by Dave Hook

OK, if I gave you a watch and told you,
"No one made this watch."
My guess would be that you would not believe me.

If I handed you a dictionary and said,
"This was the result of an explosion at a printing factory."
I'm sure that statement would seem equally ridiculous.

Still there are many around who look out upon this world in which we live
with its extremes of great beauty, as well as other times extreme ugliness,
and believe that it all just one day started up on its own quite by accident.
Without any intelligent design behind it.

Believing instead in a "scientific" explanation of space gases, explosions
and "Big bangs" to rationalize the formation of our planet and all of the
life forms and living phenomena that reside on it.

And believe more or less that when we die
That's pretty much it.
"Here today, gone tomorrow."
As the old saying goes.
Subscribing to the belief that all the things that we experience during our lives here
have no meaning and serve no real purpose.

Does it make sense to you that all the things you have done in your life
All the things you have learned
All the people you have met
All the laughter and good times
All the pain and suffering
All the growing

That there was no reason behind any of it?

Logic dictates (to me at least) that EVERY design MUST have a designer.
EVERY invention must have an inventor.
EVERY creation MUST have a creator.
This universe not excluded.

And just because the complex problems and workings of this world
are beyond the ability of our finite human minds to comprehend,
should not mean we automatically dismiss an idea of a bigger picture
beyond that of which we can see
only because our judgment and limited understanding
are inadequate to do so.

We sometimes like to fancy ourselves intelligent, powerful beings.
But in reality we all physically exist through no real effort of our own.
Our eye color, skin color, and facial features, body type all were pretty much just issued to us.
Our hearts pump on their own. Our hair, and fingernails grow through no effort or willpower.
It is truly is a miracle that we were even born.

Now if you believe, as I do that human beings are truly intelligent beings,
Wouldn't logic tell you that the creative force that designed the human mind in the first place
would in fact HAVE to be more intelligent than those very minds it created?

*Remember: EVERY creation MUST have a creator.

When you die you are going to be shown a movie.

If man with his limited brain capacity can invent things such as
video cameras, DVD and CD players to capture real life moments forever
in digital sound and picture quality,
What kind of recording equipment do you think the intelligence that created the human eye
might have access to?

Yes our creator has invented the ultimate camcorders.
And they are a million times more superior to anything any SONY engineer could ever dream up.
These machines are mobile, and can record in perfect color and sound.
And not only can they copy audio and visual images,
but they can also record human thoughts, feelings and emotions.

And believe it or not they have been around under everybody's nose
since the beginning of time.

These recording devices are called other human beings.

I believe when you die you will be shown a movie of your life.
This movie will have been shot throughout your entire lifetime on this planet
through the eyes and ears of every living creature you have ever come into contact with
from your birth to your death.

And you, and only you will judge your own life.

That golden rule we all have heard many times throughout our lives of
"Treat others how you wish to be treated."
will be of great significance and wisdom on that day when the tables are turned,
and the shoe is on the other foot.
When we will feel the emotions of every person that we came into contact with during our lives.
How ever minor the exchange.
Interactions with waiters, cashiers, maids, co-workers, friends, lovers,
enemies, family, strangers and even animals will be replayed.

I know in my own life I must have played the bad guy in other people's lives
on numerous occasions.
I believe it is impossible for any of us to go through this life
without hurting some feelings along the way.
Life is indeed a "rough and tumble" game that we only really learn how to play,
while we're playing it.

And since we need others to play any game,
because without them there could be no game to play.
We all take our chances and realize that some pain is unavoidable,
and mistakes are commonplace.

There is a big difference however in fair and friendly competition,
and intentionally trying to damage someone physically, or emotionally.
The universal law of "consent" should be the measuring stick
of what determines "right" and "wrong" behavior.

Also a bit of empathy goes a long way when dealing with other people.

Remembering also that none of us are perfect is something to keep in mind
before going off on some poor sap who did something we felt was "stupid" or "dumb"
that most likely we have also done on numerous occasions ourselves.

But if in the end
your patience wears thin,
and you decide it would be better to lash out,
or put down another in front of other people
over superficial, or petty things

Just remember

"Smile for the camera."

"For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that
we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air.
We all cherish our children's future.
And we are all mortal." - JFK

by Dave Hook
author of THE MOON SONG
(posted on Orwell Today October 2005)

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