After leaving the Murambi Genocide Memorial we took a quick detour to a nearby orphanage-school our guide had told us about. It involved driving higher and higher into the hills until finally its buildings loomed ahead at a bend in the road.

A teacher walked down to the gate and led us to the director's office. The view from that building was spectacular and when I mentioned we'd been to the Memorial, he pointed it out on the top of a distant hill:

Murambi Distant

You may need a magnifying glass to see it, but it's there in the centre-right of the photo. One could easily imagine people from villages in the surrounding hills running there for protection.

Most of the children were in their classrooms preparing for upcoming exams. But some were in the playground out behind the buildings and we went there to give them a soccer ball:

Group   Pumping Ball


Some children live here at the orphanage, but others come from nearby villages. The school, dorms and setting were so beautiful it reminded us of a holiday camp or retreat.

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