"Therefore I repeat what I have urged a hundred times before,
that we put Red China in an economic straight jacket."


"So long as an American boy remains in Communist control
no American money shall go to nations that trade with Red China
in strategic supplies or otherwise."

In a recent email exchange with Robert Dumas, brother of Roger Dumas, a Prisoner of War known to be alive and still being held by North Korea, he said that in 1954 Joe McCarthy, JFK and Bobby Kennedy had worked together on a committee investigating POWs (about which I had not been aware, although I knew of other investigative committees they'd worked on together). See PRESUME POWS ALIVE NOT DEAD

Then, upon re-reading some of my McCarthy articles - relating to his investigation of the USA government's role in helping the Communists come to power in China - I see that McCarthy's committee for POWs was mentioned in the 1998 book written by his secretary Mrs. Larry Lawrence. See MCCARTHY ON CHINA & NORTH KOREA & HISTORY OF PATRIOT JOE MCCARTHY.

Below is the pertinent passage from her book:

....Senator McCarthy continued to explain all fourteen errors he felt our government had made in dealing with the Far East problem. At the last case, he told them, quoting from his report given as late as May, 1955:

"The Senate Subcommittee on Investigations reported on the questioning of top State Department/Defense Department officials that 481 American prisoners of war were still unacounted for and were believed to be in Chinese prisons. Last year, with great fanfare and by making who knows what concessions to the Reds, we obtained the release of fifteen, which leaves 466 American fighting men whom the mightiest Nation on earth is evidently not lifting a finger to protect. I say the world will never respect us, will never acknowledge us as a worthy leader in the anti-Communist cause until it learns that when an American soldier goes overseas, he packs on his shoulders the entire strength of the United States of America. The Nation owes the same duty to the soldier as the soldier owes to the Nation."

Senator McCarthy continued:

"Therefore I repeat what I have urged a hundred times before, that we put Red China in an economic straight jacket, that so long as an American boy remains in Communist control that no American money go to nations that trade with Red China in strategic supplies or otherwise. One of the results of the Geneva Friendship meeting is that we are permitting our alleged allies to ship highly strategic war supplies to the Soviet Union. This policy affects the Far East as well as other parts of the world since Communist China gets what she needs from Communist Russia."

This was a subject the Senator stressed in press releases. I can't remember that there were any more boys released after that.
[end quoting from The History of A Great Patriot by Mrs Larry Lawrence]

Now, in the news today - touching on similar themes raised by Senator McCarthy regarding obligations of government to its soldiers - there's another article in the Spokane Examiner, to add to previous ones written by Chen Ping. See LIVE POWS WEST ABANDONED. ~ Jackie Jura

The Oath of Office Taken Then Forgotten
Spokane Examiner, Jan 17, 2010

The oath of office is taken by many who enter the US military, law enforcement agencies and also taken by our elected officials including the president of the United States. It not only involves just "defending our US constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic" but it also involves representing our country with moral respect to all human beings. We all run to help out during world disasters. The United States has always helped worldwide in times of human suffering except our very own "prisoners of war". Our government has been supplied with an abundance of evidence that in a court of law would prove without any doubt that there are American prisoners of war suffereing in foreign captivity. Several of these countries were at one time willing to negotiate their release however for some unexplainable reason the US government refused to negotiate. There are international laws that prohibit this. Ariticle 19 of the Geneva convention prohibits the confinement of prisoners after a war. Now are we a country that says to the world "Do not do as I so but do what I say"? The following are the oaths of the US military and the President of the United States;

"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

"I, (name), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

My question is why do we abandon those who faithfully take an oath and defend our country and sacrifice their lives if necessary? The following is a chronological order of evidence presented to our US government officials;

October 7, 1986: CIA Director William Casey says: "Look, the nation knows they (the POWs) are there, everybody knows they are there, but there's no grounds well of support for getting them out. Certainly, you are not suggesting we pay for them, surely not saying we could do anything like that with no public support."

October 1990: Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Co Thach admits Vietnam still holds American POWs but is willing to release "as many as 10 live American POWs." His offer, like others before it, is ignored by Secretary of State James Baker III.

February 1991: Colonel Millard Peck, Chief of the Pentagon's Special Office for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action, resigns in protest of being ordered by policy makers in the POW/MIA Inter-Agency Group not to investigate live-sighting reports of American POWs!

April 25, 1991: Senator Bob Smith addresses the Senate and reveals that, of more than 1,400 eyewitness sightings of live POWs, NONE has ever received an on-site investigation!

May 23, 1991: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Examination of U.S. Policy Toward POW/MIAs concludes that the U.S. has ignored thousands of American POWs, and left them to rot in Soviet slave labor camps and North Korean and Vietnamese prisons. "Any evidence that suggested an MIA might be alive was uniformly and arbitrarily rejected."

Summer 1991: A flood of new evidence of live POWs pours from Southeast Asia: pictures, handwriting samples, hair samples, blood samples, fingerprints, foot-prints, maps and other physical proof. The Bush administration disregards the evidence and attempts to discredit it by rumor and innuendo. Some of the photos are scientifically validated -- and have never been scientifically disproven!

Summer 1992: The group "Nightwatch" sent individuals to Pyongyang, North Korea to speak to government officials there concerning report of Americans seen in Pyongyang near the Kangsan railroad station. North Korean official admitted many American POWs are there and being forced to teach English and American Cuture to North Korean intelligence.

Summer 2007: An Iraqi/American Businessman speaks with several American POWs currently being held at Camp No.4, northeast of Pyongyang. Recording of this information furnished to Senator Jack Reed and the Pentagon.

All these facts are a matter of public record and clearly indicate that we have some serious problems in the POW/MIA arena that our elected officials refuse to acknowledge.

Therefore one may ask "are our elected government officials still abiding by the oath of office they have taken or is the oath that they took was only to acquire their position then forgotten?"

USA, China at odds over Taiwan Arms Deal. VOA, Jan 15, 2010
China is warning the United States that the recently announced sale of air defense missiles to Taiwan could damage trust between Washington and Beijing, and that further protests might follow. China has called on the United States to end all arms sales to the island, but the missile deal is one of several advanced weapons systems that are likely to be approved by the U.S. Congress in the coming months. The planned U.S. sale of Patriot air defense missiles to Taiwan is part of a larger package of high-end military hardware that originally was approved by former U.S. president George W. Bush.... Under the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States formally recognizes only the Beijing government. The act also obligates Washington to sell weapons to Taiwan to help it meet its defensive needs and to come to the aid of Taiwan, if it is attacked. China and Taiwan split in 1949 amid a civil war, and Beijing regards the self-ruled island to be part of its territory. China has at times threatened to use force to bring the island under its control, and it has an estimated 1,300 ballistic missiles positioned opposite the island along its eastern coast.... Even so, U.S. officials note...that the rise of a strong and prosperous [Communist] China can be a source of strength for the community of nations and they hope that differences can be resolved through dialogue....)

China threatens USA on weapons to Taiwan (will retaliate militarily if deal consummated). CNN, Jan 8, 2010. Go to CHICOM HATES FREE TAIWAN

Reader Carl is keen to learn more findings of patriot McCarthy's committee investigating communist penetration of the USA government



















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