To Orwell Today,

Your interpretation of Miss American pie is TOTALY wrong. What the song is talking about is by Rich Kulawiec.

THERE. The crap about the devil is just...NOO...HA. A 16 year old girl can figure this out! Come on, whats with this satanic crap, its very OBVIOUS about the singers of such time, nothing about the devil is easily said in there. You got only proof for SOME lyrics, theres ALL the lyrics!!!

-Jannelle Van Egmond

Greetings Jannelle,

It's too bad you prefaced your "American Pie" interpretation with insulting comments about my intelligence - comparing it to less than a "16 year-old girl". I suspect that you yourself are 16 years old (evidenced by your grammar skills), and have learned everything you know from the status quo, not from original thinking.

A previous reader drew my attention to the Rich Kulaweic version and it's been linked from my website for a long time:

Amanda says "Miss American Pie" is a wonderful song and sends a link to the lyrics' real meaning

As I have mentioned to many other readers who have sent emails on the subject:


Without analysing every line of the seemingly never-ending song (as your interpreter did) I gave my reasons - backed up with direct quotes - for arriving at the conclusion of a Satanic interpretation.

In the intervening years since writing BYE, BYE AMERICAN PIE and BYE, BYE APPLE PIE, I have had no reason to change my thinking on the matter. On the contrary, every day my suspicions about Rock & Roll being used as an evil tool against America is reinforced. All a person has to do is watch a few minutes of MTV (Music Television) - which is aimed at adolescents and young adults (and watched by millions of very young children) - and see for themselves its pornographic, soul destroying content. And as if the images and the sounds (so-called 'music') aren't enough - the words are the final coup de grace. They really hit the mark - full as they are of sexual innuendo based on violence and pain.

Every time I listen to the music that is thrust upon our young people these days I am saddened for what they have missed and for what they are being exposed to - all under the guise of "free expression".

I grew up listening to John Lennon and the Beatles - and all the other 60s music (including Don McLean's one-hit wonder) - and therefore know the difference between Rock & Roll then and Rock & Roll now, and recognize that, without a doubt, the old Rock & Roll (which was good) is dead, and has been replaced with the new (which is evil).

I suggest that readers who may not be familiar with the controversy surrounding the song go to American Pie at Wikipedia for a good overview.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

thank you

-Jannelle Van Egmond

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