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Hiss standing behind Stalin, Roosevelt & Churchill at 1945 Yalta, USSR conference;
Hiss, appointed first Secretary General of United Nations at formation in 1945
shaking hands with president Truman, former Roosevelt vice-president


Hiss Jail
convicted Communist agent Alger Hiss is led away to serve his five-year sentence

Today , January 21, 2007, is the 57th anniversary of George Orwell's death and I want to take this opportunity to point out a coincidence I noticed a couple of years ago. It turns out that Alger Hiss -- one of USA President Roosevelt's closest advisors and the first Secretary General of the United Nations -- was found guilty of being a Communist spy and thrown into prison on the same day Orwell died - January 21, 1950. Symbolically, this is also the day in 1924 that Vladimir Lenin, leader of the Communist overthrow of Russia in 1917.

Orwell, one of Communism's greatest enemies, would have been pleased about Hiss being jailed. His two greatest books - "Animal Farm" and "1984" - were analogies, in large part, of life under Lenin and Stalin. See also ORWELL'S CRYPTO-COMMIE LIST

I don't have time right now to go into the whole story of Alger Hiss and so instead will just quote from where I first noticed the date. It's from a glossy booklet entitled SCANDALS: GRIPPING ACCOUNTS I bought in England. It has good overviews and pictures of conspiratorial world events, including the following chapter on Alger Hiss. ~ Jackie Jura

Scandal Cover Hiss Cuffs

by Sean Callery, pages 36-39

In 1947 Alger Hiss was an ascending star. The Harvard graduate was a well-educated and talented lawyer and negotiator who had been closely identified with Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" in the 1930s. Experience in international diplomacy had brought him the honour of temporary secretary-generalship of the United Nations, and he had just become president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Suddenly it was claimed that this talented and respected man was a spy, sending the Russians sensitive information from the hightest levels of American politics. The allegations came from the mouth of Whittaker Chambers, a senior editor of Time magazine, and a tortured ex-communist eager to expose those with whom he had plotted in his past. Chambers was testifying before Senator Joe McCarthy's House Un-American Activities (HUAC). This was the Republican anti-communist witch-hunting committee which claimed numerous actors, politicians and officials were secretly communist plotters. These damaging allegations were often extracted from colleagues under investigation who found it expedient to name a few names to divert the spotlight away from themselves....

Chamber's version of events was that Hiss and several other named people were members of a communist group during the 1930s. This was a particularly damaging allegation to someone in Hiss's position, and the lawyer sued the journalist for libel.

Chambers now expanded his claims by saying that Hiss had acted as a spy for the Russians. According to him, Hiss had brought State Department documents home, had them re-typed by his wife, and passed these copies to Chambers while the originals were returned. Chambers had photographed the papers and sent them to a Russian agent....

Further evidence was produced by Chambers after a visit to his Maryland farm, when he returned to HUAC with 35mm film stored, he claimed, in a hollowed-out-pumpkin. On the film were various State Department documents. Both men were now called before a grand jury investigating these claims of espionage....

Hiss at Yalta

If Hiss was a spy, the repercussions were endless. He had attended the post-war Yalta Conference in 1945, rubbing shoulders with Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill. The same year he was made director of the office of special political affairs, responsible for forumlating plans for the United Nations and other aspects of the peace settlement. The Russians would have benefited enormously from tip-offs about American thinking at this time, and from the other inside information that passed across Hiss's desk. Now the Cold War had set in and America feared none more than the communists, and here was an Ivy League man who had helped the enemy. If this was true, it was a major scandal.

A key piece of evidence was the typewriter on which Mrs Hiss was said to have typed the documents. The prosecution produced forensic evidence showing it was the machine on which the copies produced by Chambers were typed....

The jury at the first trial failed to reach a verdict, but a second trial found Hiss guilty on 21 January 1950. He received a five-year sentence. Alger Hiss was released on 27 November 1954, and has protested his innocence ever since.

If he was guilty, he paid a very low price for someone who had given state secrets to a foreign power. There are those...who believe Hiss was guilty, and that Chambers was an American hero. Indeed, in 1984 President Reagan posthumously awarded Whittaker Chambers with the Medal of Freedom, saying the ex-communist "personified the mystery of human redemption in the face of evil and suffering"....

(New book about Alger Hiss's covert life as a Soviet spy
written by Edward White, son-in-law of Hiss's lawyer)
New York Times, Feb 29, 2004

...Most historians now accept that Alger Hiss fed secrets to Soviet agents...Hiss was the elegant diplomat who sat behind President Franklin Roosevelt at his Yalta meeting with Stalin and managed the conferences that created the United Nations.

In 1948 his once warm friend Whittaker Chambers called him a Communist before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The accused, Hiss, was a suave, handsome and highly credentialed government official; Whittaker, the accuser, was a fat, rumpled ex-Communist with bad teeth and a gnarled personality. Hiss haughtily dared Chambers to repeat his charge in a legally unprotected setting, never suspecting that Chambers possessed proof of their sying. But Chambers promptly complied and Hiss was compelled to sue for libel, forcing the accuser to present evidence. Chambers confessed to previously being a spy and produced copies of documents that he had stashed away 10 years earlier to protect himself against retribution by Stalin's agents. The documents had provably crossed Hiss's desk at the State Department and been copied on Hiss's typewriter, by his wife, Priscilla. The evidence prevailed at a second trial.

"If Hiss had disappeared after 44 months in prison", says author Edward White, "he would have been just one other undercover agent who had lied, betrayed his country and gotten caught". But steered by Hiss, his loyal son, Tony, and ardent supporters, undeterred even by damning discoveries in Soviet communications, Hiss sold himself to gullible college audiences. He acquired credibility as his pursuers, including Joseph McCarthy, lost theirs. By the time of his death in 1996, Hiss had regained much of his footing, including his government pension and even his license to practice law in Massachusetts....


BellocCommunism BellocUsury BellocTruth Belloc on Communism/Usury/TruthSuppression & watch The Bloody History of Communism (120-million innocent deaths in 20th century), SocialJustice/YouTube, Jul 29, 2013


JFK ICH BIN EIN BERLINER SPEECH (...There are many people in the world who really don't understand, or say they don't, what is the great issue between the free world and the Communist world. Let them come to Berlin! There are some who say that Communism is the wave of the future. Let them come to Berlin! And there are some who say, in Europe and elsewhere, we can work with the Communists. Let them come to Berlin! And there are even a few who say that it's true that Communism is an evil system, but it permits us to make economic progress. 'Lasst sie nach Berlin kommen.' Let them come to Berlin! Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put a wall up to keep our people in, to prevent them from leaving us....)

HarryDexterWhiteCvr InsideCvr Harry Dexter White, A Study in Paradox (..."Harry Dexter White was a Russian spy"... He played a major role in the formation of the Morgenthau Plan for postwar Germany and forumlated the proposals that led to the establishment of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank at the Bretton Woods Conference...)

HissSheltonCvr HissSheltonBack ALGER HISS, Why He Chose Treason, by Christina Shelton, 2012 (The FDR administration was warned in 1939 that high-level government official Alger Hiss might be a Soviet spy. State Depatment memos, declassified decades later, show that by 1946 most of the security staff believed Hiss was an undercover Communist agent. Hiss used his authority to obtain top-secret reports outside his area of responsibility, including the Manhattan Project. A State Department internal security investigation in 1945 finally placed restrictions on Hiss's access to confidential documents, but Hiss had already been a key player at Yalta and in the founding of the United Nations....)

Alger Hiss jailed: Accused of Espionage: Convicted of Perjury, On January 21, 1950, a federal jury in New York City convicted former State Department official and alleged communist spy Alger Hiss of perjury. Chambers first made the accusation on Aug. 3, 1948, before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), claiming that Hiss had provided him with State Department documents when they were both part of the communist underground. Hiss denied the charges before HUAC, where he received hostile treatment from then-unknown California Rep Richard Nixon. Hiss later sued Chambers for libel; while preparing for the libel lawsuit, Chambers told his lawyers that Hiss was not just a communist, but also a spy for the Soviet Union. As proof, he handed over a collection of typewritten copies of confidential government documents that Hiss had given him 10 years before. Later, he led authorities to his Maryland farm, where inside a pumpkin he had hidden strips of microfilm containing State Department documents that Hiss allegedly gave him.... Hiss could not be charged with espionage because the statute of limitations had expired, so a federal grand jury charged him with perjury for lying to HUAC about his communist links. Prosecutors tracked down Hiss’ old typewriter and matched the typeface of the copied government documents to Hiss’ model of typewriter. Hiss was put on trial by the Justice Department on May 31, 1949, and it ended in a hung jury. A second trial began on Nov. 17, 1949; when it ended two months later, Hiss was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison....

Following World War II, as the Soviet Union installed communist governments in Eastern Europe, many feared that communism could spread into the United States. HUAC began to focus on the infiltration of communism in government and society. The Hiss case served to stoke the fears of communism and give anti-communist movements influence. Not long after Hiss was convicted, Sen. Joseph McCarthy claimed to have a list of 205 members of the State Department who had communist ties. Soon, McCarthy was the most powerful man in Washington, ending the careers of government officials and Hollywood writers with a simple accusation of communist sympathies. “Alger Hiss’s conviction gave McCarthy and his supporters the essential touch of credibility, making their charges of Communist involvement against other officials headline copy instead of back-page filler,” says historian Allen Weinstein....

Ghost Orwell GEORGE ORWELL DIED 63 YEARS AGO, January 21, 1950 - 2013

Puppet Orwell Puppet Marx ORWELL ARCH-ENEMY OF MARX

Orwell Face Orwell Hospital Orwell Grave 62nd anniversary of Orwell's death, January 21, 1950-2012

JuraInterviewTimpone listen JACKIE JURA INTERVIEW ALL ABOUT ORWELL, with Patrick Timpone, One Radio Network, August 18, 2011 (discuss how Hiss, a known Communist agent in President Roosevelt's State Department, was the first Secretary General of the United Nations, the modern-day face of BIG BROTHER...)

Hiss ChambersCvr Hiss ChambersBk PERJURY: THE HISS-CHAMBERS CASE, by Allen Weinstein, 1979

Alger Hiss Interview 1970 (footage of Hiss being interviewed intercut with older footage from the 1950s when he was accused of being a Communist spy...)

Who Was Alger Hiss, New York University
...In 1939, Hiss became assistant to Stanley Hornbeck, the State Department's Political Adviser in Charge of Far Eastern Affairs. Two years later, his son Tony was born. In 1944, as World War II was drawing to a close, he helped plan for peace. As deputy director of the Department's Office of Special Political Affairs, he was in charge of setting up the United Nations. Later that year, he headed the Dumbarton Oaks Conference, which formally drew up the U.N. Charter. In 1945, while serving as a member of the American delegation to the Yalta Conference, Hiss was named Director of the Office of Special Political Affairs. Later that year, he was Secretary General of the San Francisco Conference that organized the United Nations. After the conference - as the highlight of his government career - Hiss was asked to fly the new U.N. charter back to Washington in a special plane for President Truman's signature. "That was the day," Hiss said later, "when I realized exactly how important I really was - the charter had a parachute and I didn't. Hiss left the government in 1946 to become president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a foundation which under his leadership became a leading supporter of the U.N. He was serving in that capacity when before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1948, Whittaker Chambers first made his public charges that Hiss was a secret communist....

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American Alger Hiss a Communist spy (important men in his life lurked in Kremlin). National Post, Aug 3, 2008
On Aug. 3, 1948 -- 60 years ago this week -- a U. S. Congressional committee convened to hear some testimony. The committee was no ordinary body, for it was that communist-hunting group, the House Committee on Un-American Activities (often rendered as HUAC but technically the HCUA). There was nothing routine about the witness, either. He was Whittaker Chambers, a journalist at Time magazine who had come to relate his experience in the 1930s as a secret member of the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA). Chambers named names, identifying the activists who operated one particular network. "Lee Pressman," he said, "was a member of this group, as was Alger Hiss, who, as a member of the State Department, later organized the conferences at Dumbarton Oaks, San Francisco and the United States side of the Yalta conference." With that, one of the key controversies of the Cold War commenced. Just the names of the three locales cited by Chambers were enough to show the significance of the said Hiss and underlined the shocking nature of the accusation against him. The conclaves at Dumbarton Oaks (1944) and San Francisco (1945) created the United Nations, while the 1945 gathering at Yalta was one of the great, strategic meetings of the Allies in the Second World War. By definition, anybody involved in all three was very important indeed....At the end of 1946, Hiss left government service and would later become head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. It is now known that he abandoned the State Department under a considerable cloud....

In late 1945, the defection of Igor Gouzenko, a cipher clerk at the Ottawa embassy of the Soviet Union, produced the allegation that an unnamed assistant to U. S. secretary of state Edward Stettinius was a communist spy. At around the same time, Elizabeth Bentley, a former courier for Soviet intelligence in the U. S., told the FBI that a "Eugene Hiss" at the State Department was an agent of Moscow. In December, the FBI placed Hiss under surveillance. Hoover even advised the State Department to nudge Hiss into quitting, and the department duly removed its onetime star from its promotion list in 1946. Enter Whittaker Chambers. An ex-communist horrified by Soviet cruelties, Chambers had tried in 1939 to warn Washington about infiltration by the CPUSA. (He did not, at that time, mention actual espionage.) Ignored, he devoted himself to his writing career until 1948, when the HCUA learned of his existence and called on him to testify....

Trying to get control of a losing situation, Hiss sued Chambers for slander, but Chambers responded by producing a batch of 1930s documents indicating that Hiss had been an outright spy, passing State Department secrets to Chambers. (By revealing the documents, Chambers thus exposed himself as a former spy, too, even though his sworn statements had so far avoided the subject.) Hiss claimed he had nothing to do with the documents, but some of them were in his handwriting, and others had been prepared with a typewriter featuring a typeface identical to that of a machine once owned by him. (To this day, unproven conspiracy theories about typewriters remain a mind-numbing subset of the Hiss affair.) Hiss was now open to criminal charges, but a statute of limitations prevented him from being indicted for espionage. Instead, he was charged with perjury at the end of 1948.

The trial began in June, 1949, and was an ordeal for Hiss, ending a month later with a hung jury voting him guilty by 8-4. A retrial began in the following November and ended in January, 1950, with a conviction. Hiss was sentenced to five years in prison, and the U. S. Supreme Court more than once refused his appeals. Inspired by all this, a hitherto-obscure senator named Joseph McCarthy began to complain about communist influence in the State Department, thus giving 1950s anti-communism its infamous label....

Hiss: A New book finds him Guilty as Charged. Time, Feb 1978
...As evidence, Chambers produced four memorandums in Hiss's handwriting and 65 pages of retyped State Department documents, all but one of them undeniably produced on Hiss's old Woodstock typewriter. A few weeks later, Chambers led HUAC investigators to a hollowed-out pumpkin, where he had hidden five rolls of film, two of them containing photographs of confidential Government dispatches that he said had been given to him by Hiss....

*USA President Harry Truman receives menorah from State of Isreal, 1948

George Orwell dies ("1984" was written in between periods spent in hospital). BBC, Jan 21, 1950-2007

Hospital in London VISITING ORWELL'S HOSPITAL (...As we walked away from the hospital toward our next destination we passed a bookstore on the corner. There, on a pedestal in the front window, was a biography of Vladimir Lenin, with a picture of his face on the front cover. More symbolism. Where freedom dies, slavery thrives....I realized later that January 21, the day Orwell died in 1950, was the same day Lenin died in 1924.)




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