by Jack Pillow

Colonel, I saw the move, the one you tried to hide
You had opened your flight jacket, and slipped something inside
Many people, with scientific and military minds, had combined to do this thing
Echos of mankind and what we do will throughout our history ring

This thing, this act will never be forgotten and never this day
Men of reason, men of responsibility said it's the only way
The pages of history will drip bloodily with your name
And humanity, suffering humanity, will never be the same

I saw a flash, time stood still, then I heard a tremendous roar
Then a beautiful city, with churches, steeples and bridges was no more
And then fire boiled over, a giant cloud rose and filled the sky
Then the many thousands, mamas, brothers even little babies had to die

A scorched watch, burnt at the exact moment could tell
The precise instant mankind was introduced to living hell
No words or stories or tearful sagas could ever completely tell
The agony of a people the day the bomb fell

I listened to reasons given, to cause events, and sights too terrible to see
Of those that day who grimly said, this is the way it has to be
I know what you were hiding the day the people died
For you and me and the other three, it was our dose of cyanide

~ by Jack Pillow ~


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~