The police came in like gangbusters...They totally intimidated the kids.
Five officers kicked in the front door and pushed into the apartment with Tasers drawn.
A barking police dog was right behind them.


The officer flattened her to the floor with his foot
and Tasered her in the spine.

In the Canadian news today there's a story describing the details of a police raid that has resulted in its teenage victim laying criminal charges against the cop who tasered her. Let's hope this inspires future or past victims to stand up and defend themselves in like manner. ~ Jackie Jura

Mountie faces four assault charges
by Jason Hewlett, Daily News with files from Vancouver Province, Nov 3, 2005

A man whose daughter was manhandled during a police raid in Lillooet earlier this year says he's glad one of the officers involved faces criminal charges. "You want professionalsim out of the police. You don't want things to get to the point where they can't protect themselves, but when you have a grown man attacking ordinary girls like that, it's not right," Kevin Anderson said from Lillooet Wednesday.

An RCMP news release announced late Tuesday that Const. Daniel St. Armand was charged with four counts of assault with a weapon after a formal complaint was filed with Lillooet RCMP on March 1, 2005. St. Armand will appear in court at a later date. He is currently on administrative duty at another detachment, the release said.

The complaint was filed by Micheline de Strake, 19, who said St. Armand Tasered her in the spine during a drug raid at her apartment on Feb. 5, 2005. Kevin Anderson's daughter is best friends with de Strake and was at the apartment attending a party for a friend who had just returned from Australia. While there were drugs at the party, the apartment was a long way from being a crack house, he said. "It was an extended crowd that night with some local yokels there. It was mostly kids having fun," he said.

"The police came in like gangbusters. Whatever message they were trying to send was way over what they should have been doing. They totally intimidated the kids." He said five officers kicked in the front door and pushed into the apartment with Tasers drawn. A barking police dog was right behind them. The constables yelled for everyone to get to the floor. An officer straight-armed de Strake twice in the shoulder, sending her spinning to the floor. Her Great Dane-mix dog fought with the police dog and bit a Mountie. The Vancouver Province reported that her dog was hit with the Taser first and began squealing. The officer flattened de Strake to the floor with his foot and Tasered her in the spine, the newspaper said.

Anderson said his daughter was thrown to the floor and suffered a swollen lip when her head bounced off another party-goer. "It was like something you would expect to see if police went after hardened criminals," he said. Anderson has met St. Armand at the local racquetball court a few times and said he seemed like a pleasant enough guy. "But this issue has to be addressed. I'm glad things are going the way they are. It shows that the system is working," he said.

E-Division RCMP Cpl. Tom Seaman said the charges are a disappointment. "It's always upsetting when a fellow officer is charged with a criminal offence, but we are not different than any other segment of society. We are accountable for our actions," he said.


37.We Are The Dead (from "1984")
...There was a sound of trampling boots below, inside the house and outside. The yard seemed to be full of men....Something crashed on to the bed behind Winston's back. The head of a ladder had been thrust through the window and had burst in the frame. Someone was climbing through the window. There was a stampede of boots up the stairs. The room was full of solid men in black uniforms, with iron shod boots on their feet and truncheons in their hands....One thing alone mattered: to keep still, to keep still and not give them an excuse to hit you! A man with a smooth prize-fighters jowl in which the mouth was only a slit paused opposite him balancing his truncheon meditatively between thumb and forefinger. Winston met his eyes....The man protruded the tip of a white tongue, licked the place where his lips should have been, and then passed on. There was another crash. Someone had picked up the glass paperwieght from the table and smashed it to pieces on the hearth-stone....There was a gasp and a thump behind him and he received a violent kick on the ankle which nearly flung him off his balance. One of the men smashed his fist into Julia's solar plexus, doubling her up like a pocket ruler. She was thrashing about on the floor, fighting for breath. Winston dared not turn his head even by a millimetre, but sometimes her livid, gasping face came within the angle of his vision....Then two of the men hoisted her up by knees and shoulders, and carried her out of the room like a sack. Winston had a glimpse of her face, upside down, yellow and contorted, with the eyes shut, and still with a smear of rouge on either cheek; and that was the last he saw of her....

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