~ see bugs being blasted ~

The fumigating of hay and the areal spraying from airplanes this summer (2002) reminds me of the RAID television commercial which starts off showing insects lounging around eating and talking about football scores or whatever. Next swoops down a giant can of RAID held by the hand of an unseen human. The critters start fleeing for their lives but it's too late. I think it ends with the bugs "tits up" with lilies on their chests - something like that.

Now, as I visualize that scene in my mind's eye, the insects have been replaced with humans. I marvel at how low we've stooped as a species that we allow sniveling bureacrats in cahoots with corporations to fly over us in airplanes spraying pesticide. This is to supposedly "keep us safe" from the ridiculous scenario of being bitten by a mosquito which had bitten a bird that was infected with the West Nile Virus. Aside from the fact we're thousands of miles away from the Nile river -- so the chances of a bird having the disease are pretty rare, even if a person DID get bitten by a mosquito that bit a bird -- the prognosis is not serious. A mild fever is about the worst of it. The few people who have actually died after allegedly being bitten by a mosquito that bit a bird have been old and with existing serious conditions from which they were not expected to live.

The latest WEST NILE story attests to that. After reading the article do some research on the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and you'll discover that they are actually involved in creating biological weapons and have been accused in the past of spraying such contaminants on people under the guise of pesticide control in order to conduct the observation component of a scientific experiment *. At CDC they create the disease AND the cure, and therefore have a vested interest in spreading both. ~ Jackie Jura


Anti-fogging protesters arrested (gov't spraying malathion over city). Globe & Mail, Jul 21, 2004. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation

WNV now accute flaccid paralysis (attacks healthy middle-aged). National Post, Apr 15, 2003. Go to 16.Minitrue & 17.Falsification & WEST NILE STORY

Disinfectents in high demand (big bucks for Bayer etc). Financial Post, Apr 8, 2003. Go to BIO-CHEM WARFARE & GERMICIDE MAKERS, ARISE!

WHO gives Toronto an order (quarantine for SARS outbreak). Toronto Star, Mar 27, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control & HEALTH CRUSADERS



Non-lethal weapons hurt (sick, repugnant and illegal). Wired News, Oct 28, 2002
Joint-Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD), established by Congress in 1997 under Marine Corps command, is obsessed with developing a high-tech arsenal that contravenes USA and international law. "Forcing drugs on large crowds of civilians is sick, repugnant and illegal". Non-lethals include: calmatives, better known as psychotropic, cental nervous system depressants or, more simply, downers inlude such substances as fentanyls (an ultra-potent, heroin-like synthetic) and rohypnol, aka "roofies," the so-called date-rape drug -- as crowd-control machanisms; sedative Precedes, which increases a patient's sensitivity to electroshock, as an instrument of torture; active-denial weapons (ADWs), which fire wide-angle 95 gigahertz electromagnetic waves that heat water molecules in the outer skin and cause debilitating pain (ADWs target innocent bystanders as well as enemies); genetically engineered anti-material agents (GAMAs), man-made micro-organisms that eat things like concrete, metal, asphalt, paint and plastic; veiling-glare lasers, wide-angle laser beams in violet to ultraviolet spectrum will blind enemies by making their eyes fluoresce, that is, glow.

Gas is crowd-control weapon (used by gov't on civilians). New Scientiest, Oct 28, 2002
The mystery gas used to end the hostage crisis at a Moscow theatre could be a secret crowd-control weapon. Such gases are known to be in development by governments who want "non-lethal" ways of dealing with civilians during conflicts. Such agents should have been destroyed under the Chemical Weapons Convention. But the CWC contains what campaigners call a loophole, which allows gases for "law enforcement". Secrecy about the identity of the gas suggests it may well be a compound of military origin, rather than a medical anasthetic. Affected hostages are not being allowed to leave the hospital and relatives cannot visit them, possibly to prevent blood samples being taken that would reveal the identity of the gas.

Russians gassed the hostages (experimented with new chemical). London Independent, Oct 27, 2002 & Russia used Knockout Gas (USA declines to criticize). Fox News, Oct 27, 2002. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation

A helpful street drug (causes & treats schizophrenia). National Post, Oct 21, 2002. Go to DRUG WAR & PEACE

Gov't tested nerve gas on humans (sprayed from crop-duster planes). National Post, Oct 10, 2002
The Canadian government allowed the US military to conduct secret tests of chemical and biological weapons on populated areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan during the 1960s. Pentagon declassified documents say deadly nerve agents were exploded in artillery shells and sprayed from crop-dusting planes in a series of experiments that were unknown to Canadians until yesterday... Canada and the United States agreed after the Second World War to co-operate on a number of military fronts, inluding chemical and biological weapons research...

Soldiers used as guinea pigs (with LSD & other chemicals etc). Baltimore Sun, Oct 10, 2002
USA Defense Department released documents admitting that deadly nerve warfare agents were experimentally used on USA military personnel... part of a nine-year program in the United States, the Pacific, Canada and the United Kingdom. More than 5,000 sailors took part in shipboard tests, and 500 soldiers on land... The Edgewood Arsenal testing grounds opened in 1917 in Fort Douglas, Utah... some of the most deadly chemicals known to man were used... there are no details on how the nerve agents were dispersed or how the people involved were protected... Soldiers in 1950s and 1960s were also subjects in tests of LSD and other drugs ... "It is not clear that in every instance people were informed" said Winkenwerder... asked 'Why did they do it?' he replied "...in the Cold War, that's what the government did."...

New West Nile Deaths in United States. REUTERS, August 27, 2002
The CDC has confirmed 425 human cases of West Nile in 20 states and the District of Columbia, 20 of them fatal.

West Nile flare-up helps CDC practice its bioterror response. Orlando Sentinal, August 28, 2002
As the West Nile outbreak stampedes through Louisiana and other states, federal health officials say they are using the naturally occurring epidemic to fine-tune their response to potential acts of biological, chemical or nuclear terrorism. Officials with the CDC said Tuesday that they are well prepared to handle these kinds of large-scale health incidents -- regardless of whether they are caused by the random bites of mosquitoes or the carefully laid plans of a terrorist. "This West Nile experience has given us an opportunity to practice our public-health responsiveness," said Dr. Julie Gerberding, CDC director... The goal is to increase the CDC's flexibility, speed and accountability in responding to problems such as the anthrax attacks that began last October in South Florida before moving north. In addition, the CDC has given state and local health departments $918 million since Sept. 11 to improve their response capabilities. The CDC has increased its stockpile of drugs, vaccines and medical supplies while also hiring more people to coordinate delivery of the 100-ton "push packs" that are held in secret locations around the country. The CDC ranks smallpox, plague, anthrax and hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola as some of the most worrisome. "These are diseases that either don't occur at all in the United States or at very low levels, so many clinicians are not familiar with them," Hughes said...A fever and a rash that resembles smallpox, once passed off asa minor ailment, may now spark a phone call... "We love those false alarms," Gerberding said, "because it tells us people are alert and they're looking."

Bubonic plague closes USA park (2 squirrels & a cat suspected). Mercury News, Aug 28, 2002

Ecstasy promoters hope FDA approves (same family as heroin, cocaine, LSD). Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 9, 2002. Go to BRAVE NEW WORLD

Bio-attack 'could kill a million' (and cause billions in economic damage). BBC, Apr 29, 2002

Gastric bug sweeps over the country (highly contagious virus occurring throughout Britain). London Telegraph, Jan 24, 2002.

Anthrax vaccine for thousands in USA (preparation unlicensed,controversial), Washington Post, Dec 19, 2001. Go to VACCINATIONS

Stockpile smallpox vaccine, experts say (researchers vaccinating healthy young adults), National Post, Oct 18, 2001

The Demon in the Freezer (How smallpox became biggest bioterroist threat we face. Richard Preston, New Yorker, July 12, 1999

Essay: Anthrax in movie and BRAVE NEW WORLD

Anthrax, smallpox vaccines called for, Washington Times, Oct 10, 2001

Why anthrax vaccine is scarce, Wired News, Oct 10, 2001.

Ebola-style killer virus sweeps Afghan border. Daily Telegraph, Oct 4, 2001.

Utah testing facility conducts secret experiments. Rense.com, March 25, 2001

14.Scientific Experimentation


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