In 1984 the Party had ownership of the print, film, radio and telescreen media which it used to manipulate public opinion.

It seems to have also been the case in 1963. An Associated Press story from March 24, 2001, entitled CIA BOASTS OF MANIPULATING NEWS said: "Key figures of the Bay of Pigs drama [no names mentioned] attended a conference in Havana last week to 'compare notes' on the Cuban invasion of 1961. A recently declassified CIA document was read out. This document disclosed that the CIA's propaganda apparatus - using assets and contacts in the press - could place specified messages and propaganda lines directly on the international wire services."

This 1961 document was obviously put into practice during the assassination of JFK two years later. In that instance, some "key figures" must have used their control of the international wire services to begin the JFK propaganda campaign that continues to this day. This is proven by the fact that on November 23, 1963 a newspaper in New Zealand, which is 18 hours ahead of Texas time, printed facts about the assassination before they were known in the United States. Here's what happened:

Lee Harvey Oswald's name was released in New Zealand as being the suspect in the assassination of JFK even BEFORE he was arrested in North America. Whoever was in charge of press-releases didn't account for the time-zone changes. They must have had the paperwork and the story lined up and ready for release the following day, the 23rd.

This time-zone oversight and resultant foul-up was pointed out by Col Fletcher Prouty, an officer in the USA mililtary, in his book THE GUNS OF DALLAS *:

quoting from the book: "I happened to be far away in New Zealand at the time of JFK's murder. I was on my way to breakfast (the crime occurred at 6:30AM on the 23rd of November there) with a member of Congress from Ohio. As soon as possible, we purchased the first newspaper available -- the Christchurch Star. It is amazing to re-read the front page of that paper today and find all of the detail, the remarkable detail, about Lee Harvey Oswald, about his service in the Marine Corps, about his living in Russia, about his Russian wife, and then the full scenario of the crime.

Then one begins to wonder -- understanding full well the capability of modern-day communications and reporting -- who it was that was able in so short a time to come up with such a life history of so obscure a twenty-four-year-old "loner." Even the Dallas police had not charged him with any crime by the time that paper had hit the streets **. In the crime scenario it states that two Dallas cops, J D Tippit and M N McDonald, had chased Oswald into a theater and that Tippit was shot dead "as he ran into the cinema." Who fabricated all of that news? Who was at the right place at that moment to flood the whole world with all of this news about Lee Harvey Oswald, when even the Dallas police weren't too sure of their man, they said, because he carried two identities (Oswald and Alek Hidell) in his pocket." end quoting

[Note: When asked at the Texas Theater which was his real name, Oswald or Hidell, Lee told a police officer, "You're the cop, you figure it out." ~ taken from the book THE SEARCH FOR LEE HARVEY OSWALD, a photographic record by Robert J. Groden] ~ JJ

"Oswald killed JFK"says government ($5.6M for "Texas Theater" museum). Yahoo! Reuters, Aug 24, 2002
USA government will fund $1.6M (with $4M to be raised later) to purchase and renovate the "Texas Theater" where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested on November 22, 1963. It will become an extension of the Sixth Floor Museum which is located at the Texas School Book Depository building from where the government says Oswald shot Kennedy. From there, says the official story, LHO caught a bus home to his Oak Cliff neighbourhood and then ran out of the house and onto the street where he shot a policeman (Tippit) before running to hide in the "Texas Theater" where the movie "War Is Hell" was playing.

* THE GUNS OF DALLAS, by Fletcher L Prouty

** LAST WORDS OF LEE HARVEY OSWALD (with timeline of capture at Texas Theater)

Rent the video EXECUTIVE ACTION (a 1970's movie starring Burt Lancaster. It accurately depicts the men and logistics behind JFK's assassination, and how they set up Oswald to be the patsy.)


17.Falsification of Past

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