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Two years ago, on the 51st anniversary of the assassination of JFK, I compiled articles about Dallas doctor Robert McClelland who was one of the surgeons who fought to save JFK's life on November 22nd, 1963. See DOC MCCLELLAND JFK HEAD TESTIMONY

Dr McClelland is a self-avowed conspiracy theorist who believes, without a doubt, that the shot that killed JFK came from the front -- specifically from behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll. See DOC MCCLELLAND JFK CONSPIRACY THEORIST and DOC PERRY: JFK NECK WOUND ENTRY

Over the years Dr McClelland has given hundreds of speeches and interviews to all groups of people -- medical students and doctors, Rotary clubs, high school and university students, book-groups, JFK conspiracy theory groups, alternate radio, mainstream media -- you name it -- Dr McClelland has been there telling his JFK story for prosperity. As he says, "This isn't mine. It belongs to the nation".

Dr McClelland described, in one of the interviews, the amazing coincidences, throughout his life, where he and JFK crossed paths -- either in person or through other people connected to JFK. See DOC MCCLELLAND JFK GODCIDENTS

At the end of that interview, talking about conspiracy theories, Dr McClelland stated the opinion that he thinks the Kennedys know what really happened to JFK -- even though in public they pretend to believe in the Warren Commission. McClelland says that in his book -- TRUE COMPASS -- Ted Kennedy "doth protest too much" (a quote from Shakespearean tragedy, HAMLET). In other words, Ted, like Hamlet, is only paying lip-service to the status-quo theory put out by the powers-that-be behind the murder (in Hamlet's case, his father, the King; in Ted's case, his brother, the President).

I'm glad Dr McClelland saw through Ted Kennedy's act pretending to fall for the Warren Commission. I've always really liked Ted -- he's the Kennedy version of the cutest Beatle. I've read the truth about Ted in the good books about JFK, RFK and the Kennedy family. Ted was the rock everyone clung to after the assassinations. In reality, Ted himself was a victim of assassination -- character assassination by lies in newspapers, magazines, books and documentaries all these years -- what Orwell called PROLEFEED churned out for the masses (the PROLES) in the MINISTRY OF TRUTH by BIG BROTHER'S BROTHERHOOD in 1984. When Ted speaks on controversial issues it's not the real Ted speaking -- it's words he has to say because if he says anything different he'll be framed -- as in Chappaquidick -- or killed like his brothers. But sometimes -- between the lines -- Ted's true voice can be heard.

After listening to Dr McClelland I pulled out my copy of Ted Kennedy's so-called autobiography (not really written by him) and looked in the index for references to the Warren Commission. The book -- TRUE COMPASS A MEMOIR -- came out posthumously a month after Ted's death in August 2009. The Warren Commission is cited on pages 211-212, 224 & 256, excerpts of which are scanned and transcribed below. Note the title of the chapter is Orwellianly BROTHERHOOD. I've bolded/underlined the passages where Ted plays Hamlet to the hilt.

TrueCompassCvrFront TrueCompassInsideCvr

TrueCompassPg211 TrueCompassPg212

...Late in 1964, Bobby asked me to review the Warren Commission's newly released report on the assassination because emotionally he couldn't do it. The commission had been established by President Johnson seven days after Jack was killed in Dallas, and was charged with determining who had shot Jack, and why. Johnson appointed Earl Warren, the former California governor and chief justice, to chair the commission. Its conclusions, made public in an 888-page document released in September, was that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone in killing Jack and wounding the Texas governor John Connally, who was riding in the open limousine with my brother and the wives of both men.

When I reached him by telephone, Warren told me he would be glad to give me a briefing and go over the parts of the report that were particularly contentious and likely to generate the most questions from the press and public. I remember the commission's office as large but spare, about half the size of the attorney general's office. I believe that Warren had one aide, perhaps a law clerk, present at the meeting. I almost certainly brought an aide along with me. Warren gave me a full briefing, as I'd requested. I asked many questions. The whole process took about four hours.

Afterward, I reported to Bobby that I accepted the commission's report and thought he should too. Bobby agreed readily. He did not want to continue to investigate Jack's death. Earl Warren, moreover, was a strong advocate for the accuracy of the report. He told me quite persuasively that he'd felt a responsiblity to the nation to get it right. He personally made the case to me, showing me its weaknesses and walking me through the thinking of the commission members.

I am well aware that many scholars and others have questioned the findings ever since they were released. There have been hundreds of so-called conspiracy theories. I was satisfied that the Warren Commission got it right: satisfied then, and satisfied now. I am always reluctant to speak for my brother, but I know how strongly Bobby felt that it was imperative that this inquiry be thorough and accurate. In all my subsequent conversations with him, when all was said and done, I believe that Bobby accepted the Warren Commission findings too....

~ end quoting Ted Kennedy ~

DealeyWarrenLayout WarrenCommissionLBJ

It's hard to believe Ted Kennedy wrote those words -- especially since the Warren Commission had been officially debunked in 1979 when the USA government admitted -- in the HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON ASSASSINATIONS (HSCA) report -- that JFK had "probably been assassinated as the result of a conspiracy" in that there was more than one gunman, more than three bullets, and one of the bullets came from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. Below are excerpts of the HSCA summary and maps illustrating its findings -- and a comparison with the Warren Commission findings. Note the fatal bullet trajectory is from behind the picket fence in the HSCA report.

HSCAcoverReport HSCAconspiracyReport

...B. Scientific accoustical evidence establishes a high probablity that two gunmen fired at President John F Kennedy. Other scientific evidence does not preclude the possibility of two gunmen firing at the President. Scientific evidence negates some specific conspiracy allegations.

C. The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy....

PicketBulletTrajectory WCShotsMap AssassinFootprints

MapWCshotsHSCA Warren/HouseExplain

~ end quoting HSCA ~

Before putting Ted's book back on the shelf I looked at the photo on the back cover -- a beautiful one of the three brothers standing in front of a blossoming tree and -- a picket fence!


I couldn't believe my eyes -- I had to take a second look -- I'd never noticed the picket fence in the background before. Maybe it jumped out at me this time because I'd just finished writing about Dr McClelland talking about the head shot that killed JFK coming from behind the picket fence. McClelland had even met and interviewd Ed Hoffman -- the deaf man who witnessed a man shoot a rifle at JFK from behind the picket fence.

...Ed Hoffman, who is deaf, had his daughter tell McClelland what he saw near the grassy knoll, behind the picket fence, when Kennedy went down. Hoffman, 27 at the time, had left work around the time of the president's arrival in Dallas to get a toothache inspected at the dentist. The presidential motorcade forced Hoffman to pull off on the edge of Stemmons Freeway, about 700 feet away from the knoll. He said he saw one suited man pull out a rifle, place it on top of the fence and fire at Kennedy, then toss the gun to another man dressed in work clothes. That man disassembled the gun, put it in his tool bag and disappeared into the crowd, Hoffman said. Moments later, Hoffman saw a policeman question the suited man, then walk into the crowd with him following a short glimpse of the man's identification...


Now, seeing a picket fence behind JFK on the back cover of Ted's book, my mind flashed to the picket fence in Dealey Plaza and I interpreted the coincidence -- or godcident -- as a cryptic message from JFK assuring we conspiracy theorists that 'yes, you're right -- the shot that killed me came from behind the picket fence'.

Then a few days later, while searching for a different book, I came across that photo again, this time on the cover of LIFE magazine -- THE END OF A DYNASTY -- commemorating the life of Edward Kennedy upon his death in August 2009.


The cover was a full page glossy of the photo of JFK and brothers in front of the picket fence. The credits on the inside cover say it was taken in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts in spring 1960 "the year before their clan reached the heights".

I searched my JFK books for photos showing that picket fence in broader context -- zoning in from Hyannis Port on the map to the Kennedy compound and JFK's house specifically.



JFKwinLAconventionJul60 HyannisDadHouseJackie

JFKhomeHyannis JFKfenceBobTed JFKfenceJackieCaroline

JFKpicketfenceDulles JFKHousePresElect60 JFKmeetSecretService

The paintings are by Jackie Kennedy -- the first depicts JFK returning victorious to the family compound at Hyannis Port after winning nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in July 1960; the second is the main house with Nurse Shaw, Caroline, JFK, Jackie and "grandpa" in the foreground. Other photos show JFK's house in the compound -- see tiny-framed windows on far left behind Bobby's house -- and then there's another of the picket fence -- with JFK and Jackie walking alongside. It was probably taken on the same day as the picket-fence photo with Bobby and Ted -- notice JFK's wearing the same jacket minus the tie. The bottom left is of JFK with Allen Dulles, head of the CIA (subsequently fired by JFK), who came to Hyannis Port to brief JFK prior to the election (and Orwellianly served on the Warren Commission investigating his death). Next is JFK's house on election night, where JFK was sleeping while his staff watched TV waiting for the election results. The last photo shows JFK in the morning -- his first day as President Elect -- meeting his Secret Service men for the first time.

MomentJFKhit JackieClimbTrunk

PicketFenceRespond PicketFenceRunMan PicketFenceRunCrowd

Three years later -- again in November -- the Secret Service failed in their duty to protect JFK from an assassin hiding behind a picket fence.

It has always been known -- to the hundreds of people standing in Dealey Plaza watching JFK's motordcade go by -- that bullets came from every direction -- including from behind the picket fence. In the seconds after JFK's Lincoln disappeared under the Triple Underpass many witnesses instinctively ran up the Grassy Knoll to get behind the picket fence from whence they heard bullets come -- hoping to catch the shooter. Many of those witnesses gave on-the-spot interviews to news reporters and TV crews and, in the succeeding years, have written books saying they saw smoke and heard bullets coming from behind the picket fence. Their stories are well known in the conspiracy-theory world and even to the general public in mainstream movies and documentaries since the publication of the HSCA report in 1979.


But less well known are the stories of four witnesses BEHIND the picket fence -- one of whom actually SAW the assassin shoot and one who actually, with his gun drawn, confronted the assassin. So now, in remembrance of JFK on the 53rd anniversary of the assassination coming up on November 22, 2016, I've compiled their stories into articles comprised from various sources -- including books and Warren Commision testimonies etc.





All the best,
Jackie Jura, November 2016

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(fake photo linking Oswald to TSBD rifle)
watch Oswald declares "I'm just a patsy"
Nov 10, 2017

watch RFK Jr: Oswald Didn't Act Alone in JFK Assassination, Jan 13, 2013, YouTube
Robert F Kennedy Jr believes there was a second gunman in JFK Assassination. He dropped the bombshell Friday night at an event in Dallas kicking off a year of observances of the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy's murder. Robert F Kennedy Jr is convinced that a lone gunman wasn't solely responsible for the assassination of his uncle, President John F Kennedy, and said his father believed the Warren Commission report was a "shoddy piece of craftsmanship...."

BobbyConspiracyJFK Was RFK a Consiracy Theorist?, Politico.com, Oct 12, 2014

TedCoffinHyannis The Kennedys: End of a Dynasty, LifeMagazine, Sep 11, 2009 (...And finally, Hyannis Port yet once more, as the late senator's casket is borne by an honor guard.)

TedBookTrueCompass True Compass: A Memoir, Wikipedia (Ted Kennedy died August 25, 2009, the day a final copy of the book was delivered to his Hyannis Port, Massachusetts home. The work was originally intended for publication in 2010, then moved up to October 2009, and then finally moved up to September 2009, less than a month after Kennedy's death....)

JFK PICKET FENCE DEAF-MAN HOFFMAN (...For Ed, the assassination of another Kennedy tore open all his unealed emotional wounds anew. "The only think I could think of was that this man who had killed Robert Kennedy might be one of the two men I had seen behind the fence in Dallas. What if it was all tied in together somehow?"... Out of this demoralizing period, however, another ray of hope eventually materialized. According to the newspapers, there was pressure building in Congress for a new investigation into the Kennedy case. Since no one else in authority would listen to him, Ed thought, why not contact the one person in the world who should be more interested in the case than anyone else? Wondering why he had never thought of it before, Ed turned his attention to Senator Edward M Kennedy of Massachusetts, the last surviving Kennedy brother. "I knew it was a long shot but I decided to write Ted Kennedy a letter. I thought if I could explain the situation well enough, he would surely be excited to find out who had actually killed JFK and could use his influence to get the investigation re-opened. Ed spent a long time composing and typing the letter, revising it over and over to make sure that his explanation was clear.... "I thought surely Ted would read my letter and be interested in what I had to say. I convinced myself that he might even come to Dallas to talk with me about it. To me, that would have been like a dream come true, but I was wrong". Several weeks later -- on the twelfth anniversary of JFK's death, to be exact -- Ed received a letter in an official USA Senate envelope. The letter, dated November 19, 1975, reads as follows:

      Dear Mr Hoffman:

      My family has been aware of various theories concerning
      the death of President Kennedy
, just as it has been aware of
      the many speculative accounts which have arisen from the
      death of Robert Kennedy

      I am sure that it is understood that the continual
      speculation is painful for members of my family. We have
      always accepted the findings of the Warren Commission report
      and have no reason to question the quality and the effort of
      those who investigated the fatal shooting of Robert Kennedy.

      Our feeling is that, if there is sufficient evidence to
      re-examine the circumstances concerning the deaths of
      President Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, this judgement would
      have to be made by the legal authorities responsible for such
      further examination. I do not believe that their judgement
      should be influenced by any feelings or discomfort by
      any member of my family

      Ted Kennedy

"When I first opened the letter and read it, I didn't understand", Ed says. "I read it again and then I took it to my dad and asked him to explain what it meant. Surely, I said, it didn't mean that Ted Kenendy had no interest in finding out what really happened to JFK. "But my dad told me that was exactly what it meant. And then he asked, 'Why are you still so worried about this? Why do you keep persisting'? "I didn't know how to answer him. All I knew was that I was crushed. I felt like it was all so hopeless"....

Alphabetical List of Witnesses and Testimony

Report of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, National Archives, Washington, DC, USA





DID BOBBY KNOW WHO? ("...Kennedy's determination to find out who killed his brother, so purposeful in the first few hours after the shooting, seemed to shut down in the winter of 1964. Possibly, RFK did not want to learn where the trail led. Certainly, he had no interest in the public investigation of the death of the president, the Warren Commission... In September, the Warren Commission issued its findings: Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, had murdered President Kennedy. RFK later told an aide that he regarded the Warren Commission report as a public relations exercise to reassure the public. The public, at least initially, accepted the commission's conclusions. Though Kennedy gave lip service to the single-gunman explanation, he never quieted his own doubts... "...Sheridan, who, according to his wife, contemplated suicide when his hero RFK was killed in 1968, refused to talk abut JFK's assassination until just before he died in 1996. Then he shocked his son, Walter Jr, by stating that he was 'convinced' that President Kennedy had been killed by a conspiracy. Joseph Kennedy II, RFK's oldest son, had a similar experience. In the last year of his life, RFK told his son that the full truth about the Kennedy assassination would never be known. Young Kennedy had the impression that his father knew something others did not, though exactly what remained a mystery...")

JeanHillbookCover JFK The Last Dissenting Witness, by Bill Sloan with Jean Hill (The Lady in Red)

LadyRedHillInterview watch Witness Jean Hill (Lady in Red) interview on 22 November 1963 (saw smoke from behind the picket fence; heard bullet come from there), YouTube

HillMoormanPolaroidJFK HillMoormanInterview watch Witnesses Jean Hill & Mary Moorman interview on November 22, 1963 (talking about taking polaroid photo of moment JFK hit by fatal bullet from behind the picket fence), YouTube, YouTube

MomentJFKhit listen Witnesses Jean Hill & Mary Moorman first interviews on November 22, 1963, DVP Video/Audio Archive (... look of pain on his face... interval three or more shots... shots came from the hill... just east of the underpass... we were on the south side... I thought I saw this man running but I looked at the President for awhile...I started running up there too...I pressed the camera button immediately when he slumped...)

SearchForOswald.jpg The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald, A Comprehensive Photographic Record, by Robert J Groden

GrodenKillingPres.jpg GrodenKillingPres.jpg The Killing of a President: The Complete Photographic Record of the JFK Assassination, The Conspiracy, and the Cover-Up, by Robert J Groden

JFK mementos for sale: Piece of grassy knoll picket fence, FortWorthStarTelegram, Nov 24, 2016
It has been 53 years since President John F Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas. Mementos from that day in 1963 remain -- and some are now on the auction block from various sellers. But they won't come cheap.... There's a metal post from the fence on the grassy knoll, with a starting bid of $23,500. The description of the item, up for sale on eBay, says that this fence post "is the very same one that was standing at almost the exact position from where the United States House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations concluded it to be probable that someone fired a rifle from behind the Fence on the grassy knoll at President John F Kennedy on that fateful day in Dallas some 53 years ago". This post -- part of the stockade style picket fence built on the grassy knoll in the 1950s -- was about seven feet, 10 inches west of the corner of the fence that day. The starting bid for the fence post is listed at $23,500. Bidding ends Sunday...

JFK Grave Flame
JFK assassin picket fence post auctioned
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watch Zapruder Film HD reaction
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HollandTopUnderPass DealeyPlazaMovieJFK HollandPicketFence
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