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"Members of the Brotherhood are prepared to:
give one's life; commit murder; commit acts of sabotage;
betray one's country to foreign powers;
cheat, forge, and blackmail;
corrupt the minds of children;
distribute habit-forming drugs;
encourage prostitution; disseminate venereal diseases;
do anything which is likely to cause
demoralization of society."
~ Orwell, 1984

The hysteria about tobacco and marijuana smoke that goes on endlessly, and the heavy-handedness with which the powers-that-be are coming down on their users is amazing to behold.

In the meantime, people are shooting cocaine and heroin into their veins on the corner -- with needles provided by the government. Ecstasy and methamphetamines are popping up all over the place with nary a word about their horrors. And we certainly shouldn't forget about all the prescription drugs literally forced on people -- like Ritalin in the schools for anyone who utters a peep.

And even though the so-called "civilized world" has just participated in bombing Afghanistan into oblivion, the everbearing poppy is thriving and the opium crop is larger than ever before. The powers-that-be make billions a year off the heroin they make.

The reason the police go after tobacco and marijuana users is because that's the only group they're ALLOWED to go after. From 'on high' the word has come down that suppliers of powerful mind, soul, body, economy and society destroying substances are to be left to their own devices. The purveyors of evil -- and those who enable them -- feed off human misery.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2001

NeilVanCookies CANNABIS TRUTH-HOPE-CHANGE DEVOTEE DIES (tireless advocate for THC harm reduction from opioids), June 19, 2024

Pandemic101 CDCheadquarters Pg7 BRAIN-EATING COVID ZOMBIE VAX

DrugDeaths2023BC Toxic drugs killed 198 in British Columbia in January, Vancouver Sun, Mar 2, 2024
...adding to an unrelenting toll that has killed more than 14,000 people since a public health emergency was declared 8 years ago. A statement from the BC CORONER'S SERVICE says 70-% of January's deaths were of people aged 30 to 59, and more than 3/4 of them were male, both in line with previous data. The number of deaths last month is 14-% lower than January last year, but still represents 42 people per 100,000 residents, or more than 6 deaths a day. Illicit drug poisoning is BC's #1 killer for people aged 10 to 59, surpassing homicides, suicides, accidents and natural disease combined. ADDICTIONS MINISTER says the latest budget has $117-million for mental-health and substance-use services.

DoobieVanStreet Somebody threw firebomb: THC van up in flames, Pot TV, Nov 15, 2022

WeedPreventOverdoseArrest GovtGiveHardDrugs COPS ARREST WEED NOT HARD-DRUG PUSHERS (gov't doling meth-heroin-cocaine with cops present), Vancouver Sun, Sept 3, 2022

DantesInferno HARD-DRUG HARM-SITES DANTE INFERNO (social justice do-gooders doing more harm than good). November 11-16, 2022

WeedDispensaryBlueDoor Raids on Cannabis Green Door dispensary leave users in lurch, theVoice, Apr 18, 2022
The policing agency enforcing BC's cannabis law is leaving users without a safe, affordable supply... Unlicensed dispensaries such as the Blue Door and Farm Cannabis only sold cannabis on their premises, reducing the allure to buy other drugs. "Now if you go to the Downtown Eastside looking for some grams, you're going to be provided the option between the fentanyl life and that drug that you're looking for"... Sarah Blyth, founder of Overdose Prevention Society, said Blue Door has been operating for 20 years and the owners are professionals from the community, so they know how to best serve the needs of people from this neighborhood. "It's run by people from the community, for the community". Blyth said the Blue Door owners have done everything in their power to become a legal dispensary, and they were on the brink of licensing before the raid and subsequent closure, getting approval from city council and applying to meet all the standards. The government should have given Blue Door more leeway and assistance in making the dispensary a legitimate operation... It's actually quite a dangerous situation for seniors and people who are used to using cannabis to fall asleep. Now there's no real alternative, so they take what they can get, which obviously, right now, with all the people overdosing is a terrible situation. Blyth said if there's people outside the dispensary offering other drugs, people might take a Dilaudid, Xanax, or fentanyl just to get to sleep...

DrowningSaveHand MY FUNERAL ASSIGNMENT (by Kason during rehab for drug addiction), Email 2021

RunFromPusherMan PushingNeedlesKids GOD DAMN COVID PUSHER MAN (run for your life from the pusher man)

RunFromPusherMan NeedleDrugsVaxMasks RunFromPusherMan watch Steppenwolf -- The Pusher listen

GatesDaughterVax GatesWorldChipVax GatesWorldDominate (Gates injects GMO micro-chip tracking device), August 31, 2021

watch JUST SAY NO TO VACCINES RAP listen (war being waged on our minds-bodies-souls)

watch HIDEOUS TRUTH OF EXPERIMENTAL COVID INJECTIONS (anyone getting jabbed after watching this is beyond saving)

Parents allow Covid vaccine trials on their kids & Covid vaccine experiment on 6-month to 11-yr-old humans

PopePushesVaccines watch Pope's Easter message: Buy vaccines, not guns listen

GatesTEDtalk2015 GataesBeast666 GatesPatent666 Kill-Gates 666 Vaccine is Mark of the Beast ("Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is 666"

COVID MASK OF THE BEAST (phony pandemic bringing in forced vaccination), August 2020


NoddingOutOpioids NaloxoneKit NaloxonePriceGouge Drug company raised Naloxene (opiod treatment) price by 600% (to capitalize on Big Pharma-caused (Johnson & Johnson etc) opioid overdose crisis)

GiveHardCoreDrugs DrugInjecting DrugBodyagAd LifeExpectencyDown WAR BY DRUGS REMEMBRANCE DAY VICTIMS, November 2019 (Are these people the casualties of their own choices or the hapless victims of some war?)

PoppyLapel AfghanHeroinField HeroinBags 900-tonnes Afghan heroin hitting world streets, London Telegraph, Nov 11, 2018

BumperHeroinCrop AidWasted2 Corrupt UN-World Bank steal billions Afghan aid, GlobeMail, Nov 11, 2018

AfghanDrought AfghanBoyHerat Afghan worst drought in history starving millions & watch UN crooks ask $-millions for Afghan drought, Telegraph/YouTube, Nov 11, 2018. Go to Big Brother United Nations a sect doing evil

USA kids take more meds (dangerous drug mixes rise), Health Day, Aug 27, 2018
Everyone worries about drug abuse among children, but a hidden danger for some kids rests in prescription medicines intended to help them, a new study warns. Some children and teenagers who are prescribed multiple medications are at risk of drug interactions that could literally stop their heart, according to the report. "We found that about 1 in 12 kids using two or more medications together were potentially at risk for a major drug interaction", said lead researcher Dima Qato, an assistant professor with the University of Illinois at Chicago's College of Pharmacy. Most of the potential drug interactions detected in the study can create dangerous heart rhythms called arrhythmias, which might lead to sudden cardiac death, Qato explained. Teenage girls were most at risk for these interactions, which most often involved the combination of a long-term antidepressant and a shorter-term medication like a nonopioid pain reliever, an antibiotic or an anti-nausea drug, Qato said. She noted that the problem is probably even larger than observed in the study, since the researchers relied on data regarding prescription medication use. "We actually likely underestimate the prevalence of this problem because it's limited to prescription drugs. Many short-term medications like naproxen [such as Aleve] are available over the counter," Qato said.... "Extrapolating these data to the population at large, the message is that nearly 1 of every 100 children in the U.S. is potentially exposed to dangerous combinations of prescription drugs", said Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center in New Haven, Conn. He was not involved with the study....

FentanylHeroinGraph 2,000% rise in street drug samples testing positive for fentanyl, November 9, 2017

TopCopMarijuanaGovt Former top cops get into marijuana-services business (Fantino, once outspoken against culture of 'dopeheads' says he has 'become more aware' of the drug's medicinal benefits), Globe & Mail, September 23, 2017

TaintedGovtMarijuana Tainted government-supplied Medical Cannabis (multi-billion dollar industry for corporations and shareholders, including politicians), Globe Mail, August 19, 2017

watch The Sleep Room 1998 movie
(CIA electroshock-LSD brainwashing in Canada)
(gov't stabbed its citizens in the back)
CanadaTorturedMother GagOrderVictims
'What they did to my mother was torture' &
Trudeau gag-order silences brainwashing victims &
watch Canada Brainwashing Victims 2017 Documentary
Email/CBC/YouTube, Apr 16, 2018
40.Electric Shock Brainwashing

LSDcreated1943 LSDProblemChild LSD officialy tested by chemist creator in 1943 (demon invaded & took possession of body/mind/soul),GlobeMail, Apr 19, 1943-2018
Everything in my field of vision wavered and was distorted as if seen in a curved mirror. I also had the sensation of being unable to move from the spot", Swiss chemist Albert Hoffmann wrote in his 1980 auto-biography LSD: My Problem Child. Hoffmann had just ridden his bike home from his lab after deliberately ingesting a small amount of a drug he had created to be used as a medicine. But he'd taken too much and Hoffmann experienced the first bad acid trip. He said it felt as if a demon had invaded him and taken possession of his body, mind and soul. "The substance, with which I had wanted to experiment, had vanquished me. It was the demon that scornfully triumphed over my will", he wrote. Later, Hoffmann's employer began producing the drug for psychiatrists to use in experiments. While they failed to discover any medical use for it, free samples for experminents were distributred widely. Hoffmann's hallucinogenic trip went on to inspire a counterculture of drug use -- and what happaned on April 19, 1943, became known (and celebrated) as Bicycle Day.

FentanylTestPlan FentanylTestKit FentanylTestMachine BC expands access to fentanyl testing (to encourage people to bring illegal drugs to government for testing), November 10, 2017

DrugMerchantsCvr KILL AFGHAN POPPY STOP HEROIN TRADE (turning cities into drug-dominated war zones). See IN AFGHAN FIELDS

PoppyFieldSoldierUSA AfghanHeroinSoldierGuard Afghanistan 224000 hectares opium/6400 tons heroin (USA/EU soldiers could easily erradicate poppy fields), Global Research, October 2016

HeroinAfghanSource PoppyLapel HeroinEpidemic2016Heroin epidemic deaths/new users all across America

FentanylChinaAction FentanylChinaMade FentanylChinaMade OpioidPoisonPills Chinese fentanyl poisoning America's heroin addicts (synthetic opium made from chemicals not poppies), Nov 11-20, 2016

BC music fest crowdfunds for drug-checking machine amid fentanyl crisis, by Tamsyn Burgmann, CanadianPress, Aug 1, 2016
VANCOUVER -- For the past 14 years, organizers of a giant electronic music festival on a British Columbia mountain ranch have quietly helped participants test their recreational drugs to find out what substances are inside. Shambhala organizers will also hand out 4,000 pamphlets warning about the deadly drug fentanyl to those attending the festival that starts Wednesday. But what they really want to increase safety is a miniature mobile mass spectrometer. Unable to secure government funding for the sophisticated drug-testing machine, which could cost up to $250,000 or more, organizers have launched an online crowd-funding campaign hoping to make the purchase by next year. The machine can detect many ingredients in one substance. The campaign comes amid the declaration of a public health emergency over a surge of opioid overdose deaths in the province, many of them related to fentanyl. Premier Christy Clark announced last week that a task force had been created to scale up the response. One of its stated goals is to improve street drug checking. But Shambhala organizers say they can't wait. "We have to move very quickly if we're going to stop any more deaths from happening," said Chloe Sage, who has run the harm-reduction operation at the festival for the past six years. The tent provides recreational users chemical agents that change colours when tested so they can personally check their drugs, but they don't work for fentanyl. Sage said the creation of the provincial task force is movement in the right direction, and has only recently become possible as public opinion shifts. BC's Ministry of Health funded Sage and a colleague to write a 60-page "how-to guide" for drug checking at music festivals this spring. "The conversation has only become a national conversation in the last year," she said....


Opioid overdoses not limited to street users, by Nick Eagland, VancouverSun, Jul 28, 2016
Fraser Health is warning drug users about fentanyl's wide reach... Doctors in the region have also seen overdoses involving fentanyl-laced heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy and mixed substances, she said.... Confronted by this, Fraser Health has launched a new advertisement campaign focused at public engagement and community awareness. It's aimed at educating youth and their parents through school programs in partnership with police. Lee said the health authority is working to make sure drug users know to use in the company of someone who is sober and to not mix substances. As well, it is increasing distribution of the overdose-reversing drug naloxone.... The provincial government on Wednesday announced the formation of a joint task force to tackle the public health emergency. That same day, drug-user support workers set up an illegal, temporary supervised injection site in Whalley in time for income-assistance payments, when overdoses are known to surge. Marion Allaart, executive director of the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, said organizers plan to return to Whalley this week to set up another site.

Naloxone opioid antidote is no cure in heroin epidemic, by Katharine Seelye, NewYorkTimes, Jul 27, 2016
...Naloxone, also known by the brand name Narcan, has also had unintended consequences. Critics say that it gives drug users a safety net, allowing them to take more risks as they seek higher highs. Indeed, many users overdose more than once, some multiple times, and each time, naloxone brings them back. Advocates argue that the drug gives people a chance to get into treatment and turn their lives around and that there is no evidence naloxone increases the use of opiates. And, they say, few addicts knowingly risk needing to be revived, since naloxone ruins their high and can make them violently ill.... But Naloxone does not truly save lives; it merely extends them until the next overdose", Mr LePage wrote in his veto message in April. "Creating a situation where an addict has a heroin needle in one hand and a shot of naloxone in the other produces a sense of normalcy and security around heroin use that serves only to perpetuate the cycle of addiction".

HeroinDyingRefused Canada cuts off opioid funding to dying patients (to prevent illegal drug users obtaining opioids), GlobeMail, Jul 26, 2016 (Palliative-care doctors are calling on the Ontario government not to cut off access to high-dose opioid medications for their patients, saying those nearing the end of life or suffering from cancer pain "deserve better". Ontario will become the first province to stop paying for all opioids that exceed the equivalent of 200 milligrams of morphine a day under its public drug plans. The policy change, first reported by The Globe and Mail, takes place against a backdrop of rising addiction rates and overdose deaths across Canada... The Ministry of Health has posted a notice on its website saying 24- and 30-milligram capsules of hydromorphone, transdermal patches that deliver 75 and 100 micrograms of fentanyl an hour, and morphine in 200-milligram tablets will be delisted from the province's drug formulary as of January 2017. The issue for palliative-care physicians is that patients who have difficulty swallowing pills will be forced to take more lower-strength hydromorphone or morphine to replace the higher-dose versions. Darren Cargill, section chair of palliative medicine at the Ontario Medical Association, explained that he will have to "wallpaper" patients with multiple fentanyl patches to deliver the same pain relief they get from a single higher-dose patch....)

HeroinEpidemic Canada plans free heroin/opioids at drug injection sites, by Andrea WOO, GlobeMail, Jul 21, 2016 (Health officials in British Columbia want to provide pharmaceutical-grade opioids to some addicts at supervised-consumption sites to tackle the province's soaring number of overdose deaths. While they caution that there are no concrete plans yet, such a measure would make British Columbia the first province in Canada to provide prescription narcotics to addicts outside a clinical trial, while significantly expanding the role of facilities such as Vancouver's Insite -- the country's first public supervised injection site, which has never offered drugs to users who inject there....)

AfghanWarDead watch Afghan children/civilian war dead surges, AlJazeera, Jul 25, 2016 (...hit a record high in the first half of 2016, the UN has said, with a particular surge in the number of children killed or wounded. The report, released by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Monday, said there were 5,166 documented civilian casualties in the first half of 2016, an increase of four percent in total civilian casualties as compared to the first six months of 2015...)

HeroinAfghanGrow watch US War In Afghanistan Fueling Global Heroin Epidemic & Enabling Drug Trade, MintPressNews, Jul 20, 2016, YouTube (...It's hard to believe that a region under full USA military occupation -- with guard posts and surveillance drones monitoring the mountains of Tora Bora -- aren't able to track supply routes of opium exported by the country's various poppy farms...)

DrugAbuseBrainHeart HELP DRUG/ALCOHOL ABUSERS/ADDICTED (physical changes in brain alter way brain works), Email, Jul 26, 2016

PoppyLapel AfghanHeroinField Afghan heroin flooding Europe/USA/CAN/UK/OZ/NZ (despite tax-funded US$20-billion to counter-narcotics) & Heroin use on rise -- Poppy crops thrive. NBC/DailyCaller, Nov 11, 2015

watch Mission: Mind Control Canada Brain Washing
Email/YouTube, Nov 16, 2014
(How many fingers am I holding up Winston?)
40.Electric Shock Brainwashing & 41.BB Tells How

Jamie says thanks for the info on Drug Abuse and sends a link for further research

AfghanPoppyDay111113 Canada 12-years in Afghanistan/158 dead

AfghanHeroinSoars AfghanHeroinField AfghanHeroinMap Afghan heroin soars under UN troops, November 11, 2013

CrackMayorPoppyDay Veterans boo/refuse shake mayor's hand (He's #1 man in the city and he's smoking it up and boozing it up), National Post, Novermber 12, 2013

MayorAdmitsCrack MayorCriminalDanger MayorDrunkRant CANADA MAYOR SMOKES CRACK & The Gonzo life of Canada Mayor McCrack. November 11, 2013

John lives 30-miles away from where the Prime Minister's ship was busted for transporting coke back in 2004

Vancouver to hand out clean, unused crack pipes, CTV, Jul 31, 2011
VANCOUVER -- Among the impoverished drug addicts in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, crack cocaine users face an extra hurdle to feed their addiction. Heroin users can pick up clean needles from needle-exchange programs or the city's controversial safe-injection site, which have at least partly curbed risky needle sharing. But crack pipes are more difficult to come by. Some crack smokers can afford to buy small glass or Pyrex stems to use as pipes. Others fashion makeshift pipes from bottles, cans or even hollow car antennas. And in many cases, they just simply share, potentially putting themselves at risk of contracting disease. That's about to change, as the local health authority prepares to launch a pilot project later this year to distribute clean, unused crack pipes to drug users. It's part of the city's harm-reduction strategy that seeks to reduce the transmission of disease while ensuring health-care and social workers are able to interact with hard-to-reach drug addicts. Currently, the city distributes clean mouth pieces for crack pipes, but not the pipes themselves....

Drug users' brain damage, Sydney Morning Herald, September 6, 2010
ABOUT 20 per cent of users of the drugs ecstasy, ice and speed in emergency showed tell-tale signs of brain damage, according to a study published in the Australian Medical Journal today. About two-thirds had concentration and mood problems, and half said they had general health problems. Researchers scanned the brains of 30 patients who had been admitted to emergency for problems related to amphetamine use and interviewed them for the study. About half, or 14 patients, admitted to suffering memory problems when not high on drugs, according to the study by doctors at Royal Perth Hospital. Six patients showed signs of brain damage, often an ''unidentified bright object'' on their scan which indicated a point of damage usually in their brain's frontal lobe. ''Abnormalities on brain MRI scans were identified in six patients, most commonly an unidentified bright object,'' said the Professor of Emergency Medicine, Daniel Fatovich, from the hospital's Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Medicine.

High anxiety over Australian cocaine boom, SMH, Sep 4, 2010 (...St Vincent's Hospital emergency department chief Dr Gordian Fulde said: "Cocaine use has definitely increased over the past couple of years. It used to be seen as this elitist drug but it's very easy to score. Symptoms can include psychotic episodes and chest tightness."...)

Crack Equip Crack Smoke Canada consider provide rooms smoke crack cocaine (already provide rooms to inject heroin). Globe Mail, Oct 19, 2009.


Safer Crack Cocaine Smoking Kit (contains materials to smoke crack). HepInfo, Oct 19, 2009

Canada ban tobacco smoking private homes (already bans smoking in public places). Canadian Press, Oct 18, 2009



Sniffer dogs government's best friend ("keep kids safe from drugs"). ToryParty, May 3, 2008. Go to 27.Goodthink & POLICE DOGS IN ANIMAL FARM

Did LSD change Britain? (homosexuality-abortion-feminism-greens). BBC, May 1, 2008. Go to BABY BOOMERS KNOCKING SOCIETY & 39.Love Instinct & Family & LSD A CIA PROJECT (replaced by ecstasy in 1980s)

Inventor of drug LSD dies at age 102 (1 gram enough for 20,000 people). AP, Apr 30, 2008


Police raid suspected meth house (only find a fish tank) & Warrantless search upsets homeowner (accused of grow-op over hydro bill). TVNews/VanSun, Apr 30, 2008. Go to 20.Police Snitches & 37.We're Dead

Reader Ray says Big Brother has his dirty mitts all over the drug trade, including the poppy fields in Afghanistan

Drugs Tobacco CONCERNED CITIZEN DRUG WAR (reader Bruce wants no more dealers or users)

Gov't bans tobacco selling & smoking (in or near all public buildings). Victoria Times Colonist, Apr 14, 2008

Drug scene kills another business (constant threat of violence). Business Examiner, Apr 7, 2008

Gov't wants more needle injection sites (free crack cocaine, heroin...). CanadaWest, Mar 31, 2008

Reader Carrie says powerful street drugs like crystal meth and heroin are killing people all over the world


Canada's drug scene is human misery (heroin, cocaine, crack, crystal meth injected & smoked in open downtown). National Post, Sep 2, 2007


HIPPOCRATIC OATH DOCTORS HYPOCRITES (...Huge areas of North American cities are open-market drug-zones with people selling and buying illegal drugs under the noses of police and surveillance cameras. Teenagers and young adults are regularly filmed live on national television smoking crack and injecting heroin into their arms with needles supplied "free" by the government of Canada "to keep them safe". But doctors and their medical associations haven't spoken out against the "risks" of this behaviour...)

Doctors want smoke-free cars ('to protect young lungs from dangers of tobacco smoke'). CanWest, Aug 23, 2007. Go to 22.Doublethink & 27.Goodthink

England growing heroin poppies (says it's opium for morphine) & A world awash in heroin (92% - 6,100 tons - from Afghanistan facilitated by all foreign armies). EveStand/Economist Jul 18, 2007

Doctors hope to switch off brain's craving for tobacco. London Times, Jan 25, 2007
A study of smokers who suffered strokes has shown that part of the brain, the insula, appears to be intimately involved in their addiction, indicating that it could be targeted to help people to give up the habit. Patients who had strokes that damaged the insula, which is thought to be involved in emotions and cravings, lost the urge to smoke immediately, and many have not touched a cigarette since. The findings suggest the possibility of helping smokers to give up by manipulating the insula to kill their addiction, without causing the extensive brain damage of a stroke. Drugs could be developed to alter its activity, or it could be disrupted using magnetic fields. Another technique called deep brain stimulation, in which electrodes are implanted in the brain to switch off particular areas, has already been used successfully to treat Parkinson’s disease and depression...“The insula also carries out lots of normal everyday functions, so we would want to make sure we only interfere with functions that disrupt bad habits like smoking but not something vital like eating,” said Antoine Bechara, of the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Iowa, who led the research. Nevertheless, the work is exciting because damage to the insula appears to break many smokers’ habits instantly; their brains seem to forget that they are supposed to crave cigarettes. “There is a lot of potential for pharmacological developments,” Dr Bechara said. “One of the most difficult problems in any form of addiction is the difficulty in stopping the urge to smoke, to take a drug, or to eat for that matter. Now we have identified a brain target for further research into dealing with that urge.”...The insula-damaged patients, however, gave up because it no longer occurred to them to smoke.


Lawsuit over CIA mind-control study (Canadian government helped finance) & Ex-patient tells of CIA torture (pills, shocks, brainwashing). Mercury/GlobeMail, Jan 11, 2007


Afghan heroin flooding USA (the purest in the world causing seizures & overdoses). PakistanTrib, Jan 1, 2007. Go to NATO DYING FOR DRUG TRADE

Afghan poppy harvest at record level (cheap heroin for UK streets). Times, Aug 19, 2006

Police want heroin injection sites (5,000 users in downtown Vancouver). CBC, Aug 19, 2006


Reader wants safe illegal drugs

Heroin fields' grim reapers (opium growing has increased tenfold) & Brain pills for all urges UK gov't scientist. Sun/Times, Jun 7, 2006. Go to 22.Doublethink & 22.The Brotherhood

Medical journal advocates LSD in labs (ecstasy & magic mushrooms too for stress disorder & headache). Guardian, Apr 14, 2006 & LSD A CIA PROJECT & BE LEERY OF LEARY ON JFK & SOMA IN BRAVE NEW WORLD

Prisons offer needles to inmates (to inject illegal heroin). National Post, Nov 11, 2005. Go to 34.Ministry of Love (Torture) & 22.Doublethink (mental condition: controlled insanity)



Governor general tells cocaine jokes (plays on word "coke" and "party line" while toasting Quebec Party leader who admitted snorting cocaine). CBC, Nov 3, 2005

BE LEERY OF LEARY ON JFK (reader asks if JFK took LSD & other psychedelics)

Heroin trade thrives in Iraq (non-existent under Saddam's rule). Telegraph, Sep 3, 2005

LSD project at CIA uncovered (administered LSD & electric shock to unwitting human subjects). Washington Post, Jun 22, 2005 & LSD A CIA PROJECT. National Post, Jun 22, 2005

Aussie gets 20 years in Bali prison (marijuana planted in bodyboard bag). MSNBC, May 27, 2005 & Aussie's sentence to be appealed (baghandlers planted grass in Sydney). NewZealStuff, May 27, 2005. Go to CANADA'S PM SHIPS COCAINE

CYCLISTS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (thoughts on Easter weekend). Mar 25 - 28, 2005

UN tobacco control comes into force (WHO cracks down on cigarette smuggling). CBC, Feb 27, 2005. Go to 2.Big Brother & 35.The Brotherhood

Britain on top of heroin league (all of it comes from Afghanistan). Sunday Times, Feb 27, 2005. Go to IN AFGHAN FIELDS

Drink, drugs and rape. Sunday Times, Feb 27, 2005
The culture of drink and drugs dominating Britain’s urban social scene has clouded perceptions of acceptable behaviour....half the rape victims have been drinking or are high on drugs before they are assaulted....Increasing numbers of young men are using the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra...“It’s cheap, it makes you feel horny all night and you can mix it with speed, cocaine or ecstasy to add to the fun. Loads of men I know take it to enhance their sex lives. You don’t want to waste it by going home alone. Viagra makes you need sex. You might not be able to talk without slurring, but you can have sex.”...

Reader asks for doublethink examples: DUCKSPEAKING DOUBLETHINKERS

Epidemic among London drug users (gov't to give free needles for heroin "to reduce harm" from HIV/HepC). Guardian, Nov 12, 2004

Foster kids on mind-altering drugs (doctors-pharmaceutical companies-caregivers blunting even toddlers' emotions; taking away their future, their ability to relate to people, their trust-love-caring-empathy). SanAntonia WOAI, Nov 11, 2004


Addicts given free crack-smoking kits. Province, Nov 1, 2004
(hundreds handed out in Vancouver - ok'd by mayor, police & health authorities; contain glass crack pipe & mouthpiece-push stick-draw screens-matches-alcohol swabs-Vaseline-bandages-a condom & smoking instructions). The Province, Nov 1, 2004

Antidepressants cause suicide in kids (FDA wants black-box warning on: Anafranil, Aventyl, Celexa, Cymbalta, Desyrel, Effexor, Elavil, Lexapro, Ludiomil, Luvox, Marplan, Nardil, Norpramin, Pamelor, Parnate, Paxil, Pexeva, Prozac, Remeron, Sarafem, Serzone, Sinequan, Surmontil, Symbyax, Tofranil, Tofranil-PM, Triavil, Vivactil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft & Zyban). AP NewsFlash, Oct 18, 2004. Go to SOMA IN BRAVE NEW WORLD & UN-BRAVE NEW WORLD & BIO-CHEM WARFARE

Opium trade booms in "basket case" Afghanistan. Independent, Jul 28, 2004
The opium harvest in Afghanistan this year will be one of the biggest on record, the Foreign Office said yesterday, and it has triggered a flood of heroin on Britain's streets. The revelation will prove highly embarrassing for Tony Blair, who cited cutting the supply of heroin as one of the main reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001...the consequences of the rise were already evident: cheaper, better quality heroin was arriving in Britain, luring thousands more youngsters into addiction than ever before..."The rise in cultivation and production of opium poppies in Afghanistan has horrendous portents for us in the UK bearing in mind the PM's statement that 90 per cent of heroin sold on British streets comes from Afghanistan".

Thai's Bangwang Prison executes justice (man-eater, maximum security, death row, thousands of school children addicted). BBC, Jul 22, 2004. Go to 34.Ministry of Love

Cocaine use trebles in UK (epidemic in numbers hooked especially crack which is highly addictive). Independent, Jul 18, 2004


Drugs found on Prime Minister's ship (millions of dollars of cocaine attached to grate on bottom of boat named after wife). Canada Press, Jul 2, 2004. Go to 35.The Brotherhood

Heroin poppy threatens Afghanistan (thriving under UN control). BBC, Mar 22, 2004

CANADA FORCED LABOUR CAMPS? (mayor giving free steering wheel clubs to anyone who backs him). Canada Press, Feb 17, 2004

Random roadside drug testing (sucking saliva tube detects cannabis but not heroin, opiats or legal drugs pushed by doctors & cartels). News.com.au, Nov 3, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police

INNUIT HELL IN HANDBASKET (tribe & gov't in booze cahoots while youth sniff gas undisturbed). National Post, Nov 1, 2003. Go to 10.The Rulers


UK may ban smoking in public (chief med advisor warns of 'passive smoking for children'). ThisIsLondon, Jul 3, 2003. Go to 22.Doublethink & 2.Big Brother



Afghanistan world's biggest heroin dealer (poppies springing up everywhere in midst of Western armies). Independent, Jun 22, 2003. Go to 35.The Brotherhood & 23.The Proles

TEEN TORTURE SCHOOLS (parents & students brainwashed into believing they deserve it). National Post, Jun 6, 2003. Go to 34.Ministry of Love (Torture) & SCHOOLS LIKE PRISON

WHO makes anti-smoking pact (to keep world safe & healthy). Lycos, May 21, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & 22.Doublethink


Injection sites cost millions (planners want $54,000,000/year for 1,000 drop-ins/day). Vancouver Sun, May 5, 2003

Iraq a colonial war (for ego-adventure-power-money in tradition of Opium Wars). Toronto Star, May 3, 2003

Crime, drugs & gambling linked (people suicidal and desperate but gov't makes billions). Edmonton Journal, Apr 17, 2003. Go to 24.The Lottery & GAMBLING STUDY

Bouncer killed over smoking ban (introduced by ex-smoker mayor). BBC, Apr 14, 2003. Go to 22.Doublethink & 23.The Proles

Mafia drug lord gets parole (served 3 years in minium security for involvment in huge cocaine-trafficking operation). Globe & Mail, Apr 12, 2003. Go to MAFIA DRUG LORD

Afghan top heroin source (piques our interest says DEA). Wash Times, Apr 8, 2003. Go to 35.The Brotherhood & IN AFGHAN FIELDS

World ecstasy drug trade (Israel & Russia at center). Rense.com, Apr 7, 2003. Go to 35.The Brotherhood

Teens prey to smoke-police (age-defined criminal activity). Edmonton Journal, Apr 1, 2003 & Teens caught in cop sting (enticing and entrapping youth). Florida Ledger, Apr 1, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop & 20.Thought Police & Snitches & SCHOOLS LIKE PRISONS

Tobacco shortage for troops (forced nicotine withdrawal at worst possible time). Yahoo!AP, Apr 1, 2003. Go to 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) & TOBACCO TORTURE & SMOKING SOLDIER'S LAMENT

DUI coordinator gets DUI (he resigns) & Canadian Premier gets DUI (he doesn't resign). Go to DUI IS DUI & ANIMAL FARM BOOZERS

Go to IN AFGHAN FIELDS (poem about poppy growing in Afghanistan)

School girls need more Ritalin (to equal boys' pill intake say drug makers & pushers). CanWest, Mar 11, 2003

I WAS TOLD TO DOPE MY KID (12 yr old says trusted educators in his local school forced him to take a cocktail of drugs that turned him into a psychotic who heard voices in his head)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Exposing the Fraud of ADD and ADHD), by Dr. Fred Baughman

Ritalin, Adderall, Other Stimulants -- Psychiatric Drug Facts by Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

Afghanistan retakes heroin crown (1,685 acres now 30,750 acres; 185 tonnes now 4,000+ tonnes). BBC, Mar 4, 2003. Go to 35.The Brotherhood

Cops targeting teen smokers (seize cigs & fine $100). Globe & Mail, Jan 24, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop

Smoking in home is child abuse (doctors should report to gov't). Globe & Mail, Jan 21, 2003

Beatles cigarette airbrushed off cover (smoking politically incorrect now). BBC, Jan 21, 2003. Go to 17.Falsification of Past

Heroin a HEALTH problem, not criminal (gov't should CONTROL say pushers). Vancouver Sun, Jan 21, 2003. Go to 23.The Proles

Sharp rise in psychiatric drugs (used on adults & children - 'knocks the fight out of them'). SanFranChron, Jan 14, 2003

FDA approves Prozac for children (Eli Lily needed new market after patent protection expired). Yahoo!Reuters, Jan 3, 2003. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation

Smoking ban is "martial law" (imposed by health bureaucrat on bingo halls, bars, restaurants etc...). Globe & Mail, Jan 3, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop

Heroin deaths rise dramatically (pure & cheaper than six-pack - snorted & smoked by middle-class). Boston Globe, Dec 19, 2002. Go to 23.The Proles

Students taught to snort cocaine (2 parents out of 540 complain). National Post, Dec 14, 2002. Go to 23.The Proles

Bitter Harvest: Drugs, Guns and Money on the Old Silk Road (follows the journey of Afghanistan's opium trade on its way to the main market in Europe). CBCTV, The Passionate Eye, Nov 18, 2002

Protest over hyperactivity drug (children getting "chemical lobotomy"). BBC, Nov 20, 2002. Go to14.Scientific Experimentation

Public to patrol smoking-ban (phone in to snitch-line). Delaware, Nov 18, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Britain proposes longer hours for pubs (part of its crackdown on petty crime and antisocial behaviour - will curb binge-drinking and end the noise and brawls that now spill onto many streets at 11PM). AP, Nov 14, 2002

Gov't forcing drugs on addicts (cuts funding to abstinence programs). Vancouver Prov, Nov 10, 2002. Go to 23.The Proles

Vancouver to apply for approval of safe-injection sites for addicts. Vancouver Sun, Nov 2, 2002

Ecstasy pills are deadly (have nine dangerous chemicals). National Post, Oct 27, 2002. Go to 23.The Proles

Paxil users suicidal & violent (withdrawal gives electric shock). NY Post, Oct 21, 2002

A helpful street drug (causes & treats schizophrenia). National Post, Oct 21, 2002
In early 60s an alarming jump in young people with symptoms of schizophrenia turned up in hospitals. Wild-eyed and agitated, drooling, often hallucinating, the patients sometimes had to be strapped to beds until they calmed down. The source of the "epidemic" was tracked down to a white pill, known on the streets as the PeaCePill, or angel dust, known to chemists as phenyclidine, or PCP and its chemical cousin, ketamine... "These two street drugs make people crazy temporarily and maybe that's the basis of psychosis in schizophrenia" says Philip Seeman, professor emeritus of neuropharmacology at U of Toronto.

Soldiers used as guinea pigs (with LSD & other chemicals etc). Baltimore Sun, Oct 10, 2002
USA Defense Department released documents admitting that deadly nerve warfare agents were experimentally used on USA military personnel... Soldiers in 1950s and 1960s were also subjects in tests of LSD and other drugs ... "It is not clear that in every instance people were informed" said Winkenwerder... asked 'Why did they do it?' he replied "...in the Cold War, that's what the government did."...

Ecstasy causes brain damage (users get Parkinson's later). National Post, Sep 27, 2002. Go to BIO/CHEM WARFARE

Addicts shoot up crack & heroin (openly sold in front of cops). National Post, Sep 19, 2002
Vancouver, Canada has the biggest, open drug bazaar in North America. Illicit drugs are openly sold and consumed. On one street corner alone police have identified 74 drug dealers peddling their wares. Addicts openly smoke crack cocaine and shoot up heroin. Ambulance crews get over 1,000 overdose calls a year. The national cost of illicit drug use, including property crime, enforcement, health care and lost productivity, is $5-billion annually... In the name of "harm-reduction" some groups, including the governor of New Mexico - want to legalize ALL drugs ... Liberalized drug laws in other countries have led to an increase in drug use and overdose deaths... Australian Parents for Drug Free Youth state: "Harm reduction policy has no place in either prevention or treatment. It is permissive because it tolerates drug use..."

AFGHAN OPIUM AT RECORD LEVELS. Rense.com, Sep 17, 2002

"SMART PILLS" on the way (medicine cabinet in the body). BUSINESS magazine, Sep 2002

Ecstasy promoters hope FDA approves (same family as heroin, cocaine, LSD). Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 9, 2002

Put to the test (Canadians take $540-million worth of anti-depressants each year). National Post, Mar 4, 2002

Flood of cheap Afghan heroin on way. London Times, Sep 25, 2001. Go to 25.Prolefeed

Go to THE BROTHERHOOD (describes organization behind drug trade)

35.The Brotherhood and 23.The Proles and 22.Doublethink

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