Katharine Graham, owner of the WASHINGTON POST newspaper died last week (July 2001). Her funeral was the gala event of the season. It was attended by the WHO's WHO of wealth, privilege and power. She was made out to be some demi-god worshipped by politicians, journalists, bankers, heads of multinational corporations etc etc.

A partial list of funeral attendees includes Kissinger, Cheney, the Clintons, the Gates, Warren Buffett, Barry Diller, Vernon Jordan, Sir Edward Heath, every elected representative on Capitol Hill; editors, publishers, and television anchors ie Tina Brown, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Tom Brokaw, Conrad Black; Supreme Court judges; Alan Greenspan; Ben Bradlee (JFK's so-called friend who it turns out was a CIA operative who became editor of the WASHINGTON POST) and on and on.

In an obituary column written anonymously by someone on the editorial staff of a Pittsburg newspaper it was revealed that her husband, Phil Graham, had died a very mysterious death in 1963. What made the death of her husband interesting to me was the fact that he was the editor and publisher of the WASHINGTON POST during the time JFK ran and succeeded as President. Phil Graham, a friend and supporter of JFK, gave him fair press in the Washington Post. He was probably looked upon as a thorn in the side of those wanting to control the press in the aftermath of JFK's assassination. Reading the article got me wondering if Phil Graham's name should be added to the the "Body Count List"* of people around JFK who died suspiciously and in an untimely manner due to suicide, car accidents, falling out of windows etc etc.

The quote from the article* reads as follows:

"Katharine Graham, born in New York City, the daughter of multimillionaire Eugene Meyer, grew up privileged. In keeping with her father's fortune, she graduated from Vassar College, where she was involved with the leftist trends of the day..."

"She married Felix Frankfurter's brilliant law clerk, Philip Graham, who took over running THE POST, which her father purchased at a bankruptcy sale. Phil built the paper but became estranged from Kay. She had him committed to a mental hospital, and he was clearly intending divorce when she signed him out and took him for a weekend outing during which he was found shot. His death was ruled a suicide. Within 48 hours, she declared herself the publisher."

It's food for thought. But along the trail following the conspirators behind JFK's assassination, every little crumb is nibbled.

*I come to bury Kay, not to praise her, National Post, July 26, 2001.



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