by SGP, Poet Laureate of Weary Travelers


Six hours aloft leaves nothing to fear, the touchdown’s safe and sure
The terminal must be there yonder where the palm trees obscure
No welcoming gate, no shelter awaits, long steps down to firm ground
Then, rain or shine, a marathon trek to where customs are found.

A couple of make shift work stations with obvious officialdom waiting
to pose incomprehensible questions as to trips details and dating.
Homecoming travelers warned of corruption and bribes being a must
Bang, bang rubber stamps, cursory looks - OK Go - shrugs of disgust.

Things went so smoothly, obviously there must be some hidden catch
Fortunately, the incomprehensible questions got answered with trash.
Hijackers awaiting in ambush from information erroneously fed,
soon came to conclusion their prey for the day had diverted and fled.


What relief, the long trip’s over, we’re safely here but our bags are not
They were cause of kafuffle as we left but got tagged and sent aloft
Where could they be, did they fall from the plane now drifting at sea
No fear, they’ll be here for return - Safe with BeeWee, wait and see.


Well worth it, you bet, loss of sleep, cramped seat, cold lunch and all
Even the jitney to town wasn’t bad despite pot holes and close calls
Ooh-la-la, so rewarding to finally arrive at the familiar welcoming door
Hugs, kisses, laughter and smiles – worlds best folks - that is for sure.

Reader sends observations of Guyana flood


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~

email: orwelltoday@gmail.com
website: www.orwelltoday.com