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re: Reader says abortion's not population control and ABORTION & SEX-AS-RECREATION

Hi Jackie,

That guy or gal sure got mad. A lot of unresolved anger there and it all came your way. Guess he/she was using emotion rather than looking at the figures of abortions around the world since the 70s and the link with breast cancer is frightening. Added deaths of breast cancer victims with many linked to having had abortions puts these alarming figures up even more, plus all the mental health problems.

It's amazing that vast majority of people are still too eager to have abortions based on their lifestyles and not on any real health risks of pregnancy. Obviously all the modern thinkers are getting this FEAR of family and responsibility across well.

However, the largest group of those going for abortions actually appears to be the twenty to twenty-four year olds and not the widely held image of school age pregnancies as so many people assume. Therefore the majority are supposedly making Adult Decisions.

You are so right as ORWELL was about the destruction of family life, love and the modern new age doctrine of SELF and career above all else.

Raymond Wills

Greetings Raymond,

Thank you for pointing out that the victims of abortion are not just unborn human beings but also the mothers of those unborn. Breast cancer is a huge killer and has been directly linked to abortion but this is a fact that is totally suppressed and the schools will not allow people in to talk about it.


Woman's Right-to-Know Act (abortion leads to breast cancer). Guardian, May 22, 2003. Go to Breast Cancer Prevention List (link no longer connects)

Breast cancer most frequent disease in women worldwide. Canadian Press, Jun 7, 2002. Go to Breast Cancer is Abortion Side-Effect (link no longer connects)

I feel that if you tell teenagers (and everyone else) that an abortion carries a huge risk of breast cancer and death in their future, most will do everything they can to avoid getting pregnant until they are ready to raise a child. The end result would be far less abortions and far less breast cancer and far more love and healthy, happy people in the world.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Chief Justice Rehnquist dies at 80 (last dissenter of Roe vs Wade that legalized abortion-on-demand). USA Newswire, Sep 6, 2005. Go to JFK'S JUDGE WHITE PRO-LIFE & WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE?

Jackie Jura
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