Orwell said, there was no difference between INGSOC in Oceania, NEO-BOLSHEVISM in Eastasia and DEATH-WORSHIP in Eurasia. They were all hierarchical tyrannies using technology to keep their populations under total surveillance in mind and body, as laid out by Emmanuel Goldstein in "The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism" as expressed in The Party Tells 'How' and The Party Tells 'Why'.

Go to theme 2.Big Brother and theme 5.Pyramidal New World Order to see how Orwell describes the world hierarchy. At the apex of the pyramid is BIG BROTHER. Under Big Brother comes the Inner Party (in this case Orwell is using Oceania as the model, but the same applies for Eastasia and Eurasia), and under the Inner Party comes the Outer Party and under that comes the Masses, the Proletariat - the Proles.

Then, as a separate entity from the three-superstates is the Disputed Territories, whose slave populations and resources pass from super-state to super-state.

The toughest concepts to understand in 1984 are those of Big Brother and Emmanuel Goldstein. You need to realize that 1984 is a book with another book inside it. It's a text with a sub-text. Actually, when Orwell was trying to get it published in America they wanted to delete the sub-text. But Orwell refused to let them censor 1984 and they were forced to publish it in its entirety or lose out on another best seller, like what Animal Farm had been. In the USA 1984 came out as a Book-Of-The-Month-Club selection and made an incredible amount of money (although Orwell was too sick to enjoy it and died in the hospital to which he'd gone as soon as he handed in the manuscript, and from which he was never released, except through death).

From previous difficulties getting books published (Homage to Catalonia, Wigan Pier, Burmese Days) Orwell knew that he could not just come out and tell the people what he had learned about the organization setting out to control the entire world, so instead he weaved it into the stories of Animal Farm and 1984. He believed writing and exposing the truth was what he was born and destined to do. He spent his life practicing how to write so that he could fulfill his greatest challenge - warning the world about its greatest threat. He used symbolism to get the message across. In Animal Farm Stalin was a pig named NAPOLEON. In 1984 the secret organization that rules the world was named BIG BROTHER. And the leader BEHIND Big Brother was Emmanuel Goldstein.

I hope you now realize that Big Brother is NOT in charge of just Oceania, but also of Eastasia, Eurasia and the Disputed Territories.

~ Jackie Jura

Reader confused about my defining Illuminati first as Big Brother and then later as the Brotherhood

Jackie Jura
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