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re: about Motihari $ Orwell

hi jacki,

i belong to motihari where george orwell took birth. motihari is not so backward place but still is.

i have seen the site and know more about orwell. i am a journalist in leading news agency PTI.

motihari is a historic district of bihar state in india. distance of patna, the provincial capital, from motihari is 170 KM.

i would like to make a doc film on george orwell. but lack of money, resource $ equipment i can't do so.

i need your help $ guidence for script.

motihari has good hotels but power cut is going on.

i'll wait for ur answer.

thank you,

Greetings Shashi,

Thank you for writing from Motihari, the place of Orwell's birth.

I'm glad you've seen the site which I understand has a plaque in front of the house now. There's a photo in the following BBC article:

Makeover of Orwell's India home (a plaque was put up by the local Rotary Club two years ago). BBC, Aug 1, 2005

The most recent article I've read on the progress of the Orwell Motihari Museum was in the Times of India last summer: MOTIHARI ORWELL MUSEUM MUSINGS

If you ever do get your Orwell documentary done it would be an important addition to promoting the Motihari Orwell Museum. Perhaps you could contact the Rotary group of people and see if they have any money to share from their projects. Their contact information is in MOTIHARI ORWELL MUSEUM HAPPENING and MOTIHARI ORWELL MUSEUM PROGRESS.

When it comes time to write the script of your documentary I will help you any way I can with anecdotes about Orwell and what I understand about his relationship with India.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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