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As mentioned in the story about CLIMBING TERRY FOX MOUNTAIN we drank a toast of Newfoundland vodka to Terry Fox, when we got to the top, and we sanctified the ground, where the loonies are buried, with Newfie vodka too:

...It was now time to bury the Terry Fox treasure-trove of loonies. Patricia signed her name on the back of the box, which is dedicatd to TERRY FOX, SEPTEMBER 18, 2010. All of the signatories, and the donors of the loonies, have family members or friends who've been touched by cancer, and the loonies are in remembrance of them, and in remembrance of Terry Fox.


We chose a place marked by a tiny little evergreen tree which is the last tree in the tree-belt - the one at the highest level. Inside the box there are Olympic Inukshuk loonies and, best of all, there are Terry Fox loonies, a treasure for our treasured Canadian hero. If future climbers visit, they can search for the treasure, and if they find it, they can add to the loonies there, and then replace it back into its burial chamber. Or they can dedicate their own memorial and perform their own ritual.

We drank a toast of special Terry Fox vodka from Newfoundland (where Terry started his run and dipped his foot into the Atlantic Ocean on April 12, 1980) that we'd carried up in a stainless steel flask. I slugged mine back in one gulp - in one of the paper cups brought for the occasion. But June and Patricia didn't want to take the chance of having it go to their head and so, instead, spilled theirs over the burial spot, symbolically consecrating it as purified ground.

And what, readers may wonder, is Newfie vodka? And what does it have to do with Terry Fox? Well, firstly, it's called Newfie vodka because it's made in Newfoundland, Canada. And, of course, Newfoundland is where Terry Fox started his 3,339 mile, 143 day run on April 12, 1980 when he dipped his foot into the Atlantic Ocean in St. John's, Newfoundland.

So, how did I discover this Newfoundland vodka? Well, it all started back in January 2010 - just before the Winter Olympics in Vancouver began - when I learned of the existence of an 8,000-pound chrome statue of Russia's and China's Communist tyrants - Lenin and Mao - erected on public property a block away from a major Olympic venue. I couldn't believe that we Canadians - even though we have a reputation of being the most politically-correct people on the planet (in other words, as docile as sheep) - would allow this political pornography in our midst. I wrote about it in CANADA COMMIE LENIN-MAO STATUE

Can you imagine what the Olympic athletes and their entourages from the countries overtaken by Red China and Russia must have thought when they saw the tyrants who had masterminded their bloody subjugation honoured in Canada, a supposedly free and democratic country? My embarassment and humiliation at how they must have pitied and laughed at us behind our backs inspired me to write LENIN-MAO MOCK CANADA OLYMPICS & HONOUR TERRY FOX NOT LENIN-MAO

Okay, so how does any of this relate to Newfoundland vodka?

Well, it wasn't long after the Olympics were over that I was at a friend's house (one who had a Terry Fox loonie and donated it as her contribution when I told her about my plan to climb Mount Terry Fox. I put it in the picture frame of the trip to the Terry Fox Pull-out and Lookout on the road to Alberta last spring). See LOOKING 4 TERRY FOX MOUNTAIN

While visiting her that day I was talking to her husband in his office when I noticed a beautiful glass skull on his bookcase. It looked exactly like the statue of Lenin in Vancouver, and I asked him where it came from. He said it was a gift from friends, and that when he first got it, it was full of vodka. It was empty now, but he liked the bottle so much he kept it as a souvenir. Wow, I had to have a bottle of that vodka I said - and wondered what exotic country they'd found it in. He said they got it right here in town - at the liquor store - and that anyone could get one anytime they wanted by just going in and buying a bottle.

Immediately after leaving their house, I stopped at the nearest liquor store and sure enough, they had some - but it was $60.00 (more than I was willing to pay at that particular time). So I went home and thought about it for awhile and then decided that I didn't care how much it cost, I had to have it so I could take a photo and show it to ORWELL TODAY readers. So off my husband and I went to our neighbourhood liquor store. We had to ask the guy there to find it for us because we didn't recognize it in its box. Then, while handing us the box he said that it was top quality vodka. I told him I assumed it was made in Russia - where probably all good vodka came from (thinking Smirnoff, about the only name I knew). But he said, "No, it's made in Canada - in Newfoundland to be exact". I almost dropped the bottle - which by this time I'd extracted from the box and was admiring while he was talking. "What?", I said, "did you say 'Newfoundland'?" to which he said, "Yes, Newfoundland". To which I replied, "You mean it would have been made with Newfoundland water?" and he said "Yes, with Newfoundland water" and I said "Well, that makes me want it even more because Terry Fox dipped his foot into Newfoundland water and I want to use this bottle in a story about Terry Fox". He said this "Crystal Head" vodka was so smooth and pure that a person should really just drink it straight or on the rocks - not dilute it with pop or other sweet mix.

Well, to make a long story short, when we got the bottle home we did drink a glass or two, but it was still half full by the time of the Terry Fox Climb. That's when I got the idea to take the vodka with us and drink a toast to Terry on top of the mountain.

After coming home after climbing Terry Fox mountain, I poured what was left from the flask back into the bottle and took photos of it placed on our Terry Fox T-shirts - which gives good contrast - and also to show how much like the LENIN statue the vodka bottle looks.

Lenin Big      LeninSide

TF VodkaFace      TF VodkaSide

I learned, from reading up on it, that Cyrstal Head vodka in no way symbolizes Lenin, but on the contrary it godcidently symbolizes the essence of Terry Fox, as described by its makers:

CRYSTAL HEAD VODKA (...We chose Newfoundland because of the purity of their land and water...we use the purest alcohol's quadruple step we use pure Newfoundland water...blend it with our alcohol...triple-filter it through carbon...then triple-filter through 500-million-year-old crystals...we then hand-fill each bottle...this is a luxury vodka in a cool bottle manufactured to bring you a truly non-enhanced pure spirit.)

I believe the Lenin-Mao statue should be dismantled because it's a desecration of Canada.


TF Vodka Glass

Toward that goal, I'll drink a glass of pure Crystal Head vodka as a toast to the pure, crystal spirit of TERRY FOX.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Wolf Bottle Speaking of vodka, this Smirnoff ad for Russian vodka, which I cut out of a magazine a few years ago, is symbolic of their covert infiltration of America, as is the massive LENIN-MAO statue in Vancouver which is a denigration of Canada, as explained in several Terry Fox articles linked above. Now see AMERICA ON RUSSIAN ROCKS

Terry Fox statue to be built in St John's, Newfoundland, CBC, Sep 10, 2010
A new statue honouring Terry Fox and his campaign to raise money for cancer research will be built in St. John's. "Thirty years ago, Fox was inspired by the courage of cancer patients to run his marathon of hope," said Jim Prentice, the federal minister responsible for Parks Canada, speaking in St. John's Friday. The $300,000 statue will be installed on the waterfront in St. John's at the mile zero site where Fox dipped his artificial leg in the ocean, near the port authority building, before beginning his run on April 12, 1980. "This statue will help mark the starting point of this heroic act which has inspired millions of Canadians," said Prentice. The director of the Newfoundland and Labrador division of the Terry Fox Foundation was at the official announcement, too. "It's wonderful that there will be a site now to commemorate the start of the marathon of hope," said Heather Strong. "I think that people here in our province almost take it for granted sometimes, because it is in their own backyard. Certainly my office receives comments from people that visit here who wonder where that site is. So, this will clearly identify that location now." The City of St. John's announced earlier this year that it will contribute $50,000 to the project. The rest of the money for the project will come from the federal government. St. John's will be responsible for the commissioning process. It is expected to send an open invitation to local artists and art organizations well before the competition's closing date.

Crystal Spirit ORWELL THE CYRSTAL SPIRIT (...In 1966 Orwell's friend George Woodcock wrote a book on Orwell's works and he named it "The Crystal Spirit" after the last line of Orwell's poem and because Woodcock considered Orwell "a crystal spirit"...."But the thing that I saw in your face, No power can disinherit: No bomb that ever burst, shatters the crystal spirit")

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(began 3,339-mile run in Outer Cove Newfoundland)
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