"I heard a story of how bank tellers were taught to spot phony currency.
They were familiarized with the genuine currency only - NOT the phony at all.
By this technique they could easily pick out the counterfeits."


"And even though the real currency was sometimes marred,
it still had the same value that it had
when it was first printed."*

To Orwell Today,

Thanks for your response Jackie.

I know of some of the books you shared at the end of your response, and even read some of them years ago. They do portray a positive image of JFK, which he deserves whatever his actual faults (sexual or otherwise) may have been. However, they do not contain (at least the ones I read) the cross examination trial lawyer skillfulness and exposition needed for vindication in the onslaught against his character.

God willing, someday someone (or some people) with that skill, who also happily hold solid specific evidence to clearly expose the lies fabricated against him, will conduct the beginning of a recovery of his reputation. Your work in this area is to be commended, and is helpful to that end. Perhaps you, and other writers, will begin to stir up the conscience and interest (and the brains) of other readers.

In closing I would agree that you are right. There is little at this point we can humanly do other than pray. The assassination will continue until solid evidence of his innocence is brought forward, or redemption comes from on high. I am also reminded of two quotes**, with which I am sure you are familiar.

"...when a persistent lie is told long enough,
(uninformed or uncaring) people will begin
to accept it as truth."

"His visage (image) was marred more than the sons of men..."

-Patrick Zuniga

Greetings Patrick,

Yes, out of thin air the liars have spun their tale and repeated it over, and over, and over again so it's all anyone ever hears.

The voice of truth - denying these allegations - is never given any airtime. We in the so-called "free world" with the so-called "free press" are free to write and say what we want but we're not free to get it published or heard. Those telling the truth about JFK can't get the word out to the teeming masses to whom the lies are all directed. The liars own the media - radio, tv, newpapers, magazines, books - just as Orwell described in "1984".

The reason those earlier books I quoted - and all the others on my list of recommended books - don't mention JFK being sexually promiscuous is because he WASN'T. Even books written about his time in the navy during WWII never mention anything about him being a womanizer, and it would have shown up there if it existed. Yes, he had that girlfriend INGA BINGA while in Florida at the desk job (which he hated) while waiting for the strings he'd pulled to get him into the navy - the only person (other than George Orwell) in the history of the world who faked GOOD health to JOIN war, instead of faking BAD health to AVOID war. And because he was the son of Joe Kennedy (who the establishment warmongers hated), the head of the FBI - homosexual Hoover - put a tape recorder under JFK's bed and taped him and INGA BINGA making love. How Orwellianly disgusting, perverted and illegal.

Before the war JFK had a girlfriend he was madly in love with but she dropped him for someone else and broke his heart. She ended up marrying the journalist, John Hersey, who became a writer for the New Yorker magazine and, because of that connection, got the 1944 interview with war-hero JFK and wrote THE STORY OF PT-109.

As soon as JFK got out of the hospital in 1945 he entered politics and ran for a seat in the House of Representatives from his home riding of Boston - and won.

Then he spent 8 years in Washington, DC as a congressman and most eligible bachelor - sharing a house in Georgetown with his sister - until marrying Jackie in 1953 when he was 36 years old.

None of the honest books written about him regarding those years mention him being a sex maniac and sleeping with never-ending women. The few women who he apparently DID date, and who have been interviewed over the years, say he never made a pass at them. One said that one time after a date, in a romantic setting at her apartment afterwards, he lost interest in her when something political came over the radio.

Also, JFK was not a drinker or a smoker (other than cigars, and very few of those). He'd occasionally have a drink, but otherwise nothing more than wine at dinner. If - during ceremonies - he was passed a shot of whisky or something to toast with - he'd surrepticiously pass it behind his back for Dave Powers (his trusty Irish-born aide) to drink and then pass the empty glass back to JFK - so it would look like JFK drank it and the hosts wouldn't be offended. This happened, for example, during JFK's visit to Ireland in June 1963 when he went to his ancestral village to meet his cousins and other relatives.

So these accusations and lies that JFK was into recreational drugs - like cocaine and LSD - are completely insane. The only drugs he took were those prescribed for his backpain and whatever other ailments he had over his lifetime. They slanderously lie about his medical condition - some of the "prolefeed" books even accusing him of having sexually transmitted diseases etc, etc. See TRUTH ABOUT JFK'S HEALTH.

It's all lies meant to bring JFK down to the lowest level - equal to the real whoremongers - and make the people of the world not care who killed him.

Ultimately you are right and maybe the truth, and redemption of JFK, will only come from on high. But that's where redemption will come from for all of us.

I agree with your quotes, and have a couple to add, the first one from Jonathan Swift, author of "Gulliver's Travels" and Orwell's role-model for clear writing (and where he got many of his ideas for "1984"):

"Innocent and excellent persons had been condemned to death or banishment.
Villains had been exalted to the highest places of trust, power, dignity, and profit."

The second is from JFK, something he lived up to:

"With a good conscience our only sure reward,
with history the final judge of our deeds,
let us go forth to lead the land we love,
asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that
here on earth God's work must truly be our own."

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Hi Jackie,

**Your readers may want to know the source of my quotes. The first quote is a paraphrase of Lenin (I paraphrase alot).

The second is a creative borrowing from the 52nd chapter of the book of Isaiah, prophesying the sufferings of the Messiah. I believe that this Blessed Servant was marred by evil because of His good, and in a broader interpretation of this verse others -JFK, RFK, etc.- who seek to do good, also suffer the same marring from evil people - physically and/or reputationally. Even though certain ones in my Christian faith would strongly object to the using of the verse in a way which applies to any another personage other than Jesus, I honestly believe He himself would not mind, for He also said, "...inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you do it to me." Matt. 25:40. In the spiritual interpretation of the verse - IT FITS PRECISELY!

Continue doing the good work of pointing people to the real John Kennedy.

*I heard a story of how bank tellers were taught to spot phony currency. They were familiarized with the genuine currency only - NOT the phony at all. By this technique they could easily pick out the counterfeits. And even though the real currency was sometimes marred, it still had the same value that it had when it was first printed.


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