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I've already explained why saying JFK's body was tampered with while inside the coffin on Air Force One is a ludicrous absurdity, ie the coffin was never out of the sight of JFK's aides or Jackie until it reached the hospital at Bethesda, Maryland. See LBJ OATH-SWEARING WITNESSES.

JFK's body was wrapped in several layers of cloth and plastic sheeting at Parkland Hospital before being placed inside the very big and heavy coffin which JFK's aides had problems lifting into Air Force One:

Coffin Dallas

The coffin was then placed along the wall next to the back door, in the Secret Service section of the plane.

The swearing-in photo showing Jackie beside LBJ was taken BEFORE Air Force One was in the air and BEFORE the swearing-in judge had exited down the plane's front stairs where she handed JFK's bible to the stranger. See LBJ SWORE ON JFK'S BIBLE.

JFK's aides didn't attend LBJ's oath-taking ceremony and after Jackie left the State Room, where it was held, she joined Kenny O'Donnell, Dave Powers and others in the back with the coffin. See diagram:

JFK Plane

They stayed there drinking whisky and reminiscing about JFK during the entire flight. JFK's staff members sitting in the front section of the plane would take turns walking through to the back where they would pay their respects to Jackie, telling their favourite memory of JFK. When Air Force One landed at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington, DC, Bobby ran up the front steps and through to the back where he joined Jackie at the coffin, and oversaw its removal from the plane.

Coffin Jackie RFK   Coffin Jackie Hearse

You may recall the famous photo of Jackie trying to open the ambulance door in her bloody pink suit. Jackie and Bobby climbed into the back with the coffin and rode with JFK to the Bethesda military hospital where the autopsy was performed.

The authoritative books on JFK's activities in the days leading up to and immediately after the events of November 22nd, 1963 are THE DEATH OF A PRESIDENT by William Manchester (1967) and THE DAY KENNEDY WAS SHOT by Jim Bishop (1968).

JFK Manchester   JFK Bishop

That is where you can read for yourself the facts about JFK on Air Force One before and after his death. That is where you will learn that there was NO tampering with his body until his autopsy at Bethesda Hospital.

You don't need to put me in contact with Jim Marrs. I've read (and own) his book CROSSFIRE: THE PLOT THAT KILLED KENNEDY (1989) and consider it a must-read book on the assassination.

Crossfire Marrs   JFK Rush Judge

I've done a quick search through my copy looking for where, as you say, he says JFK's body was tampered with on Air Force One and can't find it. But even if Marrs says it happened (and you should send the page number) that doesn't make it so. His book is just one of many that adds pieces to the overall puzzle. His and Mark Lane's RUSH TO JUDGEMENT (1966), are definitely classics for people researching JFK's Assassination, but they are not the be-all and end-all. A person needs to read several sources to arrive at all the truth, including the books by Manchester and Bishop I previously mentioned. I've been meaning to add "assassination theory" books to my RECOMMENDED JFK BOOKS section for years and will do so soon.

That there are JFK-assassination truths there is no doubt, and one of those truths is that JFK's body was not tampered with on Air Force One.

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Jackie Jura

PS - I think we can lay to rest the rumour that the swearing-in judge cried over JFK. Her countenance and activities on assassination day are desribed by Manchester and Bishop and she wasn't emotional about JFK at all. As you say, there were some people who didn't cry that day, including some Dallas school children. Many people in Dallas HATED JFK with a passion and were glad to see him dead. See JFK & JOHN BIRCHERS.

PPS - My saying Police Chief Curry's comment about Oswald was "deathbed" was just a figure of speech. No doubt Curry was saying, long before he died, that there was no evidence tying Oswald to the rifle or the TSBD window. Duh, the whole world knows that. There's even a picture of Oswald standing in the TSBD doorway while JFK's shooting is taking place. See PHOTOS PROVE OSWALD INNOCENT

Actually I said Curry's Dallas Police Force was one of the most corrupt in the WORLD, not the country. I doubt that much has changed down there to this day. The same Texas Root and Brown corporation that helped put LBJ into power to profit over war in Vietnam is now profiting from war in Iraq, Afghanistan etc, etc, etc, etc.

PPPS - I'll post your further comments about Russia, and my response, in a separate article: RUSSIAN REVOLUTION READING

PPPPS - I think you mistook Jim Marr's book as being the source for that crazy JFK CHANGE-IN-COFFIN CON theory. It was actually the preposterous premise of David Lifton's 1980 book BEST EVIDENCE, which otherwise had some valuable information in it.

Lifton Best Ev

It's in the JFK propaganda section of my bookcases, and not one I recommend people read, due to its big lie far outweighing its smaller truths.


Jackie Jura
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