JFK Cockpit
Lieutenant John Kennedy at the helm of PT 109, 1943


JFK Medal PH
Lieutenant John Kennedy received the
Navy & Marine Corps Medal and Purple Heart, 1943

To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

What an amazing resource you are! I am completely overwhelmed at the depth of your research and kind response to my hopeful letter. Thank you so much for this — it will add a great deal to the history I now hold in my hands.

All the best,
Gary in Seattle

Greetings Gary,

Now that I've put up that photo of PT-59 it may be that someone will recognize Facto.


I recognize JFK shirtless in the cockpit up there at the front (I mean the bow) but maybe Facto would be down below in the engine room.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - This all reminds me of one of my favourite JFK anecdotes. It's from his speech to the graduating cadets at Annapolis Naval Acadamy in Maryland, USA on Aug 1, 1963:

"...There's an old story -- which I will close with which will give you very valuable advice as you follow a naval career -- about a yeoman who watched a lieutenant begin a meteoric career in the Navy, and he always used to go in every morning and open up his drawer and take out a piece of paper and look at it, put it back. He became a lieutenant-commander -- the youngest captain, the youngest admiral, the youngest commander in the Navy. Finally one day he had a heart attack. The yeoman said, "Well, I want to see what's in that paper, it might help me." So he went over and opened up the safe and pulled out the paper. And it said, "Left - port; right - starboard". If you can remember that, your career is assured!..."

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I see lots of JFK in daughter Caroline, especially from the photo above of JFK at the helm. There's a good one of her with JFK superimposed behind her in a recent news article:

JFK PT Cockpit JFK/Caroline

Caroline Kennedy's new book: 'A Family Christmas'. Newsday, Dec 12, 2007
...When her editor first suggested compiling a Christmas book, "At first I thought it was a bad idea," Caroline Kennedy says in a phone conversation on the morning of her 50th birthday, Nov. 27 (lunch with friends and dinner with her children, 14, 17 and 19, was on the day’s agenda)..."Because we're currently at war, and there are soldiers away from home, I thought it important to include writings on war", she says, starting with George Washington’s description of crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day, 1776...


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