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Dear Jackie:

Please see 911 STEEL EVAPORATION (..."Have you seen the core steel columns of the North Tower on 9/11/2001? Me neither. They were conspicuously absent both during and after the collapse of the building. Let me explain. It's very simple. Take a chocolate bar on a stick (say, with vanilla and strawberry ice cream) and try to somehow stick it in a hot oven vertically, like a tree. It will start to melt, and soon you will see the wooden stick that was in the core of the ice cream. But imagine that, instead of a wooden stick, there was a skewer made of solid ice, which was supporting the ice cream and had the same length as the chocolate bar. Then everything will melt. Something remotely similar happened on 9/11 with the 47 core steel columns of the North Tower. They were made of steel even 100 by 100 mm thick. But the core steel columns did not melt. They evaporated....")

Your professional opinion will be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2010,
Dimi Chakalov

Greetings Dimi,

Thanks for sending the link to your website explaining the physics involved in evaporating the steel cores of the 911 towers. It's incredibly interesting, informative and thought provoking. I'll add it to the 9/11 HI-JACKS OR HI-JINKS section of ORWELL TODAY.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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