Most people who've seen the Zapruder Film of the events in Dealey Plaza have probably never noticed a man holding an open black umbrella. But once he's pointed out you can't miss him - he's right beneath the big STEMMON'S FREEWAY sign. To JFK "buffs" and "conspiracy theorists" this man is known as TUM (The Umbrella Man) and some suspect he played a part in the assassination. Some believe that the umbrella he was holding was in fact a DART PROJECTORY SYSTEM and that as JFK's car approached, TUM released a poison "flechette" that entered JFK's throat just above his shirt collar. This poison dart almost instantly paralyzed JFK and caused his body to stiffen and his head to remain stable, thus making him a "sitting duck" for a sniper hidden elsewhere in the Grassy Knoll.

Today [Aug 2002] a story appeared in the London Telegraph* describing a weapon that shoots what the military describes as "flechettes" (one-inch darts with fins) at its target. This reminded me of the Umbrella Man from Dealey Plaza, where it is conjectured he used a "flechette" against JFK in the seconds before the fatal shot. The method of delivery between then and now is different, in that in 1963 it was just ONE dart, whereas in Gaza today it was 3,000 darts. But to me it is proof that such weapons exist, as horrific as this may be for people to realize. I was shocked when I first heard of it happening to JFK just as I'm shocked today to learn of it happening to the family in Palestine.

Some "buffs" think the umbrella was just an umbrella, and that TUM was just using it for shade. Others, like myself, believe otherwise, having read about the existence of a FLECHETTE-LAUNCHING WEAPON SYSTEM in research and seeing TUM for themselves in the Zapruder film which came out on Home Video a few years ago. ~ Jackie Jura



THE GUNS OF DALLAS (explains the chronology of the Zapruder Film and the role of TUM - The Umbrella Man), by Fletcher Prouty

*Deadly darts kill Palestinian family (3,000 inch-long nails with fins). Electronic Telegraph, Aug 30, 2002
Four Palestinians from the same family (mother 55, sons 23 and 17, and nephew 20) were killed by tiny metal darts - which the military call "flechettes". Three thousand of these darts, like an inch-long nail with fins at one end, are contained in one shell that bursts in the air. The flechette is not a banned weapon, but it is not used by NATO forces... Two other family members were critically wounded. Doctors at the hospital in Gaza showed X-rays of the darts embedded in the chest of one of the survivors, a 16 yr old. He is expected to live even though the Israeli army, according to the hospital doctors, prevented ambulances reaching him for an hour... The Israeli mililtary has assured foreign governments that the weapon is employed only when there is clear evidence that the target is armed men... The soldiers should not have been suprised to see a family under the fig trees. There is a hut, a water butt, cooking equipment and oil lamps, in addition to bedding , and a family car... The family had been living there for two months, ever since the fruit season started. "They live in Jabalya camp, but this is their land, and they have to bring the figs and grapes to market by dawn, so they sleep there" said a neighbouring chicken farmer... Their camp was several hundred yards outside the free-fire zone that the Israeli army has created and there is no line of sight or fire from the orchard to the houses of the Israeli settlers the army is concerned about protecting... The Israeli defence minister said he regretted the deaths of innocent Palestinians...


Jackie Jura
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