"More commonly, people who had incurred the displeasure of the Party
simply disappeared and were never heard of again.
One never had the smallest clue as to what had happened to them.
The only real clue lay in the words 'refs unperson',
which indicated that the person was dead.
He did not exist: he had never existed."


"Your name was removed from the registers.
Every record of everything you had ever done was wiped out,
your one-time existence was denied and then forgotten.
You were abolished, annihilated:
vaporized was the usual word."
~ Orwell, 1984

It's becoming very obvious that the powers-that-be have decided that Sarah Palin is too powerful a force for good to be allowed exposure to the public, whom she could inflame with passion and courage to rise up against the "good-ol' boys" (Big Brother's Brotherhood) and so they shut her down - or as Orwell said in "1984" - they made her a "refs unperson".

Sarah Palin hasn't really been seen live or in public (except for extremely staged glimpses and an interview recorded who knows where or when) since last Sunday, six days ago [September 21, 2008], when she electrified a crowd of 60,000 at a campaign rally in Florida. See SARAH SHAKING THINGS UP

I watched that speech on TV and taped it for posterity, realizing at the time that this was history in the making, and that Sarah Palin was a phenomenon, an example of a true, wonderful, honest human being running for political office, the likes of which hasn't been seen in America since John and Bobby Kennedy.

I feared for Sarah Palin when she was summoned to New York, home of the United Nations (Big Brother) for meetings with so-called "world leaders" like Kissinger and Bono, the self-appointed, non-elected oracles of the masses to whom politicians all over the world bow down and kiss the feet of.

I've been praying for Sarah Palin's well-being and the safety of her family (her husband Todd and baby Trig having accompanied her to New York) arriving there on Monday night to streets around their hotel completely blocked off by police and the inconvenienced residents reportedly treating Sarah with contempt, giving her the equivalent of the "Bronx Cheer", their term for "a raspberry".

Now it seems my worst fears are being realized in a way I never imagined. It's as though Sarah Palin has been kidnapped or abducted and in her absence a full frontal character assassination is being conducted by the Ministry of Truth as they tear her to pieces with lies and distort and twist the meaning of every word she's said. The talking-heads analysis of her CBS INTERVIEW WITH KATIE COURIC*, where Palin's integrity and intelligence shone through, is the latest example of the media Orwellianly portraying "white as black" and expecting the masses to "deny the evidence of their own senses".

The other day, in need of hearing some soothing truth about heroine Sarah Palin, I bought the book SARAH, HOW A HOCKEY MOM TURNED ALASKA'S POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT UPSIDE DOWN, by Kaylene Johnson, and used it as an antidote to protect against the poison of the non-stop venom spewing from CNN/ABC/CBC/CBS/NBC/FOX/PBS and every newspaper and magazine owned by, to quote Orwell, "the anonymous, directing brains who co-ordinate the whole effort and lay down the lines of policy which made it necessary that this fragment of the past should be preserved, that one falsified, and the other rubbed out of existence".

Palin Sarah Book

My prayer now is that Sarah Palin be returned to 'we the people' from whom she's been taken and the political process be allowed to continue with one of its vice-presidential candidates back in the running.

Please, God, bless America and please, God, bless Sarah Palin. ~ Jackie Jura

definition of suppress, root word of suppression:
1.To put an end to forcibly; subdue
2.To curtail or prohibit the activities of
3. To keep from being revealed, published, or circulated
4. To deliberately exclude (unacceptable desires or thoughts) from the mind
5. To inhibit the expression of (an impulse, for example); check: suppress a smile
6. To reduce the incidence or severity of (a hemorrhage or cough, for example); arrest
7. Electronics to reduce or eliminate (interference) in a circuit [Latin suppressus held down]

Palin in Hannity Interview, Fox News, Sep 18, 2008 (...Sarah said she knew what she was getting into when she signed her name "on the dotted line" and is dealing with the attacks and scrutiny of being McCain's number two, "You think this is just baby fat, right, from having Trig four months ago? No, it's some thick skin in there also.")

Vice Presidential Nominee Palin Address
Republican National Convention, Sep 3, 2008

...I'm not a member of the permanent political establishment. And I've learned quickly, these past few days, that if you're not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone. But here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion - I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country. Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reasons, and not just to mingle with the right people. Politics isn't just a game of clashing parties and competing interests. The right reason is to challenge the status quo, to serve the common good, and to leave this nation better than we found it. No one expects us to agree on everything. But we are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and ... a servant's heart.

I pledge to all Americans that I will carry myself in this spirit as vice president of the United States. This was the spirit that brought me to the governor's office, when I took on the old politics as usual in Juneau ... when I stood up to the special interests, the lobbyists, big oil companies, and the good-ol' boys network. Sudden and relentless reform never sits well with entrenched interests and power brokers. That's why true reform is so hard to achieve. But with the support of the citizens of Alaska, we shook things up. And in short order we put the government of our state back on the side of the people. I came to office promising major ethics reform, to end the culture of self-dealing. And today, that ethics reform is the law....


Where's Palin? Big bucks for speech in Hong Kong. Sep 25, 2009
WASHINGTON — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin emerged from a two-month absence from public view with a private talk, heavy on foreign policy, to a group of investors in Hong Kong. Her 90-minute speech Wednesday at an investment conference touched on issues from financial markets to health care, Afghanistan and U.S-China relations. It was generally considered more moderate in tone than those Palin delivered during her 2008 campaign for vice president as Republican John McCain's running mate.... Palin, who stepped down as governor July 26, is widely believed to be pondering a run for president...."This speech had very little to do with advancing her political career and more to do with advancing her financial career," said former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer. Fleischer, press secretary under President George W. Bush and a self-described Palin critic, gave the speech generally good marks. "She's fortunate that she can have a soft landing like this and figure things out from here," he said. "She can take care of her financial future — which she's entitled to do — and figure out policy later." ....Before she quit with more than a year left in her first term as governor, Palin promised to keep her fans updated on the social networking site Twitter, but so far there have been no messages. Palin updates her Facebook page — which has about 900,000 followers — once or twice a week, with items that alternately criticize President Barack Obama's health care policy or offer praise for Constitution Day or the Jewish high holidays. But mostly Palin operates from behind a veil. Her spokeswoman won't even say what state she's in. The Washington Post reported that Palin spent a month in California working on her book but has since left. Spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton declined to comment.


Sarah Palin: One Year Later (was predicted news media would destroy her). John Ziegler, Sep 3, 2009

Where on earth is Sarah Palin? (even her dad doesn't know). Idaho Statesman, Sep 3, 2009

Weary Palin sought to regain control (unease in spotlight, family concerns sparked decision to resign). Washington Post, Jul 5, 2009
Why did Sarah Palin step down? Theories abound. But some of the people closest to the Alaska governor say she wanted to regain control of a political script that slipped out of her hands the moment she burst onto the national stage. She also wanted to shield herself and her family from the attacks that seem to have been aimed permanently at them in the 311 days since Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) announced her as his running mate, according to some former campaign aides and other advisers who speak regularly with Palin or her husband, Todd. The Sarah Palin who stood outside her Wasilla, Alaska, lakefront home Friday to surrender her term with 18 months remaining appeared vulnerable and anything but the pugnacious hockey mom and combative candidate whom Americans came to either adore or revile. The woman who said she would never blink suddenly tired of what she deemed the "superficial, wasteful political blood sport." So she quit.... Fred Malek, McCain's national finance chairman and a Palin booster, threw a party at his McLean home. There she hobnobbed with the likes of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), former secretary of state Madeleine K. Albright and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan. The next night, Palin was Malek's guest at the Alfalfa Club dinner, an annual gathering of the Beltway elite, where Malek said she was "a star. . . . She was very popular, a lot of people wanted to meet her, she was gracious and came away feeling really good for all the right reasons."...

Video: Palin resignation speech lists accomplishments & resignation speech continues (drilling clean oil & gas to energise Alaska & America). Fox News, Jul 3, 2009

Palin Rope   Obama Palin Vamp OBAMA HEADING US INTO ABYSS

Sarah Palin quits as governor of Alaska (timing means career is effectively over). Telegraph, Jul 3, 2009

Palin rips Obama on his economic policy (warns USA becoming indebted to China; vetoed $29-million federal energy aid to Alaska) & Obama picks Chinese Chu to head Energy Dep't (ardent global warmer/climate changer). Go to FOX NEWS INTERVIEW VIDEO: Palin cleaned up Alaska's corrupt tax system (the people now receive oil & gas revenue)

Thousands kept out of Palin 2nd-Florida rally (should have been held in bigger place; cited Obama's connection to terrorist bomber) & Palin interviewed after Florida rally (ready to be president, has executive experience). FloridaNews, Oct 8, 2008. Go to PALIN'S EXPERIENCE IS PRESIDENTIAL

Obama's terrorist friends Ayers & Dohrn (fugitives from justice involved in bombings) & Obama's an intimate friend of domestic terrorist (& many other America-hating activists) & Obama's strange bedfellows (not God bless America but God damn). YouTube/NextRight, Oct 8, 2008. Go to 22.Doublethink (claiming blackwhite in contradiction of facts)

Palin not allowed to campaign in Michigan. Detroit Free Press, Oct 3, 2008
In an interview with Fox News today, vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said she questioned the decision by John McCain's campaign to pull its resources out of Michigan. According to a story posted on Fox News' Web site, Palin she and her husband would "be happy" to campaign in Michigan, which the McCain campaign announced Thursday it would be pulling resources from to concentrate on efforts elsewhere. Palin, the Alaska governor who appeared in a vice presidential debate with Democrat Barack Obama's running mate Joe Biden on Thursday night, said when she read the news that the McCain campaign was pulling out of Michigan -- essentially conceding the state to Obama -- she "fired off a quick email and said, 'Oh come on, do we have to?'"In the interview, Palin went on to say her husband Todd and she would "be so happy to speak to the people there in Michigan who are hurting.....I wanna get back to Michigan and I want to try." On Thursday, McCain campaign strategists said they were pulling out of Michigan because it was "the worst state of all the states that are in play" for the Republican presidential nominee. TV ads in the state -- which had been considered a battleground -- were ceasing and paid McCain staff were being moved to other states. Palin in the Fox News interview said the decision didn't come as a surprise since polls have shown support for McCain falling in Michigan since the economy took center stage in the election. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country and with a Republican in the White House, conventional wisdom is that the benefit accrues to the Democratic presidential nominee, Obama. The McCain campaign did not immediately respond to questions from the Free Press whether Palin's desire to stump in Michigan could change the campaign's prior decision, either allowing her to visit Michigan on behalf of the ticket or possibly convince McCain's strategists to let staff remain and TV ads to be purchased again. McCain and the Republican Party have spent more than $6 million on TV ads in the state from Memorial Day to Labor Day, a bit more than that spent by Obama in the state. Palin said it should surprise no one she disagrees with the McCain on strategy regarding Michigan, saying they are "a team of mavericks. Of course we're not gonna agree on everything."

Palin & Biden VP debate most watched in history (transcript & video). CNN, Oct 2, 2008

Palin in debate camp in Arizona. CNN, Sep 29, 2008
As some prominent conservatives begin to raise the question of whether Sarah Palin should remain on the Republican presidential ticket – and others call for her to be given more public exposure in a bid to reverse falling poll numbers – the McCain campaign is bringing the Alaska governor to John McCain’s Sedona ranch for several days of intense debate prep. Senior campaign advisor Steve Schmidt and other top officials met Palin in Philadelphia Sunday night, and are traveling with her and McCain to a Columbus, Ohio event Monday morning. The group then heads to Arizona. The original plan was for Palin to prepare in St. Louis, where the vice presidential debate will be held Thursday. Instead, she has already been preparing in a Philadelphia hotel for four days with advisors. She will now get ready for the debate at McCain’s rustic creek-side home — what a top aide calls "debate camp." The aide, who's part of the team prepping Palin, tells CNN they decided to take her to debate camp there because it is an "invigorating and enjoyable place to prepare for Thursday." "SP [Sarah Palin] loves it, and has her kids and Todd coming," wrote the aide in an e-mail, and that "John McCain himself came up with the idea."

Late last week, in the wake of a widely-panned interview with Katie Couric of CBS News, some prominent conservatives who had supported Palin’s vice presidential bid, including National Review columnist Kathleen Parker, suggested she step down before the election. Over the past few days, a counter-chorus has emerged, as supporters urge the campaign not to keep the VP nominee so isolated from the media and unfiltered audience interaction — to "let Palin be Palin." "Holding Sarah Palin to just three interviews and microscopically focusing on each interview I think has been a mistake,” former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romny told MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday. "I think they'd be a lot wiser to let Sarah Palin be Sarah Palin. Let her talk to the media, let her talk to people... they're 'squeezing the charm out of her'". Go to 26.Julia & Rebellion & 34.Ministry of Love (Torture) & 40.Electric Shock Brainwashing (How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?) & 43.Winston Talks In Sleep

Palin's path still sinking in: 1992-2006 (2 terms on council; 2 terms as mayor; runs for lieutenant governor, loses; chairwoman Alaska Oil/Gas Commission, resigns; wins primary then election for governor upsetting Republican & Democrat old boys). CBS, Sep 29, 2008

Palin is colour-blind when governing (treats Native constituency same as all Alaskans) & American Indian tribes won't vote for Palin (she allows drilling/fishing/hunting on Native land). AP/NajajoTribe, Sep 28, 2008. Go to INDIAN LAND CLAIMS DISBELIEVED

Sarah Palin's father says media not treating his daughter fairly. CBS, Sep 28, 2008
Gov. Sarah Palin's father says she is ready for the vice presidency and the media aren't treating her fairly in an exclusive interview with Harry Smith of CBS New's "The Early Show." Chuck and Sally Heath sat for the interview on Saturday in Wasilla, Alaska. The interview will be broadcast on Monday's show at 7 a.m. on WKMG-Channel 6. Smith asks what they would say to people who don't believe Palin is ready to be No. 2 in a John McCain administration. "She is ready to do anything she wants to," Chuck Heath says. "She perseveres, she works so hard, she learns so fast -- yeah, I don't worry about that at all." Smith asks about the perception that Palin hasn't been treated fairly by the media. "That's what I feel," Chuck Heath says. "Someone said, 'Well they have to get to know Sarah Palin,' but Sarah Palin -- there is a good side of Sarah Palin and they're digging and digging for the bad side and there is no real bad side. They're fabricating a lot of things that I don't want to go into." Go to 16.MiniTrue(Lies) & 17.Falsification

Palin's parents professional rat killers (protected human remains after 9/11). Chicago Tribune, Sep 27, 2008. Go to 44.Room 101 & 31.Love Nest (of all horrors in the world - a rat!) & PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN

Palin's father said she showed grit at early age ("They are getting mean---very mean"). CNN, Sep 11, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin (passed ethics reform legislation & her natural gas pipeline bill). CoxNewsService, Sep 28, 2008

Sarah Palin's face sculpted on Ohio cornfield (took artist 8 hours to mow 16-acres for likeness of "Sarah America"). Whitehouse, Ohio, Sep 25, 2008

*Palin Katie Couric Interview, September 24, 2008, YouTube

How I Got To Know Sarah Palin (author of biography describes research for her book)

excerpt from Chapter One: Growing Up Sarah: ...Sarah shot her first rabbit at age ten not far from the back porch. In her teens, she hunted caribou with her father. The family's freezer was always full of fish and game. Chuck Jr. said he didn't eat a beef steak until he was a senior in high school. Gardening helped fill the family larder. In summer, Chuck Jr., Heather, Sarah, and Molly spent long sunny days building tree forts, riding bikes, and playing with friends. They took swimming lessons in Wasilla Lake--a pond with water so cold that they huddled around a campfire on the beach afterward to silence their chattering teeth. During the summer, their father put away the television. For entertainment, he put up a basketball hoop with a dirt court in the back yard. The Heath kids and their friends spent many hours playing ball. Once a year, the family accompanied Chuck Sr. on a weeklong class field trip to Denali National Park, where camping in view of majestic Mount McKinley left indelible memories with the Heath children. The family often packed up and drove fifteen miles to Hatcher Pass, a scenic expanse of alpine tundra tucked between jagged peaks in the Talkeetna Mountains....

Why liberals are fixated on tearing Palin down (because Sarah's a hockey Mom who turned the political establishment upside down). NJcom book review, Sep 24, 2008. Go to 26.Julia & Rebellion (the force that would tear the Party to pieces)

Reporters are kept away from Sarah Palin (no witness to her meetings with Kissinger et al) & Palin meeting with world leaders at UN (ex sec-state Kissinger & rock star U2 Bono) & Sarah Palin arrives in New York (instead of cheering fans & supporters is met by equivalent of 'Bronx cheer'). ABC/Metro/NYT/YouTube, Sep 23, 2008. Go to ZIONISM IN AMERICA & U2 BONO ARCH-ARCH CAPITALIST & Bono imitates Mandela at 46664 concert & KISSINGER'S NUMBER IS 666 & NEW YORK'S NUMBER IS 666 & 10.Rulers & 35.BB Brotherhood

Canada ranchers & hunters oppose new National Park (gov't wants 40,000 hectares for endangered bats, snakes, screech owls, yellow-breasted chats) & Palin challenges global warming climate change (supports fisheries, oil-gas exploration & development where environmentalists say polar bear endangered) & Enviro group launches attack ad against Palin (bear & wolf hunting protects moose & caribou that locals hunt for food). WashPost/WSJ, Sep 23, 2008. Go to ENVIRONMENTALISM IS ANIMALISM & LENIN BEHIND ENVIRONMENTALISM & CLIMATE-CHANGE CORRUPT SCIENCE

PALIN DIDN'T QUOTE PEGLER (in speech accepting VP nomination). Email, Sep 21, 2008. Go to 17.Falsification of Past

Cultural Left's Obama drumbeat intensifies (derailed by Sarah Palin as cultural icon) & Feminist army aims cannons at Palin (Steinem & Co squealing like stuck pigs 24/7) & Hollywood stars attack Palin (Matt Damon says she's really bad Disney movie; Pamela Anderson says she can suck it; Whoopi Goldberg says very dangerous woman; Oprah Winfrey bans from her couch). OzHerald, Sep 21, 2008. Go to 16.MiniTruth (Lies) & 25.Prolefeed & 27.Goodthink (women the most bigoted adherents of the Party)

Barack Obama: The Child - Messiah - Obamessiah (smote conniving wife of deposed King Bill & barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites) & Annointed One Obama ventures forth to bring light (Pilgrimage to Holy Land a blessing to his followers). YouTube/London Times, Sep 19, 2008. Go to 27.Goodthink (It was not the man's brain that was speaking, it was his larynx)

Red China may buy USA's 2nd-biggest bank (credit crunch drying up funding sources) & USA's Morgan Stanley bank loses $20-billion (floated China Construction Bank for $9.2 billion & Rosneft, the Russian energy giant) & Fed Reserve injects $180-billion into markets (to restart lending between banks). Bloom/Times/Telegraph, Sep 19-20, 2008. Go to CHINA'S COMMUNIST CAPITALISTS & CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND & 6.Super-States (they prop one another up, like three sheaves of corn) & 35.Big Brother's Brotherhood (yellow-faced Martin is one of us) & USA GAVE CHINA PANAMA CANAL & PANAMA CANAL DEATH KNELL

Sarah Palin no-topic-off-limits interview (read transcript & watch video) & Palin hits Obama (she's building $40 billion natural gas pipeline) & She's Not Just A Pretty Face (Sarah Palin's got everything it takes) & "She's mother of the human race" Fox/ShaniaTwain, Sep 19, 2008. Go to 26.Julia & Rebellion (a blow struck against the Party)

Palin addresses Wall Street Financial Crisis (presses how important that America remain the strongest financial market in the world) & Sarah Palin will 'Drill, baby, drill' "to make this nation energy self-sufficient" (She's an all-American woman. She's like all of us) & Alaska's "First Dude" first interview (Todd glad they tapped into Sarah). Nevada/Colorado/FoxNews, Sep 14-16, 2008. Go to 23.The Proles (If there was hope, it must lie in the proles) & JFK DEFENDED DOLLAR & JFK RIGHT-TO-WORK SPEECH & LINCOLN, JFK & MONEY

Sarah Palin: 10 things we've learnt (reform-minded, hockey-mommin', basketball-shooting, moose-hunting, salmon-fishing, pistol-packing, mother-of-five for Vice-President) & Palin fusing politics & motherhood in new way (a guardian of nation's disabled children) & The Evolution of Sarah Palin ("has ability to accomplish great things") & An ordinary, extraordinary woman ("America loves people like her". "I confess, I love Ms. Palin, too") & Leftist feminist sisterhood snarl at Sarah (they hate 'the pitbull with lipstick'). BBC/IHT/Fox/Globe/AmerThink, Sep 7-10, 2008. Go to 26.Julia & Rebellion & 30.Love Instinct & Family & UNBORN FACTS OF LIFE & OWED TO THE UNBORN

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~

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