Fischer Spassky 92

What the elusive Fischer is being charged with is
violating U.S. travel restrictions to Yugoslavia in 1992.
At the time Yugoslavia was a country headed by Slobodan Milosevic,
Serbian leader and war criminal....
There is no question in Fischer's mind that
they want to put him in jail for the rest of his life,
and that they would in fact like to kill him.


"Searching for Bobby Fischer was a popular movie.
Now it's on DVD. I have it here in front of me, on, for $24.95.
So they've probably made maybe hundreds of millions of dollars on this movie,
and they intend to make hundreds of millions more.
It is totally illegal, they've stolen my name,
the US government has given them this as their trademark."
~ Bobby Fischer

Finding Bobby Fischer
Bennington Banner, Monday, Jul 19, 2004

Checkmate, Bobby Fischer. Finally, the United States got its man when Fischer, former-child chess genius, now 61-year-old chess genius, can no longer run from his past digressions. He was a once beloved American hero who, at the age of 29 in 1972, beat a Soviet chess player in what was perceived as a micro-showdown between the two superpowers. Every time Soviets and Americans faced-off in some competition during the Cold War the event had the underlying intensity of nuclear battle. Remember the 1980 Olympics when the U.S. hockey team beat the Soviets? Winning in competition back then was somehow a vindication of everything the United States stood for and Fischer was one of those rare individuals who took on the Soviet empire pawn by pawn.

But Fischer is too individualistic for his own good, the same eccentric flare they say helped him defeat the soulless Russian, may have been his undoing. His mouth got him into trouble and despite Jewish roots he has often been heard ranting against Jewish people. But anti-Semitism is not a crime for the U.S. government to punish.

What the elusive Fischer is being charged with is violating U.S. travel restrictions to Yugoslavia in 1992. At the time Yugoslavia was a country headed by Slobodan Milosevic, Serbian leader and war criminal.

Fischer was there to face off against the same Russian he defeated in 1972 in a chess match. Fischer won and took home more than $3 million. So the feds have a legitimate gripe against Fischer who has not only made enemies with the Jewish people but alienated all ties with America since he started praising the Sept. 11 attacks and calling for America to be wiped out.

Fischer is currently being held in Japan* after he was nabbed in transit to the Philippines. Now it's just a matter of extradition before he is in U.S. hands. Well, there's no more searching for Bobby Fischer and further proof that you can't run forever.

Fischer Random Chess (also called Chess 960, Fischerandom chess, FR chess, or FullChess) is a chess variant created by Grandmaster Bobby Fischer (the World Champion of chess from 1972 until 1975). It was originally announced on June 19, 1996, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fischer's goal was to create a chess variant in which chess creativity and talent would be more important than memorization and analysis of opening moves. His approach was to create a randomized initial chess position, which would thus make memorizing chess opening move sequences far less helpful.

BOBBY FISCHER'S END GAME. The Atlantic Monthly, December 2002
...Fischer's accomplishment cannot be overstated. A brash twenty-nine-year-old high school dropout, armed with little more than a pocket chess set and a dog-eared book documenting Spassky's important games, had single-handedly defeated the Soviet chess juggernaut. Spassky had a wealth of resources at his disposal to help him plot moves, including thirty-five grand masters back in the Soviet Union. Fischer, on the other hand, had two administrative seconds who served essentially as companions, and Bill Lombardy, a grand master, whose role was to help analyze games. However, Fischer did almost all the analysis himself — when he bothered to do anything. "After the games were adjourned, all the Soviets would go back to Spassky's hotel room to plan for the next position," recalls Don Schultz, one of the seconds. "Lombardy said to Fischer, 'That's a difficult position. Let's go back to the hotel and analyze it.' Fischer said, 'What do you mean, analyze? That guy's a fish. Let's go bowling.'"

Fischer returned home to a hero's welcome. In a televised ceremony at New York's City Hall, Mayor John Lindsay presented him with the key to the city. Shelby Lyman recalls, "Here's Bobby in his great moment of triumph. He's resplendent in this beautiful suit. The world is his: he's young, handsome, women adore him, there's all this money if he wants it. And he later said to a reporter, 'The creeps are beginning to gather.' He was referring to press, lawyers, agents — everyone he thought was out to take advantage of him. After that his whole life was about avoiding the creeps." Fischer didn't in fact get the full hero treatment. "I was never invited to the White House," he said in one of his radio interviews. "They invited that Olympic Russian gymnast — that little Communist, Olga Korbut."...

Fischer's talking points never vary:

1.  Bobby Fischer is being persecuted by world Jewry

2.  The United States government is a "brutal, evil dictatorship" that has falsely accused Bobby Fischer of a crime and forced him to live in exile

3.  Bobby Fischer has been swindled out of a "vast fortune" in royalties by book publishers, movie studios, and clock manufacturers (yes, clock manufacturers), who have brazenly pilfered his brand name, patents, and copyrights

4.  The Jews are a "filthy, lying bastard people" bent on world domination through such insidious schemes as the Holocaust ("a money-making invention"), the mass murder of Christian children ("their blood is used for black-magic ceremonies"), and junk food (William Rosenberg, the founder of Dunkin' Donuts, is singled out as a culprit)

5.  Chess is nothing more than "mental masturbation." Not only is the game dead, it's fixed. Gary Kasparov, the world's top-rated player, is a "crook" and a former KGB spy who hasn't played a match in his life in which the outcome wasn't prearranged

6.  Millions of dollars' worth of personal memorabilia, painstakingly collected and stockpiled by Bobby Fischer in a ten-by-ten-foot Bekins storage room in Pasadena, California, has been stolen from him in a secret plot involving the Rothschilds (Jews), Bill Clinton (a secret Jew), and unnamed Bekins executives (CIA rats who work for the Jews)...

Bobby Fischer talks to Reykjavik radio station. Chess Base News
On January 27, 2002, Bobby Fischer spoke to a radio station in Reykjavik, Iceland. This was the first time we have heard from the reclusive ex-champion since his notorious anti-American and anti-Jewish tirades on September 12, 2001. In this interview he talks mainly about chess related interviews, although the hatred for America is still clear. In one of the very first remarks of the interview he says to his interview partner "Sammy" Pálsson, "You visited the stinking USA and got mugged right away, right? You were lucky to get away alive."

Fischer is interviewed by Helgi Helgasson, together with Sæmundur Pálsson, Fischer's bodyguard and close friend during the 1972 Fischer-Spassky match. Here are some excerpts from the interview. We leave out the most offensive bits, which (if you must) you can listen to in the MP3 audio files given at the bottom of the page.

Q. Is there a chance that you will play chess again?

"Only Fischer Random – I don't play the old chess any more. The old chess is dead, it's been played out."

Q. Have you been playing on the Internet?

"Not true, that's bullshit, a lot of Jewish lies. They want to distract people from all the crimes they have committed against me."

Q. Nigel Short said he met someone on the Internet who could have been you.

"He can say whatever he wants."

Q. Do you follow chess at all?

"I follow the old chess, I follow all the pre-arranged matches, like the last Kramnik-Kasparov match. At the highest level it is all pre-arranged, move by move. You have very interesting, beautiful pre-arranged games being created by very intelligent players, working with computers, working in teams. I have no objections to people creating such games, but they must say these are pre-arranged games, but they must not claim that they are finding the moves over the board. I have learned so much from these pre-arranged matches and all these cooked-up notes, they're wonderful. But they are fake, they are flawed. Somebody should ask Kasparov about my charges, that his first match against Karpov was pre-arranged move by move. Somebody should ask him, record his answer when he answers it live, and then put this through a lie detector. You will see he is lying through his rotten teeth."

Q. Where have you been staying during the last few years?

"In Hungary a lot, Germany, for the last couple of years I've been in Japan a lot of the time, the Philippines, Hong Kong. I'm working on a project trying to complete my chess clock."

Q. What if you were offered ten million dollars to play a match against some chess champion?

"I only play Fischer Random, period. I'm finished with the old chess, it's rotten to the core."

Q. Searching for Bobby Fischer was a popular movie...

"Yes, now it's on DVD. I have it here in front of me, on, for $24.95. So they've probably made maybe hundreds of millions of dollars on this movie, and they intend to make hundreds of millions more. It is totally illegal, they've stolen my name, the US government has given them this as their trademark."

Fischer denies that there is a warrant for his arrest because of income tax evasion in the US. However there is no question in his mind that they want to put him in jail for the rest of his life, and that they would in fact like to kill him.

Fischer urges chess players to visit his site given below. There you can send him your comments to his own personal email address, and where you can find a lot more of this what is occupying him these days.

The Bobby Fischer web site:
* Audio of part one of the interview: (2.4 MB)
* Audio of part two of the interview: (1.0 MB)
* The Islandic Radio station Strikis web site (with video – you need an installed Real Player to see and hear the interview).

Spassky gives up title by phone. Guardian, Sep 2, 1972
Psychologically it was a master-stroke for it showed Spassky and his troupe of coaches that weeks and months of the hard pre-match training in the Caucasus and in Spassky's specially provided central Moscow flat had been wasted. Fischer won that game in the pure style of Casablanca and Spassky applauded his own defeat...What happens to chess now that Fischer is champion? He is already reported to have signed up for a 50-board television simultaneous exhibition, with games analysed on split plans and there are tentative plans for a big exhibition in the Albert Hall.

The Bobby I knew was smart, relaxed and he never swore
by Leonard Barden, The Guardian. Jul 17, 2004
When I knew the 17-year-old Bobby Fischer more than 40 years ago, he was pleasant open, and never swore. We were together in a consultation game on BBC radio - the only game he ever played with a partner - and he was articulate and relaxed. The game was broadcast in half-hour instalments over several months, and the BBC paid him £50. Bobby was pleased. He had a new passion for tailored suits, and the money paid for a visit to Savile Row. I and others who knew him hope he will now be helped in his psychological sickness rather than punished, and we still wish him well.

Whatever happens to him after his detention in Japan, he will remain a chess legend for his feats in 1971-2. Fischer won a record 21 top class games in a row, beat two elite grandmasters 6-0, and, most famously, won the world title against Spassky in Reykjavik.The games were great, but it was the offboard antics which really caught the headlines.

Despite the match being turned into a frenzied cold war proxy by the Soviet and American administrations, Fischer turned up late and was finally persuaded to play when the London financier Jim Slater doubled the prize money. Fischer again tried to walk out and was coaxed round by, among others, Henry Kissinger*.

Spassky defied instructions from Moscow to claim a default, applauded with the audience at the end of Fischer's best win, put his prize money in a Swiss bank and was punished by a travel ban on his return to Russia. One of Spassky's aides, a Russian grandmaster, decided Fischer was using foul means to win and persuaded the organisers to x-ray his chair and dismantle the light fittings above the board, where they found two dead flies.

The match led to a boom in chess around the world, not least in Britain. Tournament numbers increased tenfold, and an inspired generation of young British masters made England second only to Russia in world team contests. Fischer himself turned down numerous profitable endorsements, defaulted his official world title (though he still claimed to be champion) and became a recluse.

*Kissinger: back door operator. BBC, Nov 27, 2002
...This German Jewish emigré began his working life in a shaving brush factory in New York, rose to become a Harvard professor and then assumed control of America's foreign policy...He had a hold over President Nixon...He was the man who effected détente with the Soviet Union. He opened up the way to Nixon's visit to China...

watch From the archives: Bobby Fischer in 1972, CBS News, Feb 2, 2014 (Before he became a mad recluse, chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer gave an unforgettable interview to Mike Wallace in 1972....)

listen Bobby Fishcer Live Radio Interviews (1999-2006), Chessville

Archive of Bobby Fischer's official website, Wayback Machine

New book review: Bobby Fischer Comes Home, Chessville, Aug 31, 2012

Bust of Bobby Fischer, Florijan

Olympics Red is Dead, PhillyNews, Feb 26, 2010

Maguire to star in Bobby Fischer film?, Digital Spy, Feb 24, 2010
by Mike Moody, Digital Spy, Feb 23, 2010
Tobey Maguire is reportedly producing a film about chess champion Bobby Fischer. According to Deadline Hollywood, the project is titled Pawn Sacrifice and is scripted by Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight. It is thought that Maguire is also eying the lead role. The drama tells the story of Fischer's 1972 victory over Russian chess master Boris Spassky. Maguire will next be seen in comedy The Details, due to open in US cinemas later this year.

Love life of Bobby Fischer, Guardian, Nov 26, 2009

Bobby Fischer documentary (to feature Torre & wife and daughter of chess genius), Balita, Phillipines, Sep 25, 2009
MANILA — Asia's first Grandmaster Eugenio "Eugene" Torre and the Filipino common-law wife and child of the late Robert "Bobby" Fischer will appear in a documentary being filmed by BBC-HBO on the life of the greatest chess player that ever pushed a pawn. In a long distance call to lawyer Samuel Estimo Thursday, Matthew Justus, co-producer of the project, invited Torre, Marilyn and Jinky Young to be in New York on the last week of November for the live interviews. They will be accompanied by Estimo, per agreement, to avoid any issues during the sessions, that might affect the ongoing probate proceedings before the court of Reykjavik, Iceland on the claim of Jinky to the estate of her deceased father. Fischer died of renal failure in Iceland on Jan. 17, 2008 and left some P140 million and gold deposits in the Landsbanki, one of the biggest banks in Iceland. A woman claiming to be Fischer’s legal wife and two nephews of the late chess legend had also filed their claims before the probate court in Reykjavik. According to Estimo, the BBC-HBO documentary will focus mainly on the chess exploits of Fischer when he single-handedly shamed the Soviet Union by wresting the world title from Boris Spassky during their 1972 epic match in Reykjavik. It will also feature their return match in the former Yugoslavia which earned a US Federal charge for Fischer resulting in his incarceration in a Japanese airport cell in 2007. Torre, Marilyn and Jinky Young will provide the Philippine connection in Fischer’s life starting with his early visits to the country in the early 70s to his romantic liaison with Marilyn and the birth of Jinky in 2001.

Marilyn & Jinky visit Fisher's tomb

Unknown Fischer photos posted on YouTube

Cold War in Iceland as Fischer broke Spassky (lone American defeated Russian chess machine). Irish Times, Nov 5, 2008

Fischer was suspicious of computers (they use moves he discovered). Times India, Nov 21, 2008

Fischer asked chess champ Vishy for balm. Times India, Nov 21, 2008
CHENNAI: We’d come to talk to him about his World championship victory, but what got Viswanathan Anand - who returned home on Thursday night to a huge welcome - really excited was reminiscing about his only meeting with the brilliant, charismatic and completely eccentric former world champion Bobby Fischer, who died earlier this year. "I was lucky I got to meet him in 2006," said Anand fondly. "You saw this tall bearded man emerge from one of Reykjavik’s apartment buildings. We’ve all seen pictures of Fischer, but seeing him in the flesh, you looked again. It ended with him asking me if I was carrying any Amrutanjan balm. Apparently, he used to stock it up when he was in New Jersey, but couldn’t find any in Iceland." It was while playing a tournament in Reykjavik that Anand was offered a meeting with the reclusive legend. "Helgi Olafsson (brain behind the 1972 Fischer-Spassky match) offered to take me to his place, but as always with Fischer, there were conditions. We had to park our car some distance away, across the street from his apartment block, and not see from which block he emerged. He always thought he was being followed by the CIA. Despite a craving for hamburgers, he wouldn’t let Helgi call his wife over cellphone as he feared it might be tapped. Helgi had to cross over to the gas station and on the pretext of using the house phone, called his wife on the mobile for restaurant directions. We kept driving around remote parts of Reykjavik in Olafsson’s car as we talked. Maybe it was his way of throwing the CIA off his trail."

FISCHER VS SPASSKY DOCUMENTARY (under the Soviet system, chess was not just another game. The Bolsheviks promoted it as part of state policy). You Tube


Bobby Fischer's money in Iceland bank crash (banks now being bought by Russia). Chess Base

Iceland teeters on brink of bankruptcy (USA beat USSR in chess in 1972) & Loan to Iceland boosts Russia power (expands influence & geopolitical aims). AP/ChessBase/Bloomberg, Oct 10, 2008


Listen to Bobby Fischer (summary transcripts & audio files). Chess Base
In emotional phone calls from his detention cell in Tokyo in August 2004 ex world champion Bobby Fischer gave a Philippine radio station two lengthy interviews. Fischer is facing deportation and incarceration in the US, and voices his nightmare fears: "I will be tried, convicted, sentenced, imprisoned, tortured and murdered..."

Winning streak set Fischer apart. Ohio Dispatch, Jun 18, 2008
Perhaps the best estimate of a world champion's strength is how he compares with his contemporaries. Garry Kasparov thinks that, by this metric, no one ranks higher than Bobby Fischer, who won an unprecedented 20 straight games against grandmaster opposition in a 1971-72 run-up to his world-title match with Boris Spassky. In 1981, Fischer played 17 informal speed games with the two-time champion of Canada, Peter Biyiasas, a grandmaster of average strength. Fischer won every game. Biyiasas' utterly candid account is remarkable. "He was too good," the Canadian recalled. "There was no use in playing him. It wasn't interesting. I was getting beaten, and it wasn't even clear to me why. It wasn't like I made this mistake or that. "It was like I was being gradually outplayed, from the start. He wasn't taking any time to think. The most depressing thing about it is that I wasn't even getting out of the middle game to an endgame." Perhaps it is only a coincidence, but Biyiasas, who was 30 years old when the games with Fischer occurred, stopped competing in major chess tournaments that year. The result of their encounters was probably predictable. Although Fischer and Biyiasas were both grandmasters, there was an unbridgeable gap in their level of play and feeling for the game.

Fischer heiress to get share of P140-M estate soon. Phillipine Inquirer, Jun 5, 2008
MANILA - Jinky Young, the late Bobby Fischer’s Filipino child, will soon receive her share of the estate left by the chess icon estimated at P140 million, excluding gold deposits and royalty from the movie, “Bobby Fischer Goes to War.” This was disclosed by lawyers Sammy Estimo and Rudy Tacorda after getting word from Reykjavik, Iceland that the Probate Court had already received the claim folder of Jinky Young. The deadline for receiving claims to the estate of the deceased chess legend was May 17, or three months after Fischer died on January 17, 2008 of renal failure. Estimo said that Fischer had contacted him and Grandmaster Eugene Torre in 2004 while he was in an airport prison cell in Japan and had wanted to become a Filipino citizen to be with his child and common-law wife, Marilyn. But Estimo advised him not to push through with his plan because it was in the Philippines that Fischer’s passport was cancelled. With the help of some Icelandic chess friends, Fischer was able to obtain an Icelandic passport and was flown out of Japan in March 2005. Jinky Young and her mother linked up with Bobby in Iceland in September 2005 but that was the last time the three of them lived together as one small family. But Fischer kept in touch with them through daily calls via mobile phones. The late chess legend also sent them monthly euro remittances.


Fischer stripped of Chess Champ title. From The Times, On This Day, 2008, on Apr 4, 1975

New film 'Fischer vs Spassky' soon (& one chronicling Bobby's life). StJohnUniv, Apr 4, 2008

15-yr old Bobby Fisher on TV show (1958 "I've got a Secret" interview) & Bobby and You (Dick Cavett says Thank You for response to 1971 Bobby interview). ChessBase/NYT, Feb 26, 2008

Dick Cavett on Bobby Fischer ('his death is year's worst news') & Was it only a game? (video of Bobby on Cavett show). ChessBase/NYT, Feb 10, 2008

Fischer GM friend holds key to estate. Philipine Inquirer, Feb 9, 2008
A European Grandmaster supposedly close to the late chess great Bobby Fischer may hold the key as to how the iconic American’s estate will be divvied up among its claimants. This was revealed by the lawyer of Fischer’s Filipino daughter, who did not divulge the name of the GM but said the chesser may hold an important document that will help the claimants of Fischer’s estate out. "Before Bobby died, he called Marilyn (Young, Fischer's Filipino partner and the mother of his daughter) and said that if ever something happens to him, to call this person," said lawyer Sammy Estimo, an official of the National Chess Federation of the Philippines. "We believe he may hold the secret to Bobby’s estate." Estimo and lawyer Rudy Tacorda are representing the Young's in their bid. The European GM, according to Estimo, is an acquaitance of Filipino GM Eugene Torre, one of Fischer’s closest confidantes currently helping Young and her daughter pursue their claim. Torre is currently trying to locate the European GM. Estimo also revealed that Young is also trying to contact Miyoko Watai, the other principal claimant of Fischer’s estate, to try and work out a settlement. “Marilyn is a kind-hearted woman and when she learned that Miyoko is staying in Iceland with a common friend of theirs, she decided to try and contact her to voice her desire to work out a settlement because this is what Bobby would have wanted,” Estimo revealed. Fischer passed away on Jan. 17 due to a lingering illness and so far, no will has surfaced to determine who inherits his estate, which is worth 1.07-million pounds, a bulk of which is deposited at the Landsbanki Island in Iceland. Fischer is also reported to have stockholdings in Icelandic companies. Currently, the Young’s have assembled "documentary and object pieces of evidence" including postcards with handwritten notes Fischer sent to his daughter and signed "daddy," according to Estimo. Watai is currently in Iceland manifesting her own claim to Fischer’s estate, using as evidence a photocopied document which is purportedly a marriage certificate. Watai has promised an Icelandic court that she will provide the original document, which she says is in Japan, soon to prove her marriage to Fischer. Estimo has said he doubts there ever was a marriage and revealed that Torre is set to execute an affidavit expressing the same doubt.

'Bobby Fischer fathered my child' (Marilyn Young's daughter Jinky is 7). Telegraph, Feb 8, 2008

Fischer's Filipino daughter his heir (birth & baptism certificates prove). Philipine Inquirer, Feb 7, 2008

Bobby Fischer in Iceland 1972. YouTube

Bobby Fischer Interview ("...The idea began to develop that I was getting pretty good when I was around eleven"). YouTube

Legends do not die ('Fischer is the greatest genius to descend from the chess heavens.'). Staborek News, Jan 27, 2008

Bobby Fischer burial legality questioned (grave dug in secret in darkness) & Bobby Fischer death in controversy (friends not informed about burial until it had been completed). Telegraph/ChessBase, Jan 25, 2008

Remembering Bobby Fischer ("Bobby explained that the lyrics to 'the green, green grass of home' had a certain similarity to his own sad life"). Iceland Review/YouTube, Jan 19, 2008. Go to GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME


Bobby Fischer dies in Iceland. Chess Base, January 18, 2008
Bobby Fischer, 1943–2008 - Robert James Fischer, the reclusive eleventh World Chess Champion, has died at the age of 64 in Reykjavik, Iceland, where he had been living for the last three years. Fischer moved to Iceland after spending nine months in Japanese detention while the US sought his extradition for tax evasion. He was released when Iceland, where in 1972 he had defeated the tenth World Champion Boris Spassky, granted him citizenship and afforded him refuge in the Nordic state. Fischer settled in Reykjavik in April 2005, disappearing once again from the limelight that his arrest and release in Japan had cast on him. He had just two or three trusted friends whom he occasionally visited, a few shops and the library, where he could occasionally be seen, and some restaurants where he ate...

Chess legend Bobby Fischer dies at 64 (USA chess champion at 14; beat Russia in 1972 at 29) & Life in Pictures "Fischer was born to change 64 black & white squares. How could he survive more than 64 years?" & Genius who put chess on the map ("the free world against the lying, cheating, hypocritical Russians") & Fischer dethroned Soviet Kings ("The Russians are wiped out; they probably now feel sorry they ever started playing chess") & "Mozart of Chess" dies (individual against totalitarianism). BBC/Guardian/Reuters, Jan 18, 2008. Go to 32.Enemies of the Party

Fischer greatest player of all time (people were devastated when he disappeared in the 70s). StaborekGuyana, Jan 14, 2007

Uncle Sam still wants Bobby Fischer (10 years imprisonment/$250,000 fine for playing chess in Yugoslavia defending USA against USSR). KIRO TV, Dec 1, 2006

Ancient chess may be ready for new tricks. TorontoStar, Nov 19, 2006
Board games are not, as a rule, known for historical longevity...Chess, on the other hand, has not only survived but flourished for the past 1,500 years, its basic rules and structure essentially unchanged...Enter Bobby Fischer, the eccentric former world champion who, since his 1972 triumph, has mostly made headlines for his reclusive nature and anti-American, anti-Semitic outbursts. Ten years ago, Fischer unveiled Fischer Random Chess, aiming to take the game back from computers and their like-thinking human competitors. Random Chess doesn't change the way the pieces move. What's different is the set-up of the pieces. Instead of the orthodox placement of the pieces at the start of a game, a computer program randomly assigns the places, with certain limits. The pawns start off in their traditional home squares, but everything in the back row is up for grabs, with two exceptions: the king has to be somewhere between the rooks, and the bishops have to be on opposite-colour squares. That may sound like a slight change, but it yields 960 variations on the opening position of the pieces..."It shows the talent of the players," Veselin Topalov, until last month the reigning world champion, told the Associated Press. "You forget all the (chess theory) books because they are completely useless. It's more or less like how people were playing chess thousands of years ago (when) they knew nothing."

Fischer on Icelandic Radio. ChessBase News, Nov 4, 2006
The 11th world chess champion discussed his public dispute with the Swiss bank UBS, international affairs and everyday life in his Icelandic refuge. He hasn't left Iceland since arriving for fear of being kidnapped and imprisoned...)

The game that shook the world. ChessBase News, Oct 10, 2006
Today, exactly fifty years ago, a 13-year-old boy played 17...Be6!!, sacrificing his queen and entering his name in the history books: Robert James Fischer, known to the world as "Bobby". The game was hailed as the "Game of the Century" and has been discussed in countless chess books and collections...)

Soviets cheated in chess matches. Student Life, Oct 25, 2006
Over 44 years ago, chess-master Bobby Fischer accused his Soviet counterparts of cheating. Now, two Washington University professors are reviewing Fischer's charge. John Nye and Charles Moul, both economics professors, are sheding new light on a decades-old theory that Soviet players, when playing each other in international tournaments, would call premature draws. By drawing between themselves, the players would both be awarded half a point (as opposed to draws. By drawing between themselves, the players would boeth be awarded half a point (as opposed to zero for a loss), and would conserve energy for when they faced players from outside the USSR...)

Fischer's dispute with Swiss bank. ChessBase News, Aug 1, 2006
Without giving a reason the Union Bank of Switzerland, one of the world's largest, has transferred the assets of the legendary chess world champion Bobby Fischer to a bank account in Iceland, where Fischer now resides. The sum of three million Swiss Francs (US $2.4 m or €1.9 m) was transferred without Fischer's permission and against his will. Nobody knows why...


Fischer set to enjoy freedom in Iceland ('It's like in the 'Shazaaam! Bush just says 'Enemy Combatant! Now you have no legal rights'). Guardian, May 24, 2005

Reader glad Fischer's free again

WE NEED NEW ORWELLS (...reader Richard says that at least there's one light in the recent gloom - Bobby Fischer got to Iceland!)

*Fischer allowed to leave Japan (Iceland voted to grant citizenship). CBC, Mar 23, 2005 & Fischer 'put Iceland on the map' ('His only crime was to play chess but playing chess is not a crime'). BBC, Mar 23, 2005

Fischer to be deported to USA (for winning $3-million chess game against Borris Spassky in 1992 when Yugoslavia was under UN economic sanctions). Japan Today, Mar 15, 2005. Go to 10.Rulers & 22.Doublethink

Battling for Bobby Fischer - Fischer's Icelandic friend Palsson sang "Happy Birthday to You" to Grand Master (who turned 62 in prison) & Japan-U.S. alliance confronts Iceland (Bobby Fischer is in the middle). Mainichi News, Mar 10, 2005

No legal ground to hold Bobby Fischer (will sue Japan if not released). Mainichi News, Mar 8, 2005 & Fischer 4 days in solitary confinement (provoked into fighting 15 guards). Phillipines News, Mar 8, 2005

Reader Richard Wall sends his article THE HOUNDING OF A CHESS LEGEND

Japan won't release Fischer to Iceland (no visitors, no phone calls, no window). Scotsman, Mar 4, 2005 & Fischer a human tragedy in the making ("history will not judge mightily the USA & Japan over what is happening here"). Mainichi, Mar 4, 2005 & Iceland only nation on planet with guts (to stand up against super power & defend rights of completely defenceless & completely innocent man). ABC Australia, Mar 4, 2005

Bobby Fischer sings "Eve of Destruction (on radio interview from prison). Mainichi News, Jan 29, 2005



Chess legend Fischer may become Icelander (most of 9-member Parliament Committee in favour of granting citizenship). Scotsman, Jan 28, 2005


Bobby Fischer seeks Icelandic citizenship (Jap gov't illegally imprisoning him on "false & ludicrous grounds" & health worsening since arrest). NewYorkTimes, Jan 28, 2005


Bobby Fischer: 'Get Me Out!' (locked in cell all day; feels dizzy & suffers headaches). Mail & Guardian, Jan 23, 2005

Petitioning for Bobby Fischer (let him go to Iceland instead of deporting to USA). CBS, Jan 23, 2005

Bobby Fischer asks to leave for Iceland (Fischer (61) was detained in July for trying to fly out of Japan on his revoked US passport)., Dec 24, 2004

Iceland offers Bobby Fischer visa (1972 match against Russian Boris Spassky took place in Iceland). BBC, Dec 16, 2004

SIGN "FREE BOBBY" PETITION (by Icelandic Chess Federation)

Bobby Fischer's appeal rejected ("Free Fischer Press Conference" in Tokyo, Thurs Jul 29, 2004)

Fischer says detention a kidnapping (assaulted twice, bruises/cuts to prove it)., Jul 28, 2004

Bobby Fischer's strangest end game part II. Salon, Jul 24, 2004

Fischer getting rough treatment (faces 60 days detention in Japan). Reuters, Jul 23, 2004

Will Fischer be extradited?. Chess Base News. Jul 19, 2004
Chess legend Bobby Fischer, the hero of millions, languishes in the detention facilities of Narita Airport in Tokyo, waiting for a decision by Japanese Immigration authorities on his deportation to the US. We have collected all the documents and reconstructed a timeline to his arrest. Fischer, who has no legal counsel, is appealing for international assistance...

Accused army deserter to go to Japan. Guardian, Jul 17, 2004
....Jenkins is wanted in the United States on four charges, including desertion. He could face life in prison if convicted...In a bizarre twist, Jenkins' chances of going free appeared to get a boost after Japanese immigration authorities said Friday they had detained former world chess champion Bobby Fischer. Fischer has been wanted by U.S. authorities for attending a 1992 chess match in the former Yugoslavia in violation of international sanctions. He was caught earlier this week as he attempted to leave Japan for the Philippines using an invalid U.S. passport. Though Tokyo hasn't said what will happen to Fischer, handing him over could give Japan more leverage in the Jenkins case...Go to UNCLE SAM SAYS POW DESERTED

Dark Side of the Moon was written and directed last year by 63-year-old historical documentary film-maker William Karel for France's Point du Jour Production and Arte France (the film's original, French title was Operation Lune). It uses documentary evidence, archival footage and extensive interviews with Kubrick's widow, Christiane Kubrick, astronaut Buzz Aldrin and former and present-day U.S. government officials and luminaries such as Henry Kissinger, Lawrence Eagleberger, Al Haig and Donald Rumsfeld, to lay bare the lie...

"...According to Peter Viereck, writing in 1952 (in a journal edited by Henry Kissinger) there was a Communist conspiracy to prevent publication: 'Some 18 to 20 publishers, almost all the leading ones, turned down the best anti-Soviet satire of our time. In view of its wit, its readability, its saleability, and its democratic outlook, the most likely motive for these rejections is the brilliantly successfull infiltration of Stalinoid sympathizers in the book world'... The fable was finally brought out by Harcourt & Brace after their editor Frank Morley saw its great success in London and immediately bought the rights..."


Go to 38.Cellars and 22.Doublethink and 34.Ministry of Love (Torture) and 39.Interrogation & Torture and ORIGINS OF ROOM 101 and PINKERTON'S ALL-SEEING EYE

"The only way for the United States to save itself is to withdraw troops from all over the world." ~ Bobby Fischer

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