To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

We are a small company that is trying to implement audiobooks in Latvia (EU). At the moment we would like to record an audiobook "Animal Farm" by Eric Arthur Blair, but can not find who owns the copywrite to this masterpiece. The Orwell Estate? Would you be so kind and advise whom should we turn to in order to receive a permission.

Kaspars Kukuvass
Member of the Board, "Libri" LLC

Greetings Kaspars,

That's interesting you're planning to make an audio-book of "Animal Farm" in Latvian. A reader recently sent photos of his ANIMAL FARMS DRAWING COLLECTION which included a 1954 Latvian publication of the book:

AF Latvia

Perhaps the person you could contact re copyright is Orwell's son, Richard Horatio Blair in Warwickshire, England. He spoke recently at the Oxford Literary Festival and gave an interview: George Orwell's son speaks for the first time about his father, The Times, Mar 15, 2009

All the best in your project,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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