It was like watching a horrifying multi-vehicle accident.
I wanted to unsee the decay and the mass
of zombie-like drugged-out people clustered together.
But I couldn't take my eyes off this Apocalyptic scene.


Could this be what we call hell on earth?

Tour of Vancouver's depressing, horrifying Downtown Eastside
by Sue-Ann Levy, True North, November 8, 2022

DepressionHorrifying SidewalksTakenOver

WatchingMultiVehicle DantesInferno

Imagine drug addicts clustered together on the sidewalk
under make-shift lean-tos of tarps and rope surrounded by filth,
empty food containers, clothes, shoes, garbage bags and bottles.
Cast your mind's eye to rail-thin emaciated female drug addicts
shuffling along with nowhere really to go,
an elderly Asian man dumpster diving and dozens of drugged out people
sitting on the sidewalk or cartons staring into space.

Think of trying to manoeuvre public sidewalks
that have been taken over pretty much entirely for blocks
by those makeshift lean-tos, scores of bikes, walkers, wheelchairs, wagons,
shopping carts and of course the addicts.
As you pass, you observe one man standing in a drug-induced pose
and several others shooting up with impunity in broad daylight.
The stench of urine, feces and pot is everywhere.

In 2017 a woman came forward to warn that
the area was becoming a Dante's Inferno.
Vancouver's East Side had turned into a horror show.
I spent considerable time outside safe injection sites.
Dirty needles, crime, transients hanging out outside
where hookers trade sex for drugs.

This is proof of the harm of safe injection sites,
a permissive out-of-control drug culture,
politicians who have let the problem escalate
and social justice do-gooders who are doing more harm than good.
The few Vancouverites who dared to speak up
were loudly attacked by the harm reduction activists.

My tour of Vancouver's depressing, horrifying Downtown Eastside, True North, November 8, 2022

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