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The alleged impact of a Boeing 757 on the Pentagon building
on the morning of September 11, 2001
reveals an almost complete absence of debris expected from such an event.
Wings that should have been sheared off by the impact are entirely absent.

To Orwell Today,

Hello Jackie,

Have you seen the controversy over AA Flt 77 that was supposedly crashed into the Pentagon? I am a pilot retired from AA and flew from Boston on 767 aircraft and 757 during the 911 period. The evidence of the crash site that was released from the FBI, after protest from various groups, does not indicate that a Boeing 757 has crashed into the building. The hole is much too small and debris does not indicate a plane crash if you see the stories on U-Tube or other Internet information concerning the incident. The evidence is more positive to a missile attack! Either from an airplane trying to shoot down the 757 or from a ship off the coast trying to shoot down the airplane. Then IF the 757 veered off course over the Atlantic then no story or evidence of what happened to that aircraft has been accurately told to the US public.

It seems to me that the government of the USA has used the Orwellian departments to re-write the story and pictures, video etc. to cover up the possibility of a missile strike on the Pentagon. IF so then what happened to AA 77? Probably VP Cheney ordered the aircraft shot down over the Atlantic and NO information about the whereabouts of this flight with 189 people on board is revealed. Cheney had sought the authority during Bush's absence from Washington to "shoot" down aircraft and received it as far as Frontline (PBS) stories have discovered.

This type of Washington cover up (a la JFK shooting) or Nixon tape erasing speaks of government interference with public information and or changing the story to fit their facts that they wish to be told. You MUST seek this story for its devious intent to cover up the incident. Please check it out.

Thanks for listening,
Fred R Wilburn

Greetings Fred,


I agree with you totally that no airplane crashed into the Pentagon - there being no evidence of one ever shown - ie no photos of the wreckage of an airplane ever seen - ie no wings, no fuselage or any other part - just the empty location where they say it hit - and which you contend was damage due to a missile (quite likely - or maybe bombs wired inside like in the three buildings at the World Trade Center that imploded, including Building 7 which wasn't hit by an airplane).

I never did believe - from the moment I first saw it on TV that morning of 9/11 - that those airplanes caused what was obviously two perfect implosions. I'd seen enough documentaries on how buildings are imploded - they used to show them on TV all the time - to recognize one when I see it. Also, I'd become quite aware of the physics of implosions during the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING controversy where it was proven by General Ben Partin that "no fertilizer truck bomb" did that damage to the Murrah Building, but instead it was wired from within and partially imploded (some bombs didn't go off). See TRUCK BOMB "NONSENSE" SAYS EXPERT

One month after its failed implosion the Murrah Building was again wired for implosion. And this time it went down perfectly - just like how it was supposed to on April 19, 1995 - and exactly like how the World Trade Center Towers went down 6 years later. See MURRAH FEDERAL BUILDING IMPLOSION and MUSLIMS SUSPEND LAWS OF PHYSICS

Orwell said in "1984" that if the facts say otherwise then the facts must be altered and that if BIG BROTHER said two plus two make five we would have to believe it. We're expected to "deny the evidence of our own senses" - our eyes and ears - and swallow everything whole like a grain of corn travelling undigested through the body of a bird.

Thanks for your 'no plane hit the Pentagon' commentary which I'll add to the 9/11 HI-JACKS OR HI-JINKS section of "Orwell Today".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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