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Sen McCarthy decided to hold hearings on the POWS...
Things started to go wrong for the POW committee...
First Sen McCarthy supposedly died of a heart attack in 1957...
Then it was Pres Kennedy's turn in 1963...
Then in 1968, it was Bobby Kennedy's turn to be assassinated...



To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

This is Bob Dumas, and I would like to explain a little more why Eisenhower was frustrated with Sen McCarthy. Eisenhower had already given the order to classify 8,200 POWS as Missing Presumed Dead, even though he was told they were alive, but that the Communists would not release them. The reason: China and North Korea did not get back seventy to eighty thousand of their own prisoners. That is the reason an Armistice was signed instead of a peace treaty.

Right after that order was given by the President, Sen McCarthy decided to hold hearings on the POWS. Being Chairman of Foreign Relations, he had good reason to investigate. He was not told the reason 8,200 POWS were not going to be released. On his Committee were Sen John Kennedy, and brother Bob Kennedy who would be the Chief Counsel for the investigations. Pres Eisenhower used the excuse that McCarthy was going after the Communists in this country. That was nothing but a ploy. He was afraid that the POW Investigating Committee would find out the truth. Nixon and Pres Eisenhower had a big argument in 1954 over this.

Things started to go wrong for the POW Committee. They were getting hard evidence that thousands of our POWS were being held back by the Chinese who ran the POW camps in North Korea. China was also holding a few thousand in China.

First Sen McCarthy supposedly died of a heart attack in a Rochester Hospital in 1956 or 57. According to a Syracuse reporter, who interviewed the intern who found the Senator in the morning, he had a welt beneath his belly button the size of a half dollar. His body, according to this reporter, was shipped to Milwaukee Wisconsin without an autopsy.

Then it was Pres Kennedy's turn on November 22nd 1963. At his first news conference, he was asked by US News and World Report: "Mr President, what are you going to do about the prisoners still being held in China, and North Korea?". The Pres said, "We are negotiating now with China for the release of our prisoners from the Korean War." I have a copy of Pres Kennedy's statement about the POWS on film. No one, I believe, ever saw this film until my nephew went to the Kennedy Presidential Museum in Needham Massachusetts.

Eisenhower and Nixon could not afford to have even one POW come home in 1963, let alone hundreds, and possibly thousands.

Then in 1968, it was Bobby Kennedy's turn to be assassinated.

Every witness to Pres Kennedy's assassination all died either by suicide, murder, or accident. All of the members of Sen McCarthy's POW Committee also die by suicide, murder, or accident. I never was interested in who killed the President, I was always interested why he was killed.

Now, there is a lot more to this. Can anyone even comprehend what would have happened if these poor heroes had come home during President Kennedy's time in office. He was negotiating with the Chinese even before he became President, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee on the investigation of the Korean POWS. They were in contact with the Chinese about the POWS.

That drove Pres Eisenhower up a wall. He could not afford to have even one prisoner come home. He had already declared all of them Missing Presumed Dead........ I would not have wanted to be in Pres Eisenhower's shoes if this were to happen. I believe that was the argument that he and Nixon had about the issue.

If people would look at the McCarthy Hearings, and after President Kennedy was in office, they would find out the truth about his assassination, and the death of all the other witnesses.

Thanks for printing the truth,
Bob Dumas, 2010

Greetings Bob,

Thanks for explaining the truth about two of the most tragic issues of our times - the abandonment of our heroic POWS and the assassinations of our heroes who tried to bring them back home - specifically McCarthy, JFK and Bobby.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2010

PS - Soon I'll be sharing a story that I learned this past weekend about a memorial to Canadian soldiers who were on their way to the Korean War when their train crashed in the Rockies in 1950.

To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

Thank you again for printing the truth about these American Heroes.

I would be honored to send you a copy of Missing Presumed Dead. It is the most explosive video ever made about the truth of these men, and who is responsible for leaving them there. Congressman Ron Paul had given every Senator and Congress woman and man a copy the year he ran for president. You never heard one word back from anyone.

Later I will explain why the Major news networks in this country refuse to print the truth about these poor devils still being held in North Korea.

Again, Jackie thank you so much for printing the truth. Keep telling the truth,
Bob Dumas

Greetings Bob,

I would very much appreciate receiving a copy of MISSING PRESUMED DEAD and thank you so much for thinking of sending me one.

I look forward to you explaining about the cover-up of the POW situation by the mainstream media - a concept Orwell discussed in great detail in "1984", and which you may enjoy reading. See 16.Ministry of Truth (Lies) & 25.Prolefeed

All the best,
Jackie Jura

...update: CANADA'S KOREAN TRAIN WRECK (...Shortly after getting home from climbing Mount Terry Fox - and learning all about the Korean-bound-soldiers train wreck there in the Rockies, the DVD that Bob Dumas sent to me arrived, and I watched it ASAP (the military term for 'as soon as possible'):


A Bill Dumas Film, Narratred by Ed Asner, www.missingpresumeddead.com

When the Korean War ended in 1953 hundreds of American POWs were left behind, abandoned in North Korea. When it became apparent that repatriating these men would not be feasible, the USA government declared them "missing, presumed dead". These missing servicemen were forgotten until POW/MIA advocates forced the USA Senate Select Committee on Foreign Relations to investigate the many recent sightings of American POWs in Vietnam and North Korea....


I plan to watch the DVD again, and will write a review at that time, but for now I'll just say it was an emotional experience to see old news footage of our American and Canadian soldiers over there - including of POW camps where many of them are still held to this day.

McCarthy Blacklisted KoreanWarCvr KoreaPosterUSAPows REMEMBERING POWS ON VETERANS DAY

If POWs are there in North Korea, how can we ignore them?
by Bob Kerr, Providence Journal, Aug 31, 2011
The subject of American POWs still in captivity is one people are either passionate about or oblivious to. There are those who believe there are men who fought in Vietnam, as well as Korea, still being held. There was the famous, or infamous, comment by then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin that American prisoners from Vietnam were held in Russia. It was later said that Yeltsin "misspoke". There have been alot of "almost, but not quite" situations when it comes to verifying the existence of American POWs. It seems a subject most public officials don't want to get very close to. So when Congressman Rangel, a deocorated Korean War veteran, moved the discussion from a distant possiblity to a certainty, it was reason to hope that maybe the indifference and denial will finally give way to a hard, honest examination of the facts. In marking the 58th anniversary of the Korean War's end, Rangel said in a House Resolution: "There are still surviving POWs detained in North Korea who, for more than sixty years, have been unable to return home. I call on North Korea to work with us toward reuniting the thousands of American and Korean famlies with their missing loved ones". It couldn't be much clearer than that. Of course, there is the unanswered question as to why Rangel waited so long if the evidence is so convincing. But he said it.

Vincent Russo's first reaction was, "Finally, somebody's actually saying it." Russo, a 78-year-old Korean War veteran who lives in Providence, has been trying for decades to get people to confront the evidence that American prisoners are still being held in North Korea. Russo and his freind, Bob Dumas, who lives in Canterbury, Connecticut, have put in a lot of miles and a lot of years and made a serious emotional investment in trying to get the people who can do something to do it. They have attended hearings, met with political leaders, sent out piles of documents that show at least a very strong possibility that there are prisoners still being held. They have had their hopes raised, then brought down. They have seen eyewitness accounts ignored. They have watched and wondered as a Select Senate Committee on POW/MIAs simply ended its hearings without resolution.

On hearing Congressman Rangel say "If they're there, how can we ignore them?", Russo says that, not since the end of the Korean War, has an elected official said anything like that. "He's telling us right out that some of our guys are still there", said Russo. Russo wears a POW bracelet. It bears the name of Roger Dumas, Bob Dumas' brother. Roger Dumas is among the missing from the Korean War. Russo hopes Rangel will turn his resolution into proposed legislation and push the matter into public debate and public attention. It is difficult to understand how a member of Congress could confirm the existence of American POWs and not push for a national commitment to gain their release. But maybe Rangel's resolution will be just one more tease, one more empty offer of hope that will fade into all the others. "One thing Bob and I have learned," said Vincent Russo, "is not to count on anything."

POW brother Bob Dumas sends his opinion on JFK's assassination





Reader Chen has first-hand information about American POWS in North Korea






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