To Orwell Today,

Dear Miss Jura,

My name is Bob Dumas, and I know Mr Chen. He is very interested in the POWs that are still living against their will in North Koran mines, Collective farms, and teaching English at Pyongyang university.

My brother Roger was seen alive with others in 2007, and he was interviewed by a young salesman. Everything Roger told him about his family, only I and my sister would know. You have to remember that these poor fighting men only know from the time they were born to the time they were captured. They know nothing about the outside world - only what the North Koreans tell them.

I was the first person that the North Koreans contacted in 1985, because I was in Federal Court here in Connecticut. I sued the Army because they said Roger was never a POW. I presented a mountain of evidence, and brought in a witness who knew him in a prison camp - Number 5 to be exact. I had other witnesses also. I won my case, and the Judge ordered them to change Roger's status from Missing in Action (MIA) to Prisoner of War (POW). The government appealed the case two weeks later in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York. But they pulled it when the publicity would have opened up 8,220 other cases. This is the only case in history where the Federal Court ordered the government to change a status. Everyone else had been thrown out of court. And that includes hundreds of cases. It set a percedent for all other cases. But from what I understand, it is still the only one.

Mr Chen is correct. Last year the businessman who interviewed these poor heroes tried to tell the government what he saw, and who he spoke to. They, as usual, called him a liar. This is what this nation has always said about any one who is a POW. They always lie and say no one was ever left behind after any war or conflict. But the thousands of reports, and intelligence that they, and we have, makes them out to be liars. I have 80 documents of their's that prove otherwise. I just sent a package to Mrs Obama, and asked her to personally show it to her husband, and I asked her to ask him please do not call the Pentagon or the DPMO Department of the Missing. They will only debunk the truth.

I was the first person North Korea contacted in 1985. They had been reading about my Federal Court case, and asked me to come to New York. I met them at their mission, and they told me that this POW issue has been hanging over both our country's heads, and that there can be no peace treaty unless the issue is settled. That is why it has only been an Armistice since 1954. This story of these poor men will come out eventually. We are prepared to ask a Grand Jury to investigate the live POWs still being held in North Korea.

North Korea has offered to release POWs three times since 1987, the first time when I introduced the Rev Jackson to them in a hotel room in New York, the Hyatt Regency hotel. The North Koreans told him thay were holding many Americans from the Korean war. They don't call them POWs. Only Americans. To them the war has been over for sixty years this year. According to the business man, Roger and the others were in pretty good shape.

I gave Roger's photo that was taken in his uniform six months before he went to Korea to Ambassador Pak Gil Yon who is in New York now. He sent it to Pyongyang. A month later I asked him when do I get the photo back: He said when your President negotiates with my President for the POWs and MIAs. The businessman said that was the photo Roger showed him when he interviewed him.

There is much more to this story, if you care to look into this most tragic case of our POWs. Thank you for your time.

Bob Dumas

Greetings Bob,

I recall our previous email exchange about your brother Roger and other American POWs in North Korea. See JFK PRESUMED POWS ALIVE NOT DEAD.

The abandonment of our POWS to the clutches of the Communst Chinese (the power behind North Korea) is as great an evil, in my opinion, as the assassination of JFK - the only president who has ever acknowledged their existence and worked toward their release.

Anytime you can shine light on their tragic situation I will gladly share it with ORWELL TODAY readers.

I just now posted an update from Mr Chen at USA POWS IN KOREA LOCATED.

All the best,
Jackie Jura



To Orwell Today,

Thank you Jackie very much for your concern.

I have just finished my life's story, and it is being editorialized in Portland Oregon. It is my sixty year effort to get the truth about my brother Roger and all the other poor heroes that were never negotiated for.

Again, thank you for printing the truth,
Bob Dumas

PS - I would like to give you my opinion of president Kennedy's assassination.

Jackie Jura
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