"D-day is the term for a secret date on which a military operation is to begin. Peacetime planning of military operations is also based on hypothetical D-days. Terms such as D-plus-3 (three days after initial attack) are used to plan the sequence of operations. The expression D-day became current in World War II when it defined the dates set for Allied landings on enemy-held coasts. The most famous D-day is June 6, 1944, when the Allies invaded Normandy." ~ World Book Encyclopedia

Isn't it strange that instead of memorializing the thousands of young men sacrificed to the lords of war on this day 58 years ago, the President of the United States chose June 6th to announce a NEW war - this one against the freedoms of his own people in the name of Homeland Security? ~ Jackie Jura

USA in "titanic struggle against terror" (will remake gov't for homeland "security"). Yahoo!News, AP, Jun 6, 2002

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