To Orwell Today,

dear jackie,
subject: Animal Farm the movie

today at 52 i reminisce about a movie i saw 40 years ago at my school courtesy some people from UK (i presume) which i rate it in the top ten films of the century, no marks for guessing, my mail to you says it all, the animated version of "animal farm".

i have been searching for a copy of the movie, and wish to show it to my friends. will you be kind enough to let me have a link where i can download it. you must be aware that it is not possible for me to order from amazon due to foreign currency regulations in india.

i am from chennai (old name madras) south of india.

look forward to hear from you,

warm regards,
sunil kumar soni

Greetings Sunil,

I assume the movie you're talking about is the one that came out in 1954 and was produced by the English animation studio Halas & Batchelor. See ANIMAL FARM BONAFIDE HALAS & ANIMAL FARM 1954 MOVIE & ANIMAL FARM ORIGINAL MOVIE

It's available at Amazon but, if you are unable to order, that's a problem. See ANIMAL FARM 1954 DVD

I'm sorry but I'm not aware of the movie being anywhere on the web to be downloaded (but if there is, I'm sure a reader will write in with the info - eventually).

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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