The economy of many countries was allowed to stagnate,
land went out of cultivation, capital equipment was not added to,
great blocks of the population were prevented from working
and were kept half alive by State charity.
~ Orwell, 1984


Canada's employment picture is bleak.
Mass layoffs have hit 2,500 Oshawa General Motors workers,
6,000 mill and forestry workers, 3,000 Bombardier workers
and more than 200,000 energy-related jobs.

Orwell wrote "1984" as a warning to we the people about a secret society of wealthy elites -- THE BROTHERHOOD -- conspiring to set up a tyrannical One World Government -- BIG BROTHER -- "a dedicated sect doing evil". I created ORWELL TODAY to help spread that warning.

I consider "1984" one of the most important books written in the 20th century. If people read and understand "1984" they'll be better able to recognize -- and be somewhat immunized against -- the machinations of BIG BROTHER and perhaps come up with a plan to STOP it.

1984bookCover TheyLiveCover

And one of the most important movies of the 20th century is John Carpenter's THEY LIVE which came out in 1988 and, like "1984", is a warning about the evil forces conspiring to destroy our society.


I have a DVD copy and have watched THEY LIVE many times. It's my "go to" movie for getting people to "put on the glasses" and see for themselves what's really going on in the world.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, January 2020

watch "They Live" Trailer, 1988, YouTube

They Live
(a retrospective review by Oliver Harper)

"There ain't no countries anymore - no more good guys - they're running the whole show - they own everything - the whole goddamn planet. They can do whatever they want - do it to your own kind... We all sell out every day so we'll be on the winning team. They are dismantling the sleeping middle class -- more and more people are becoming tools. We are their cattle - we are being bred for slavery. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness... We are focused only on our own gain... Steel mills are laying people off left and right and finally went under. We gave the steel companies a break when they needed it. Nobody gave themselves raises... Look we're in trouble, the whole world's in trouble. They're all around us..."

The movie opens with Piper looking for work in Los Angeles. In a homeless camp he spots a preacher speaking out about how the rich and powerful had taken over. The preacher talks about how everyone has been blinded to the truth and our human spirits have been corrupted by greed. Piper eventually manages to secure work at a construction site and befriends fellow construction worker Frank who leads him to a local shanty town for food and a place to rest. He spots a nearby church which appears to have people coming and going dropping off boxes. Helicopters circle the area and it all seems very suspicious. One of the homeless has a TV and complains of headaches due to the TV signal being interrupted by a man... Piper spots one of his new friends, Gilbert heading to the church. When the interrupting signal disappears he goes to investigate and finds out the church is just a front. The choir heard outside is an audio recording and the building is filled with scientific equipment and cardboard boxes. Piper finds a box hidden in the wall but doesn't get a chance to take it that night. The police attack and bulldoze the shantytown as the powers-that-be have decided to remove them. Piper returns the following morning to find the church empty but manages to get the hidden box and takes it down an alley. He finds it filled with sunglasses. Piper puts on the glasses and realizes they reduced the colors of the world around him to black and white and allow him to see subliminal commands to "obey, consume, reproduce and conform". They also make clear that many people in positions of wealth and power are actually humanoid aliens.


AliensWatches SmartWatch

Freaked out he stumbles into a grocery store and confronts an alien woman who then speaks into her wristwatch notifying others about him. Piper attempts to flee but gets caught by two police officers that quizzed him on how he got the glasses. He fights back and kills them both, grabs a shotgun and runs into a bank where he starts taking out the aliens. More police are alerted to his presence. So he hides in a car park and takes Holly as a hostage as she returns to her car. At her luxury hilltop home Piper tries to convince her of the truth. Holly reveals she works for cable 54 which Piper believes has some involvement with the aliens. Holly quickly knocks him out through a window. He tumbles down a steep hillside and luckily escapes before the police arrive, losing his glasses in the process. He has to get another pair and find the rebels to get answers. But first he needs his new friend Frank for joining in the battle against the aliens...

In more recent interviews Carpenter says he loves capitalism and he loves making money, but it's unrestrained capitalism that he has a problem with which can lead to a recession. The film stands as a warning of unbridled capitalism and greed. It demonstrates how easily we can be manipulated by the powers-that-be... It's certainly one of his most interesting. Mixing current events or political elements with sci-fi always seems to gel well. Sci-fi has often been used as a warning of how things could get worse for society. George Orwell's "1984" is a fine example of that. I don't think the film is preachy in any way. It's just a reflection of what was happening at that time in America and the UK, for that matter, as a result of the excesses of the 80s and everyone's desire to get rich. It's not a long movie - it whips along nicely and there's some great quotable lines thanks to Roddy Piper. It gets its message across in a simple and straight-forward manne. It's classic John Carpenter -- what more could you want?

~ end of They Live, a retrospective review ~

TheyLiveMedia Once you understand that they are not journalists & media professionals, but rather actors & operatives, things will start to make sense. Go to 16.Ministry of Truth (Lies) & 25.Prolefeed

JeffriesInterviewJura listen ORWELL FAN JURA ON JEFFRIES RADIO, interview May 2022

Canada's fiscal reality, News, Jan 3, 2020 (... Combined with massive job layoffs, low incomes and the rising cost of living, the future economic outlook is less than rosy...)

RobotsFordLayoffs Doomsday scenario of mass layoffs due to AI, robots, National Post, Jan 3, 2020 (...Artificial intelligence and rebots will displace large segments of the Canadian workforce... Officials were told that 11 per cent of jobs in Canada could be automated over the next 15 to 20 years, and a further 29 per cent are "likely to change significantly"... The federal documents say some tasks, such as copy editing and data entry, could be outsourced overseas to low-cost workers through online platforms... Other trends not measured in the report will shape the future of work, such as the transition to a low-carbon economy and increasing numbers of LGBTQ2 workers...)

RobotsButchers Canada finds itself at greatest risk of sweeping disruption by automation, National Post, Jan 2, 2020 (...The slaughterhouse and beef-packing plant is the biggest employer in town... More than one in four jobs in the city could have at least 70 percent of human tasks replaced by machines... Brooks isn't the only place where automation threatens to displace workers...)

RobotsJobInterviewAI The new interview: AI helps decide who is right for the job, GlobeMail, Jan 4, 2020
Job seekers applying to Air Canada and other Canadian employers could encounter a new step in the interview process: artificial intelligence software that analyzes their answers, facial gestures and voice tonality to issue a score indicating their suitability for the role...

SmartClothingSIM You'd never know I'm a cyborg; Why people are using experimental technology to upgrade their bodies, National Post, Jan 3, 2020 (I think that someday, instead of having a Sim Card in your device, people will have it in the palms of their hand... She has two small microchips -- each no bigger than a SIM card -- implanted in her hands. The right one is a near-field communication chip, which she could, in theory use to unlock her phone... In her left hand, there's a radio-frequency identification chip... Cyborgs have functioning video cameras implanted in their eye sockets, earthquake sensors and vibrating penile implants... It will be much more exciting when we stop creating applications for mobile phones and we start creating applications for our own body... The world has drastically changed since 2007 after the first iPhone was released... We are startng to see more and more acceptance, and we can only grow from here...)

SmartClothing Wearable technology is where you should look for growth, International Living, December 2019 (...The human-machine relationship is already changing with Amazon's new Alexa wearables... glasses, earbuds and a smart ring that integrate with its voice-controlled operating system... lets you interact with your smarthpone... The new Levi's Trucker Jacket, made in collaboration with Google, has sleeves interwoven with touch-sensitive threads that connect to a small Bluetooth device embedded in the cuff. The jacket vibrates when a favorite contact texts you... It can even control your smartphone's camera from 20 feet away...)

Smartphone, Smartwatch...Smart Clothes? (...Google has announced that it is teaming up with Levi Strauss to develop smart clothing that interacts with your other smart devices... What it entails: clothes woven with conductive yarns and sensors that are discreetly incorporated into buttons and seams... The specifics of how exactly this sort of technology will function remain at this stage a lucent hologram... It's possible that different items of clothing will serve different functions; your shoes might track your calories and how many kms you've walked; your shirt might make and answer calls; your jacket might manage all your apps; crossing your legs wearing 'smart' jeans might bring up YouTube; or maybe one piece of clothing will serve all purposes. But I'm speculating. Who knows? What's exciting, however, is that this technology is being made. And considering the two powerhouses like Google and Levi Strauss partnering to push it forward, as a starting block... it might be here way sooner than any rational person might have once predict...)

ChinaShoppingHoliday Christmas shopping in Western World (everything made in China by slave labour), December 2019

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