To Orwell Today,
re: 1984 A BAD MOVIE

Dear Jackie,

I read your review on the most recent 1984 movie. I am prepared to cope with the disappointment and possibly irreversible images that may be ingrained in my head, however I can't shake my curiosity.

I have read 1984 I think 6 times all the way through since the 7th grade, I'm now in 12th grade, and I have always wanted to see a film. I looked for one on Amazon only to discover I could only obtain a used copy for no less than 45 dollars, which is somewhat ridiculous. So, I was wondering if you could help me obtain a copy of the most recent, most terrible, version of 1984 adapted to film as I have already visited Movies Unlimited and plan to purchase the old version. If you could point me in the right direciton I would appreciate it.

Thank You,
Justin, Orwell Fan (and new fan of yours after having visited your website)

PS - I wrote this email at 9:44 pm, and I am tired, so I apologize for the myriad of grammar and syntax errors. I hope it's coherent enough for you to understand.

Greetings Justin,

If you've read "1984" six times then there is no worry that you'll be negatively influenced by watching the movie. Its hideous images won't be ingrained in YOUR head, that's for sure, because you have been totally immunized by having read Orwell's actual words and forming your own images. You, being a discerning viewer, will be able to appreciate how totally awful the movie really is.

The most recent "1984" movie version that I'm aware of is still the John Hurt, Richard Burton one that came out in 1984. It has actually been broadcast on television a few times (catching in its net millions of non-suspecting viewers). Also, it came out in video several years ago and can be rented at video outlets that stock old movies.

It's great to have you as an Orwell Today reader and no doubt you recognize for yourself many of the "1984" similiarities we are experiencing. Without "1984" it would be harder to put everything into perspective. Fore-warned is fore-armed and Orwell is giving us plenty of warning.

All the best in tracking down the movie,
Jackie Jura

PS - Maybe you'll watch the movie and actually like it but either way it would be interesting to hear your review of it afterwards

Jackie Jura
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