To Orwell Today,

I am sorry to have to let you know that Peter Powell passed away last night [February 27, 2008]. You might have heard already, and I apologize if this is a duplicate. Cordelia, his daughter, is trying to get in touch with people, and asked me to contact people that I have contact details for, as she is uncertain that she has details for everyone.

Peter's death comes as a shock, despite his age. He was not just a client, but also has become a very good friend. My heart goes out for his family.

Warm regards,
Beate Hohmann

Dear Beate,

Oh that is sad, tragic news about Peter Powell.

I've actually been thinking about Peter this past few days, wondering if he was ever contacted by that person who needed someone to be the voice for the Orwell documentary. Peter would have been PERFECT for that, so close was he to the spirit of Orwell.

I will always have a warm, fond memory of Peter because of his kindness in taking the time to escort my friend Zoe and me to ORWELL'S LOCAL PUB that time we went to 27B CANONBURY SQUARE and to share some of his wonderful stories about Orwell with us - over a pint of bitter.

Orwell's Local Pub

Thank you so much Beate for thinking of me and letting me know. Is it okay if I share your email with Orwell Today readers?

Please pass on my heartfelt sympathy to Peter's wife (who I met and who so kindly gave us directions to where Peter was practicing a play at the Islington Community Center that day) and his daughters of whom he was very proud because he talked about them to us.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Dear Jackie,

Yes indeed very sad. He'd become a very good friend and I will really miss him.

He did meet up with Nigel Hilditch, who Peter thought was interested in getting more of a "celebrity" to front his programme. Peter indeed would have been wonderful. His depth of knowledge was incredible and I learned so much from him.

Only a couple of weeks ago he did a report for BBC Radio 4 - the Today programme, which was very successful, and they wanted him to do more (I was just about to upload the snippet to his website).

Yes please do share the email. Peter knew so many people, and I think we have just scratched the surface. If you know of anyone that knew him, please pass on the message.

I will print out your email and give it to Judith, who I am sure will appreciate your message.

Warm regards,

Greetings Beate,

It's godcidental that Peter did such a recent BBC programme, and I'll visit his ANGEL WALKS WEBSITE (www.angelwalks.co.uk) and listen once you get the snippet uploaded.

I just noticed that Peter's last name ends in the same four letters as Orwell's, ie "well".

This gives new meaning to Shakespeare's expression "All's well that ends well" which must mean that sometime-Shakespearean actor Peter Powell - of Angel Walks fame - now walks with the angels - one of whom is Orwell.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Final Farewell Peter Powell of Islington Archaelogy & History Society, February 27, 2008
...In recent years his greatest interest was in devising guided walks of which there were many, sometimes tailored to particular groups such as devotees of Joe Orton. As the guide and as erstwhile Chairman of Islington Archaeology and History Society he helped to open the eyes not just of newcomers and overseas visitors, but people who had lived in the borough all their lives. A favourite walk was "George Orwell's Islington", Orwell having in the 1940s lived in the flat next door to Powell's, and having been photographed in the garden that Powell tended with a passion. At the same time he continually advised and supported aspiring young actors, introduced them to one another and encouraged them to start their own new networks. In conversation, Powell regularly referred to "My beautiful wife, Judith" or "My lovely daughters, Imogen and Cordelia, who make me so proud to be their father". He also embraced a much larger family of friends, and was like a favourite uncle to those who were lucky enough to know him.

PETER POWELL IN MEMORY - www.angelwalks.co.uk

PETER POWELL OBITUARY, by Beate Hohmann (http://galaxeofstars.com) ...Peter Powell, 39 or 40, died on 27 February 2008, he was more than a client, he was a very good friend and we will sorely miss him...

...Nigel sends condolences after just now learning of the passing of Orwell's neighbour Peter Powell

Jackie Jura
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